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The Best Pipe Cleaners for DIY Crafts

Despite their antiquated name, pipe cleaners can be an amazing crafting item that perfect for hours of family fun or a useful cleaning tool that will allow you to clean the tiniest of spaces. However, pipe cleaners vary greatly in terms of quality and function, so it’s not always easy finding a product that’s right for you. Here are some of the best pipe cleaners on the market so to help you find the perfect pipe cleaners for your crafting or cleaning needs.

What to Look for When Shopping for Pipe Cleaners

Although shopping for pipe cleaners may seem like an easy task, there are still factors to consider to ensure you are spending your money wisely. For the best results, you should consider how you will use your pipe cleaners, bristle hardness, and overall durability.

  • Intended Use: Pipe cleaners are excellent for cleaning and crafting but are less-than-ideal if you are not using a specific type of pipe cleaner for its intended purpose. Crafting pipe cleaners should be easy-to-cut, flexible (but not flimsy), and offer various fun colors. They should also be safe for children to use. On the other hand, pipe cleaners meant for cleaning can feature soft or hard bristles and must be flexible enough to fit into small spaces while offering durable bristles that will clean without falling out.
  • Bristle Hardness: Depending on what you are cleaning with a pipe cleaner, it may be appropriate to approach the job with soft, absorbent bristles or rugged, hard ones. Soft bristles are appropriate for delicate surfaces and for removing dust, whereas hard bristles are amazing at removing gunk and grime from hard surfaces.
  • Durability: Whether you are using your pipe cleaners to clean or craft, durability is very important, so you will want to find pipe cleaners that retain their bristles well. This is because losing bristles while cleaning creates yet another mess to clean, and crafting pipe cleaners can be dangerous for children if they lose their bristles too easily.

Now that you have a better idea of how to find the perfect pipe cleaners for your own unique needs, let’s check out the best pipe cleaners Amazon has to offer!

Best for Crafts: Carl & Kay Colorful Pipe Cleaners for Crafts

When using pipe cleaners for crafting, you need them to be flexible, easy-to-cut, and colorful in order to bring your imagination to life. In this regard, these Carl & Kay Colorful Pipe Cleaners are a perfect budget-friendly pick for adult and child crafters alike. These pipe cleaners are very durable and can be bent and curled to your heart’s content, then re-straightened for later use. They are also made from nontoxic materials and come with 48 adhesive googly eyes so that you are all set to craft adorable creations fresh out of the box.

Best for Crafts

348 Pipe Cleaners Plus 48 Googly Eyes - Colored Chenille Stems for Kids Craft - Fuzzy Stems in 29 Colors

These pipe cleaners come in 29 fun colors and are perfectly suited for crafting due to their flexibility.

Best for Cleaning: Deoot 50 PCS Pipe Cleaners with 5 PCS Cleaning Brush

When cleaning small, hard-to-reach spaces, nothing beats a pipe cleaner, and the Deoot Pipe Cleaners with Cleaning Brushes is the perfect product for your cleaning needs. This pipe cleaner set features 50 pipe cleaners and five reusable cleaning brushes perfect for removing dust, moisture, or grime from small spaces. Featuring soft-bristled pipe cleaners and surprisingly sturdy brushes, this is a great product to clean musical instrument parts, machines, aquarium filters, or anything else that other cleaning methods can’t touch. These pipe cleaners also retain their bristles well.

Best for Cleaning

Deoot 50 PCS Pipe Cleaners with 5 PCS Cleaning Brush for Pipes,Guns,Tobacco Pipe

These pipe cleaners are great for removing dust or moisture from small spaces and feature soft, absorbent bristles and reusable cleaning brushes.

Best Heavy-Duty: Zen Pipe Cleaners (Pack of 3)

These days, there are very few brands of pipe cleaners that one can use to effectively clean a pipe. However, for a heavy-duty cleaning solution suitable for the smallest of spaces, hard-bristle pipe cleaners like these Zen Pipe Cleaners are your best bet to get the job done quickly. These pipe cleaners feature hard bristles that scrape gunk and grime away with minimal effort, making them perfect for cleaning car parts or removing resin from glass or metal. As these are heavy-duty cleaning tools, it is a good idea to wear gloves while using these pipe cleaners so that you don’t get pricked.

Best Heavy-Duty

ZEN Bundles Zen Pipe Cleaners Hard Bristle, 132 Count (Pack of 3),Yellow

These pipe cleaners make heavy-duty grease, resin, or tar cleaning simple and fast.

Best Bulk Buy: CVNDKN Pipe Cleaners in 32 Colors (1600 Pieces)

These high-quality pipe cleaners by CVNDKN are perfect for those looking for a great deal on a large quantity of child-friendly pipe cleaners for arts and crafts. These fiber and metal pipe cleaners come in 32 vivid colors and are easy to cut and bend for intricate artistic creations while not being flimsy like many budget crafting pipe cleaners. For the low price, it is doubtful that you can find a product that offers a better variety of colors or quality than this amazing bulk pipe cleaner option.

Best Bulk Buy

Pipe Cleaners,1600 Pieces Pipe Cleaners Crafts Pipe Cleaners Craft Supplies in 32 Colors Chenille Stems for Home and School DIY Art Crafts (0.23 x 11.8 Inches)

These pipe cleaners are child-safe and excellent for crafting. They come in a wide variety of vivid colors and also feature a budget-friendly price tag.

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