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The Best Photo Blankets

🕚 Updated December 2022

Photo blankets are an awesome way to keep your favorite memories close by while staying comfortable. Customize these blankets with your own photos, then cozy up under them! Here are several of our top choices you can choose from.

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  Top Choice Best Collage Option Great Fleece Option Most Size Options Best Tapestry Option
Custom Blanket with Text Picture Collage
Personalized Throw Blanket
Personalized Throw Blanket
Custom Blanket with Photo Text
Pure Country Weavers Store
Personalized Photo Blanket
Our SummaryThis affordable photo blanket comes in multiple sizes to suit your needs.Fully customizable, this photo collage throw blanket makes an excellent gift for friends or family.A photo blanket that’s more than decorative thanks to its soft and cozy fleece material.Add life-sized pictures of your favorite memories to a photo blanket made to be a great gift.A woven photo blanket with a cool design and supersoft material.
Pros✓ No pilling or shedding
✓ Wrinkle-resistant
✓ Size options
✓ Hypoallergenic
✓ Seven-photo collage
✓ Washer and dryer safe
✓ Comfortable
✓ Durable
✓ Lots of editing options
✓ Works with larger photos
✓ Soft
✓ Static-free
✓ Many size options
✓ Hand-woven
✓ Large size
✓ Pre-washed for zero shrinkage
Cons✗ Thin✗ Editing may be difficult for some✗ Can distort photos✗ Can produce poor picture quality at times✗ Colors may not be 100% accurate
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The Best Photo Blankets

A blanket with photo of a mom, dad, and a child on a bed.

Buying Guide for Photo Blankets

A photo blanket with family photos and the words "Grandma, we love you to the moon and back." printed on it.

Why buy a photo blanket?

Photo blankets make great gifts for yourself or for your family and friends. They let you display your favorite photos in a fun and unique way while serving the purpose of a traditional blanket. They give you plenty of freedom to customize from black and white photos, landscapes, or close-ups of your loved ones. You can wrap yourself up in the warmth of your memories on your new favorite blanket.

What should you consider in a photo blanket?

  • Material: If you’re looking for a photo blanket that’s more than decorative, you’ll want one made from quality materials. Being able to cozy up under the blanket is great, and it’s that much more enjoyable when the materials are soft and warm.
  • Washable: Some photo blankets are delicate and should only be hand-washed. If you’re looking for a blanket that you can just toss in the washing machine and clean, make sure you go with an option with photos that won’t fade easily.
  • Price Point: While there are plenty of options out there for photo blankets, you can find one of good quality that will cost around $20; however, it can go up depending on the size and uniqueness of the blanket you choose.

What are some tips to ensure good photo quality on the blanket?

The most important part of a photo blanket is how clear the images come out. Different photo blankets will preserve the quality of the images you select in different ways depending on the size of the blanket and the number of photos you want to display. Ultimately, you’ll want one that preserves your photos in their original state as much as possible.

Our Picks for the Best Photo Blankets

Top Choice

Youltar Custom Blanket with Text Picture Collage

This affordable photo blanket comes in multiple sizes to suit your needs.

Pros: Why not wrap yourself up in your favorite memories? This warm and luxe flannel blanket won’t pill or shed, and it’s wrinkle- and fade-resistant, even after many washes. Your photos are printed onto the fabric with environmentally-friendly ink. There are currently four size choices to fit your needs: 30×40 inches and 40×50 inches are suitable for kids, pets, and travel; 50×60 inches and 60×80 inches are better for couches, adult beds, or family snuggles. Also, it’s easy to upload your favorite photos to create your design, just be sure to use high-resolution images.

Cons: This blanket is a little bit thin.

Bottom Line: Overall, this is a fantastic blanket. It’s oh-so-soft, and the photos come out very clear as long as you use high-res images. This custom photo blanket is a great way to enjoy your favorite memories for years to come.


Best Collage Option

Asuckor Personalized Throw Blanket

Fully customizable, this photo collage throw blanket makes an excellent gift for friends or family.

Pros: Made from hypoallergenic fabric, this flannel blanket is perfect for people with allergies. It doesn’t shed after the first wash, and it won’t pill even after several washes. One side of this blanket is printed with your favorite pictures, while the other is a soft white color. You can create a fun photo collage with up to seven different photos and share your wonderful memories with friends and family. And the blanket is easy to clean in your washer and dryer. Each blanket is made with environmentally-friendly ink for printing, too.

Cons: Some buyers found the editing software difficult to use.

Bottom Line: If you want a blanket that showcases all your favorite photos, this may be the right selection for you. You can add up to seven of your favorite photos to the collage. And this blanket is made with environmentally-friendly practices.


Great Fleece Option

EastArts Personalized Throw Blanket

A photo blanket that's more than decorative thanks to its cozy fleece material.

Pros: The EastArts Personalized Throw Blanket is a go-to option if you’re looking to snuggle up under your favorite memories. Pick the photos you want, then get to work designing your ideal blanket. This blanket is made to be used and to be comfortable: it’s not just for decoration. You can use this luxurious fleece for movie night, star gazing, or when it’s starting to get a bit chilly outside. You can also wash it in the washing machine—just be sure to use cold water.

Cons: Photos can come out distorted if you don’t specify the right size.

Bottom Line: When you upload the right photos, this blanket will look great and will keep you cozy and warm. If you’re looking for a blanket that’s more than decorative, this is a solid option that will keep you warm and comfy.


Most Size Options

Nsipan Custom Blanket with Photo Text

Add life-sized pictures of your favorite memories to a photo blanket made to be a great gift.

Pros: This customizable blanket with optional text is a great choice when you’re looking to show off your memories on a big scale. It’s a personalized throw blanket made for large photos and custom text. Plus, the material is soft and breathable yet heavy enough to keep you warm, and it’s delightfully static-free. There are many different size choices to suit your needs. And it’s a great addition to your home, dorm room, or even as a travel blanket.

Cons: Because this blanket is made for larger photos, it may not produce high-quality photo results. Make sure the photo itself is of good, clear quality so that it won’t distort on such a widespread surface.

Bottom Line: This blanket gets the job done, keeping people comfortable and showcasing their biggest, favorite memories. As a bonus, it’s easy to add text to the blanket for a special touch.


Best Tapestry Option

Pure Country Weavers Store Personalized Photo Blanket

A woven photo blanket with a cool design and super soft material.

Pros: The personalized photo blanket is unlike many others because it’s a top-quality woven blanket designed to show off your cherished memories. Instead of a printed blanket, this one is beautifully handmade by American craftsmen for a finished product that’s comfortable and usable. It’s large enough for a queen-sized bed but adaptable enough for cozying up on the couch. Also, feel free to wash and dry it without worrying about it shrinking since it’s prewashed.

Cons: The color of the blanket’s photo can turn out different from that of the original photo.

Bottom Line: The quality of this blanket is solid with its woven features and fun frayed edges. It’s soft, comfortable, and large enough for the bed or lounging around in the living room.

Final Thoughts

Make someone’s day super special with a photo blanket that you get to design! These blankets are a fun way to show a friend or family member you’re thinking about them. You’re in control of designing and spacing the photos that you want to feature for a truly personal gift.

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