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The Best Piano Benches

🕚 Updated September 2022

Whether you're a professional pianist or a novice, the right piano bench is essential for making your piano practice sessions comfortable. If you are looking to maximize your piano practice, here are some great piano benches that we recommend.

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  Best Storage Capacity Best Weight Capacity Best Value Best for Two People Also Great
Piano Bench with Storage Compartment
Adjustable Height Piano Bench
Adjustable Padded Keyboard Bench
Wooden Double/Duet Piano Bench with Storage and Thick Cushion
Padded Keyboard Bench
Our SummaryThis piano bench features an upholstered seat with button-tufted accents that give it a cozy, timeless feel.This adjustable piano bench features a storage compartment and a weight capacity of up to 551 pounds.This bench is designed to fold up into itself, making it extremely convenient to transport and store.This double piano bench features a highly resilient padded cushion designed to stay plush through every use.This lightweight bench folds up for easy travel and storage.
Pros✓ Flip-top seat lid with built-in storage compartment
✓ High-quality button-tufted accents
✓ Extra-soft cushion
✓ Ergonomic cushion
✓ Weight capacity up to 551 pounds
✓ Easy to clean the cover
✓ Adjustable
✓ Ample storage compartment
✓ Anti-slip rubber feet
✓ Easy portability
✓ Extra-thick foam padding
✓ Steel legs support up to 340 pounds
✓ Rubber feet
✓ Four height positions
✓ Room for two
✓ Cushioned surface
✓ Premium PU leather with ornamental buttons
✓ Under-seat storage compartment
✓ Supports up to 440 pounds
✓ Lightweight and compact yet durable
✓ Padded seat cushion
✓ Adjustable height settings
✓ Non-slip feet
ConsX Not adjustableX Not solid woodX Less steady when adjusted to the higher settingsX Decorative buttons can be uncomfortable to sit onX May be short for some players
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The Best Piano Benches

A black grand piano with a black padded bench in a modern living room.

If you’re a piano or keyboard player, you know how important it is to have everything just right. You want your instrument to be in tune and ready to play, but having the right seating equipment is just as necessary.

Buying Guide for Piano Benches

Interior view of piano and bench in a home.
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Why buy a piano bench?

A good piano bench will make your practice sessions more comfortable and productive, thus making it easier for you to play for longer periods. Quality seating helps you maintain proper posture and have greater ease of movement while you play. These factors encourage proper technique for more precise playing and use of the pedals. Finally, some piano benches serve a dual purpose by featuring hidden storage compartments designed to help you organize and store music sheets and books.

What should you look for in piano benches?

  • Materials: Choosing the right piano bench is instrumental to perfecting your piano skills, pun intended. To ensure your comfort, look for a bench that features a cushioned seat pad that’ll stay plush no matter how long you sit on it. Your bench should also come with legs crafted from sturdy, durable materials such as wood or metal. These materials are designed to stabilize the bench and keep it in high-quality shape for the entirety of your piano career.
  • Storage: One of the best parts about owning a piano bench is the amount of extra storage that comes with it. If you play any instrument, you know how easy it is to build up a hefty collection of sheet music and theory books. If you are looking to reduce the clutter that comes with being a musician, you should look for a piano bench with a hidden storage compartment.
  • Adjustability: You may want to consider getting an adjustable piano bench for maximum customization to your needs. An adjustable bench allows you to sit at the right height for optimal comfort and control over your instrument.

How do you know the proper height for your piano bench?

When playing the piano, it is essential to maintain good posture for maximum comfort and proficiency. Having the piano bench adjusted to the appropriate height plays a big role in this. Most piano benches you find will be from 18 to 24 inches high, and what works best for you will depend on your height. You’ll want your bench to be at a height where your feet can rest evenly on the floor and your hands and wrists can remain in alignment with your forearms.

Our Picks for the Best Piano Benches

Best Storage Capacity

SONGMICS Piano Bench with Storage Compartment

This piano bench features an upholstered seat with button-tufted accents that give it a cozy, timeless feel.

Pros: Finding the right place to store your sheet music and books can be a hassle. This bench is designed to make preparing for your piano practice a breeze: it features a flip-top seat lid that hides a built-in storage compartment for all of your practice materials. The bench also has a high-quality upholstered seat with button-tufted accents that give it plenty of timeless charm, making it a great design choice for your at-home piano studio.

Cons: This piano bench is not adjustable. The height is fixed at 19.25 inches tall, which should be fine for most players, but some may find that they need something taller or shorter.

Bottom Line: Practicing the piano for hours on a hard bench seems like a nightmare, but this bench comes with a plush, extra-soft cushion that’ll comfort your backside throughout an entire recital. And with its convenient storage compartment, this bench is a great choice for all piano enthusiasts.


Best Weight Capacity

AW Adjustable Height Piano Bench

This adjustable piano bench features a storage compartment and a weight capacity of up to 551 pounds.

Pros: Whether you’re practicing or performing, this piano bench provides an ergonomic solution for supporting your posture while you tickle the ivories. The cushion is designed to relieve pressure and strain when playing. It supports weights up to 551 pounds. The bench’s PU leather cover is easy to clean, so you can keep it looking like new. Knobs at both sides allow for adjusting the seat height from 18 7/8 inches up to 22 13/16 inches. A 20- x 11- x 2-inch compartment hidden beneath the seat is spacious enough for storing your sheet music, while the wooden legs with anti-slip rubber feet show off an elegant high-gloss finish.

Cons: The wood is not solid but rather more of a compressed wood product, which may not be as durable over time.

Bottom Line: This bench possesses many sought-after features that offer piano players the comfort and convenience they need for productive practice. If you’re looking for adjustability, storage, supportive cushioning, and easy cleaning, this may be the piano bench for you.


Best Value

RockJam KB100 Adjustable Padded Keyboard Bench, X-Style, Black

This bench is designed to fold up into itself, making it extremely convenient to transport and store.

Pros: This keyboard bench is a great choice for those looking to play their music on the road. This bench folds up into itself, making it extremely easy to transport and store. It comes with a spacious seat that’s padded with extra-thick foam to ensure that you have hours of pain-free piano playing. It features steel legs that can support up to 340 pounds and rubber feet designed to keep you stable while seated. The bench adjusts between four fixed positions to allow you to fit the seat to your preferred height and comfort.

Cons: When adjusted to the highest settings, the bench becomes more narrow and can tip over more easily.

Bottom Line: This bench is a high-quality choice for musicians who always seem to be on the go. It offers excellent cushioning and convenient portability at a good price point. Another plus is its adjustability, although you may want to keep in mind that stability can be affected when adjusted to the highest settings.


Best for Two People

Bonnlo Wooden Double/Duet Piano Bench

This double piano bench features a highly resilient padded cushion designed to stay plush through every use.

Pros: This bench has enough room for two, making it a great choice for a duet or piano lesson. This piano bench is comfy enough for hours of practice, thanks to its soft, cushioned surface. Its attractiveness is enhanced by using premium polyurethane leather with ornamental buttons. Your sheet music and other supplies can be stored in the under-seat storage compartment, keeping your environment clean and organized so you can focus better on your skills. The frame is composed of high-quality wood and can support up to 440 pounds.

Cons: While the buttons on the cushion add to the bench’s aesthetic appeal, some users may find them uncomfortable to sit on.

Bottom Line: This piano bench is a good option for anyone who may need room for two at the keyboard. It’s stylish and functional, great at the piano or even at a bedroom vanity.


Also Great

ChromaCast Padded Keyboard Bench

This lightweight bench folds up for easy travel and storage.

Pros: Lightweight and compact yet durable, this padded bench can be used with a piano or keyboard and provides plenty of support even when practice sessions run a bit long. The padded seat cushion and adjustable height settings can make it work for most players. The non-slip feet keep the bench firmly in place while preventing scuffs on your floor.

Cons: The tallest height setting of this bench is 19 inches, which may be a bit short for some players.

Bottom Line: This bench may be just right for you if you’re looking for something straightforward and compact. It doesn’t have a large footprint while in use and folds away when it’s needed on the go.

Final Thoughts

No matter your skill level, sitting comfortably while playing the piano is essential to having a pleasant experience while honing your skills. Our consideration of the best piano benches has shown that there are a variety of options available, each with its own unique benefits. Whether you’re looking for a bench with heavy-duty materials and storage options or something compact for easy travel, one of our picks will help you keep making beautiful music in comfort and style.

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