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The Best Pie Plates

A glass pie pan with a crust and apple slices sits next to a completed pie.

The first pies were not desserts but the main course. The earliest pies date back to the ancient Egyptians. The ancient Greeks are thought to have been the originators of the pastry shell, and the Romans filled the pastry with seafood and meat. Meat fillings were common in medieval England as well, such as beef, duck, and lamb, as well as dates or currants.

Meat-filled pies were the standard for many years, but once sugar refining became an established industry in the 1800s, sweet pie took off in popularity. Whether you’re a veteran pie maker looking to upgrade your kitchen items or a newbie who’s searching for the perfect dish to present at the next family dinner, there’s a dish for you. Here are some fantastic pie plates that we recommend.

Purchasing a Pie Plate

Baking the perfect pie can be a delicate process, so you need the right plate to support you through the journey. Consider these factors to help guide your decision:

  • Event: Are you bringing a pie to a gathering like a potluck or family reunion? If there are lots of people involved, you might want to consider a one-time-use pan. Are you attending a fancy dinner? Check out pie pans that prioritize appearance.
  • Personal Preference: If you’re an experienced cook, you might know the kind of material that a good pie pan should have. Perhaps you’re a long-time Pyrex fan or a cast-iron enthusiast. If not, don’t worry! Do a little research, and you’ll surely find something that you like.
  • Recipe: If you’re making savory pies like chicken pot pie, which requires a deep dish, seek a deep-dish pie pan! Standard pie pans, though, can accommodate most recipes. These things can be family secrets. So, ask around concerning whether you should use stoneware, glass, or ceramic for that apple pie that Grandma makes.

Top Pick: Pyrex Easy Grab Glass 9.5 Inch Pie Plate

A glass pie plate holding a dessert featuring cream and blueberries.

Did you know that Pyrex is a type of low thermal expansion borosilicate glass? Well, Pyrex has been around since 1915, so you can be sure that these glass pie plates perform well and are incredibly durable. These two 9.5-inch plates feature easy-to-grab rims and non-porous glass that are odor- and stain-resistant.

Top Pick

Pyrex Easy Grab Glass 9.5 Inch Pie Plate

Why not make Grandma proud and treat yourself to this 2-piece pie plate set? Pyrex has been a household name for generations, and it's apparent why.

Best Stoneware Pie Plate: Le Creuset Stoneware Pie Dish

Pie presented in red stoneware on a table with other utensils and food.
Le Creuset

Perhaps the most fashionable among pie plates, the Le Creuset 9-inch stoneware pie dish is incredibly thermal-resistant, from -65 degrees to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Their stoneware has less than 1% porosity, which is important because moisture leads to cracking, and when cracking starts, it doesn’t stop. The brilliant-colored enamel finish is fired as hot as 2,192 degrees Fahrenheit, making it scratch- and stain-resistant.

Best Stoneware Pie Plate

Le Creuset Stoneware Pie Dish

This pie dish is as purposeful as it is pretty. The plate can handle the heat and maintains even temperatures to prevent scorching.

Best Deep Dish: KOOV Ceramic Pie Pan

Apple pie baked in a blue deep-dish pan sitting on an oven rack.

Deep-dish pie lovers should check out this ceramic pie pan by KOOV. It’s 10 inches in diameter and nearly 2.5 inches deep, which are perfect dimensions for deep-dish fruit pies as well as savory meals like Shepherd’s pie. This ceramic pan isn’t just practical but attractive. It’s embellished with a textured pattern and comes in five different colors. Yet another compelling aspect is the professional-grade, non-toxic, lead-free ceramic coated in a hard glaze.

Best Deep Dish

KOOV Ceramic Pie Pan

Quality deep-dish pie pans are a bit difficult to come by, so when you find one like this that prioritizes durability and design, hold onto it!

Best One-Time Use: Gypsy’s Cart NoCry Premium 9 Inch Aluminum Pie Pans

On the left, a single aluminum pie tin. On the right, pie presented in a tin covered in berries.
Gypsy’s Cart

One-time-use pie pans are the best! Share pies at family or neighborhood gatherings or as prizes at festivals, and never worry about getting the pan back. This durable pie tin measures 9 inches in diameter and features a sturdy but flexible rim. The lip curls outward so that your pies bake evenly. Yes, these tins are inexpensive and can be thrown out, but you can also wash and reuse them or recycle them!

Best One Time Use

Gypsy's Cart NoCry Premium 9 Inch Aluminum Pie Pans

The one-time-use pie pan gives you absolutely nothing to worry about when bringing a dessert to your next gathering.

Best Cast Iron: Camp Chef Cast Iron Pie Pan

A cast iron pan with a textured rim and handles.
Camp Chef

Why mess around with stoneware and ceramic when you can buy a quality cast-iron pie pan? A simple search will reveal that Camp Chef is the name in cast iron, bakeware included. As with their cast-iron products, this 10-inch pie pan is pre-seasoned and features attractive and useful molded iron handles. Still unsure about cast iron? Well, it’s particularly great for baking because it conducts and retains heat evenly. Sometimes, hot spots occur with glass and ceramic pie plates, but that isn’t a risk with cast iron.

Best Cast Iron

Camp Chef Cast Iron Pie Pan

While this pan is dark and utilitarian in appearance, your baked goods will look even better in contrast.

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