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The Best Picture-Hanging Tools

🕚 Updated June 2022

Hanging a picture on your wall may seem easy, but getting it just right is no simple task. Check out these picture-hanging tools to take the stress out of hanging pictures in your home.

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  Best Hanging Strips Best Value Best Hanging Kit Best Hanging Hooks Also Consider
Large Picture-Hanging Strips
Assorted Picture-Hanging Kit
Go Hang It!
Pro Picture-Hanging and Leveling Kit
Stainless-Steel Picture Hanging Hooks
Crescent Creative Products
Perfect Pro Picture Frame Wall-Hanging Tool
Our SummaryThese hanging strips are great for easily hanging pictures without damaging your wall.This budget-friendly hanging kit allows you to hang lightweight and heavy framed pictures.This easy-to-use hanging kit is a great choice for those who struggle hanging perfectly level pictures.These durable hanging hooks are a versatile tool for hanging a variety of objects with minimal drywall damage.This handy tool has a built-in ruler and level to perfectly hang pictures every time.
ProsDamage-free hanging, works on lots of indoor surfaces, easy to use, sturdy mounting.Versatile option, unbeatable price, great for light or heavy pictures, hangs up to 85 pictures.Removes guesswork, minimal measurements required, quality hanging hardware, neatly organized kit.Minimal drywall damage, highly-rated, solid and sturdy build, versatile hanging option.Has built-in ruler/level, simplifies marking hardware points, great for large pictures, simplifies shelf mounting.
ConsCan't be reused.Mediocre instructions.Fairly expensive.Requires some hand strength.Hanging hardware not included.
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The Best Picture-Hanging Tools

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Buying Guide for Picture-Hanging Tools

person attaching Command strip to picture frame

Why buy picture-hanging tools?

Sometimes a hammer and a nail just don’t cut it. Investing in picture-hanging rules may be the perfect solution for your application if you desire perfectly hung pictures and want to upgrade your wall decor. It can help you hang pictures without damaging your walls or produce a way to securely hang a heavier framed picture. Some picture-hanging tools also come with levels to ensure that your picture is perfectly level on your wall the first time you hang it.

What should you look for in picture-hanging tools?

  • Application: Some picture-hanging tools provide a wide array of hardware to hang pictures all around your home. Others are more specialized and help you hang your photo perfectly level with existing hardware that you have on hand. Some allow you to hang pictures without putting holes in your wall. Invest in a product that’s perfect for your unique needs.
  • Strength: Not all picture-hanging tools are ideal for hanging large, heavy pictures. Check a product’s load capacity to ensure it is a perfect choice for your application.
  • Ease-of-Use: Some picture-hanging tools require more skill and expertise during the hanging process. If a particular product seems too complicated for you to use, try to find another tool that makes the process simple.

What are the best picture-hanging tools to minimize damage to your wall?

Hanging strips (such as the popular Command Hanging Strips) are usually the best option for hanging lightweight pictures to your wall without causing any damage to your drywall. However, these might not be ideal for large, heavy pictures or mirrors. Certain drywall hanging hooks can handle a large weight capacity while only leaving a barely noticeable hole in your drywall, so these should be your top choice for heavier items. After removing the picture, you can cover the hole in spackling and add a bit of paint for your wall to look as good as new.

Our Picks for the Best Picture-Hanging Tools

Best Hanging Strips

Command Large Picture-Hanging Strips

These hanging strips are great for easily hanging pictures without damaging your wall.

Pros: If you’re seeking a damage-free picture hanging tool, Command Large Picture-Hanging Strips don’t require any tools and are incredibly easy to install. Clean the surface of your wall with rubbing alcohol, and you are ready to apply the strips. These hanging strips can be used on various indoor surfaces, including painted walls, glass, and finished wood. They are also strong enough to hold heavier framed pictures, with four pairs of strips able to withstand 16 pounds.

Cons: These Commands Strips can’t be reused, so they’re not exactly ideal for hanging pictures that you plan on switching out shortly. Also, it’s important to note that this product shouldn’t be used on wallpaper surfaces.

Bottom Line: These Command Strips are amazing for hanging pictures as easily as possible without putting a hole in your wall. They’re not the most cost-effective hanging solution for those who don’t mind putting their hammer to good use.


Best Value

Hecho Assorted Picture-Hanging Kit

This budget-friendly hanging kit allows you to hang lightweight and heavy framed pictures.

Pros: If you have a lot of pictures to hang on a tight budget, the Hecho Assorted Picture-Hanging Kit offers the best bang for your buck. This kit comes with a wide variety of hanging hardware that is as dependable as it is versatile. As such, you’ll have no trouble hanging lightweight pictures or large, heavy pictures of up to 75-pounds. The mounting hardware that comes with this kit is incredibly impressive for a product that lets you hang up to 85 framed pictures for less than a meal at your favorite restaurant.

Cons: This kit’s instructions may be challenging to understand, so if you are unfamiliar with hanging pictures using conventional hanging hardware, it would be wise to research before you get started. Also, this kit has tools for hanging smaller pictures than large, heavy ones, so check out exactly what it offers before buying.

Bottom Line: Hanging an extensive array of pictures around your home can be incredibly expensive, especially if you opt for damage-free hanging strips or a premium hanging kit. This kit does exactly what it advertises and should allow you to hang pictures throughout your home without breaking the bank.


Best Hanging Kit

Go Hang It! Pro

This easy-to-use hanging kit is a great choice for those who struggle with hanging perfectly level pictures.

Pros: Let’s face it, not everyone is born handy. If you struggle hanging pictures and your home has barren walls, the Go Hang It! Pro Picture-Hanging and Leveling Kit should be right up your alley. This nifty kit works for saw-tooth and wire picture frames. Thanks to its intuitive positioning system, it removes a vast majority of the necessary measuring to ensure your picture is hung level and at an appropriate height. This kit also does a great job of keeping all the hanging hardware organized and tidy, making it an excellent choice for those who don’t mind spending extra for stress-free hanging.

Cons: Compared to other picture-hanging kits on the market, this one is definitely on the pricey side.

Bottom Line: While this is not the most budget-friendly picture-hanging kit you will find, it’s one of the best products for those who struggle with hanging pictures around their home. This is the product for you if you find it hard to hang level pictures without a helper perfectly.


Best Hanging Hooks

Halovin Stainless-Steel Picture Hanging Hooks

These durable hanging hooks are a versatile tool for hanging a variety of objects with minimal drywall damage.

Pros: Featuring a sturdy design and equally-impressive load capacity, the Halovin Stainless-Steel Picture-Hanging Hooks offer a great way to hang heavier picture frames with minimal damage to your drywall. These highly-rated hanging hooks can be used to hang pictures, flower pots, and even heavy mirrors and are much sturdier than similar hooks that you’ll find at this price point. They are also insanely easy to install and remove, making this an excellent buy for those seeking something simple and effective.

Cons: Getting these hooks in your drywall may be challenging, so it may not be ideal for those with limited hand strength. Also, it’s worth noting that these hanging hooks are slightly larger than most, so they might not be perfect for every application.

Bottom Line: While some may struggle to get these hanging hooks into their drywall, their low price and formidable weight capacity offer a lot of value for most people.


Also Consider

Crescent Creative Products Perfect Pro Picture Frame Wall-Hanging Tool

This handy tool has a built-in ruler and level to perfectly hang pictures every time.

Pros: This picture-hanging tool from Crescent Creative Products makes it easy to hang your picture on the first try precisely. Its built-in level and ruler are perfect for marking where hanging hardware is to go on your wall so that it doesn’t take several attempts to accomplish the job. It’s convenient for large artwork since larger framed pictures require more planning to hang. Also, it works just as well for mounting floating shelves as it does pictures, making this a must-have tool for those who regularly hang things on their walls.

Cons: Unlike the other products listed in this guide, this picture-hanging tool doesn’t come with hanging hardware.

Bottom Line: While this product doesn’t include everything you’ll need to hang pictures around the house, it does make it simple to hang your pictures perfectly without any guesswork.

Final Thoughts

Upgrading your home’s wall decor by hanging your favorite pictures doesn’t have to be a stressful task. Investing in the perfect picture-hanging tools for your application and decorating your home’s walls can be a quick and simple process.

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