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The Best Phone Sanitizers With UV Light

a purple UV phone sanitizer next to a white UV phone sanitizer on a white background

It is near-impossible that the surface of your phone is clean, and rather than risking the functionality of your phone by using liquid-based cleaning products, a UV smartphone sanitizer will kill those germs, water-free.

It should be no surprise that a large amount of bacteria lives on the screen of your smartphone. Your smartphone is most likely the thing you touch the most on a day-to-day basis; you carry your smartphone around wherever you go, from your home to the store, and everywhere in between.

What You Should Look For In a UV Light Sanitizer

Having full UV coverage of the phone is a critical component of a UV sanitizer. It won’t be entirely clean, if there are some missed spots. Another important aspect is its compatibility with your device. Some UV sanitizers may be too small to fit your smartphone in. One last consideration is its portability. Compact sanitizers are more convenient to carry around and can be used when needed.

Best Overall: HoMedics UV-Clean Phone Sanitizer

a purple UV light phone sanitizer with a phone inside

The HoMedics UV-Clean Phone Sanitizer makes cleaning your smartphone fast and easy. Its two LED UV-C lights allow full coverage of your smartphone, leaving no germs behind. It cleanses your phone entirely in 30 seconds per side and has 70 uses for each charge. In addition to the fast cleansing it provides, the sanitizer will collapse into a compact, portable pouch, which you can bring anywhere to keep your phone as clean as possible.

Best Overall

HoMedics UV Clean Phone Sanitizer, UV Light Sanitizer, Fast Germ Sanitizer for Cell Phone, Makeup Tools, Credit Cards, Keys, Glasses, Kills 99.9% of Bacteria & Viruses, Purple

This phone sanitizer is the fastest and simplest way to clean your phone with UV light. It will wipe out 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in 1 minute with a click of a button.

Best Budget: Roadview Portable UV Smart Phone Sanitizer

a UV light sanitizer with aqua lights sanitizing a phone with a charger cord next to it

The Roadview sanitizer is the best option for those looking for a UV sanitizer at a low cost. It is compatible with phones up to 7.2-inches, so it supports most existing smartphone models. With a click of a button, the sanitizer will start cleaning automatically and will stop when finished. As a bonus, there is an aromatherapy switch. When essential oils are added, it will leave you with a clean device, as well as a clean scent.

Best Budget

UV Light Phone Sanitizer Box Cellphone Sterilizer Portable UVC Disinfectant with Aroma Function Phone Cleaner for Masks, Watch, Keys

This sanitizer is ideal for those needing a UV clean at a low price. It kills 99.99% of bacteria, and fits all phones under 7.2-inch.

Best Versatile: IVSO Smart Phone UV Sanitizer

a UV light sanitizer box with various small items floating above it to show what can be sanitized by it

Your smartphone isn’t the only thing that is touched often. Earbuds, keys, jewelry, and bills are some things that are bound to have germs on them. The IVSO Sanitizer is large and deep enough to allow such items to be cleansed with UV lighting. It comes with an aromatherapy function, which allows essential oils to create a nice smell after cleaning. Not only will this sanitizer disinfect your phone, but also a variety of any items which can fit inside.

Best Versatile

IVSO Cell Phone Soap, Smart Phone Cleaner with Aromatherapy Function, Cleaner Box with USB Adapter for Android and iPhone, Soap Box for Jewelry Watch Keys

This UV sanitizer can effectively kill germs off your phone, but also can cleanse items that can fit, such as credit cards and bills.

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