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The Best Phone Wallets

🕚 Updated November 2021

Carrying around your phone and your wallet separately can be a hassle, but with a great phone wallet, you can keep them together for optimal convenience.

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  Best Value Best Variety Best Clear Design Best MagSafe Best Leather
Cell Phone Wallet
Card Holder
Slot Card Holder
Phone Card Holder with Ring Grip
Our SummaryThis phone wallet is highly compatible and can easily accommodate up to five cards.This slim phone wallet looks great and is optimized for wireless charging.This compact wallet features an innovative design that stacks your cards for optimal safety.This phone wallet securely carries up to three cards and magnetically attaches to your MagSafe phone case.This compact card holder comes with a ring grip for easy carrying.
ProsComes in several colors, fits up to five cards, compatible with any smartphone or tablet with a flat surface.Compatible with most smartphones, holds up to seven cards, comes in a wide variety of colors.Affordable, clear, holds up to three cards, comes in several colors, good security.MagSafe case compatible, holds up to three cards, magnetic technology, no adhesive.Comes with a ring grip, two card slots, compact fit, compatible with flat-back smartphones.
ConsNot compatible for wireless charging, must be removed when using wireless chargers.Not recommended for bare glass-back phones, must attach to separate phone case to avoid adhesive damage.Must use separate phone case to avoid adhesive damage.More expensive than other phone wallets, isn't recommended for bare phones or phones without MagSafe cases.Only comes with two card slots, isn't ideal for those who need to store several cards.
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The Best Phone Wallets

Three different smartphones with different phone wallets attached to their backs.

Whether you prefer something compact that can easily fit in your pocket or something that can accommodate your many cards, there are plenty of great phone wallet options to consider. Most phone wallets are also universal, so you don’t have to worry about whether the phone wallet is compatible with your specific phone model. If you’re looking for a phone wallet, here are some we recommend.

Buying Guide for Phone Wallets

A black phone holds credit cards in a red leather phone wallet with a ring grip attached.

Why buy a phone wallet?

Phone wallets are designed to stick securely onto your phone or phone case. They’re inexpensive and easy to switch out. Most people don’t leave the house without their phone, ID, and wallet, and phone wallet cases allow you to seamlessly carry all of these necessities in one compact unit for maximum convenience.

What should you look for in a phone wallet?

  • Capacity: Whether you prefer a phone wallet with limited card slots for a slim fit or would rather opt for a case with several slots for maximum card-carrying capacity, considering these options is essential. There are many phone wallets on the market that you can tailor to your lifestyle and individual needs based on the carrying capacity of the wallet itself.
  • Compatibility: One of the great aspects of phone wallets is that you simply stick them on your phone or phone case and go. Some adhesives aren’t compatible with phones with glass backing or matte surfaces, so it’s essential to be mindful of this. Because certain adhesives aren’t ideal for certain types of phones and cases, consider the material of your phone or case before purchasing a phone wallet case that uses adhesives.
  • Security/Protection: There are some phone wallet cases that have the functionality of both protecting your phone and your money, but most universal phone wallets are simple additions to your phone and don’t provide great protection to your phone’s exterior.

What’s the difference between a phone wallet and a wallet phone case?

Wallet phone cases are model-specific, so it’s imperative that you get one that’s compatible with your specific smartphone model. Wallet phone cases are designed to be protective and work like conventional phone cases with the added function of providing storage for your ID, cards, and cash.

Phone wallets, on the other hand, are universal for nearly all phone models because they use an adhesive or magnet that attaches directly to your phone or phone case. Most phone wallets aren’t designed to provide protection for your phone, so you may need to use a separate phone case in conjunction with them.

Our Picks for the Best Phone Wallets

Best Value

AgentWhiteUSA Cell Phone Wallet

This phone wallet is highly compatible and can easily accommodate up to five cards.

Pros: This durable phone wallet fits up to five cards, is affordable, and comes in a variety of colors. It’s compatible with smartphones with 4-inch LCDs or larger. You get three in one purchase, and they’re made with high-quality elastic fabric that won’t lose its stretch.

Cons: This phone wallet isn’t optimized for wireless charging, so you’ll likely need to remove it in order to use a wireless charger.

Bottom Line: This durable phone wallet holds up to five cards so that you can easily carry what you need. It comes in several colors and in a three-pack for a great price.


Best Variety

Sinjimoru Card Holder

This slim phone wallet looks great and is optimized for wireless charging.

Pros: This sleek phone wallet is affordable, comes in an array of colors, and is compatible with wireless chargers. It also has the largest capacity of the options we’ve reviewed, holding up to seven cards. This convenient, slim-fit wallet provides maximum storage with minimum bulk and easily adheres to your phone or case using a 3M adhesive.

Cons: The adhesive that’s used for this phone wallet isn’t compatible with smartphones with glass backs, such as the iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, or iPhone 7, so this phone wallet won’t adhere properly to these types of phones. It’s recommended that stick it onto a separate phone case if you have one of these models.

Bottom Line: This phone wallet has some great perks! It has one of the largest card capacities, and it’s even compatible with wireless charging.


Best Clear Design

Ringke Slot Card Holder

This compact wallet features an innovative design that stacks your cards for optimal safety.

Pros: The clear design of this phone wallet allows you to showcase the natural beauty of your smartphone. It comes in a variety of colors, too. It has a stair-inspired design that’s optimized for preventing fallout, so you can trust that your cards are safe and secure when you use this product.

Cons: This phone wallet is only designed to carry up to three cards at a time, so it’s not ideal for those who need more storage than that. It’s recommended that those with glass-backed smartphones use a separate phone case in combination with this phone wallet to avoid adhesion issues.

Bottom Line: This phone wallet is sleek, compact, and secure. If you want a minimalist look that will keep your essential cards safe, this is a great option.


Best MagSafe

PopSockets PopWallet+

This phone wallet securely carries up to three cards and magnetically attaches to your MagSafe phone case.

Pros: This unique PopSocket wallet securely carries your cards with ease. It uses magnets to adhere to your phone and securely protect your valuables. You won’t have to worry about a sticky adhesive potentially damaging your phone with this phone wallet. The magnetic technology also provides seamless removal when you need to charge your phone wirelessly. It comes with a built-in PopSocket grip so that you can hold onto your phone easily.

Cons: This phone wallet is more expensive than the other cases on this list due to its magnetic technology. It’s also designed to be paired with MagSafe cases, so it shouldn’t be used on a bare phone.

Bottom Line: This innovative phone wallet utilizes magnets to provide security for your IDs and credit cards. It has a phone grip built-in for extra convenience.


Best Leather

TOPWOOZU Phone Card Holder with Ring Grip

This compact card holder comes with a ring grip for easy carrying.

Pros: This phone card holder comes with a ring grip that allows you to safely carry your valuables with one finger. If you’re prone to dropping your phone, you might want to give this particular phone wallet a try. It’s compatible with flat-backed smartphones. It’s made with faux leather to give it a classy and more expensive look, though you won’t have to spend much money on it at all.

Cons: This slim-fit wallet only comes with two slots, so it’s not going to work for everyone. It’s ideal for those who only need to store their ID and a credit card.

Bottom Line: This chic phone wallet is easy to hold due to its ring grip attachment. It’s also very affordable and allows you to carry your valuables in style.

Final Thoughts

Phone wallets make it easier than ever to carry your valuables in one compact unit so that you don’t have to store your phone and wallet in separate pockets or places. Because many of these phone wallets use adhesives to attach to your phone, many of them are compatible with almost any smartphone and case as well.

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