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The Best Pizza Cutters

Ninonly/Love this Kitchen/KitchenAid
🕚 Updated August 2023

Slicing that freshly baked, delicious-looking pizza can be a hassle if you're using an old, dull pizza cutter. To get to that first bite faster, check out these efficient and convenient pizza cutters.

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  Best with Cover Most Compact Best Rocker Cutter Classic Roller Cutter Cutest Themed Design
14-inch Pizza Cutter Rocker Style w Blade Cover
Pizza Cutter Wheel
Love This Kitchen
The Ultimate Pizza Cutter Rocker Blade
Classic Pizza Wheel
Bicycle Pizza Cutter Wheel
Our SummaryThis rocker-style pizza cutter has a protective blade cover to keep it sharp and safe in storage.This handheld pizza cutter is easy to store and use with its protective blade shield.Get a clean cut from the first slice with this high-performing rocker-style pizza cutter.Looking for a traditional rolling pizza cutter? This one has an ergonomic handle and a super sharp blade.Make pizza night even more fun with this novelty bicycle-shaped pizza cutter.
Pros✓ Sharp blade
✓ Ergonomic design
✓ Protective cover for safe handling and convenient storage
✓ Dishwasher safe
✓ Quick
✓ Works on more foods than pizza
✓ Ergonomic
✓ Sharp blade glides effortlessly
✓ Protective retractable guard
✓ No-hassle storage
✓ Disassembles in three steps for dishwasher cleaning
✓ Premium blade
✓ Cuts large pizzas with one pass
✓ Cheese and toppings won't slide
✓ Ergonomic handle provides strength and stability
✓ Stainless steel
✓ Protective cover for safe storage
✓ Traditional wheel pizza cutter with streamlined appearance
✓ Available in three colors
✓ Ergonomic handle
✓ Finger protector
✓ Dishwasher safe
✓ Super cute
✓ Bicycle-shaped
✓ Two functional wheel blades
✓ Stand included to display the pizza cutter upright as a decoration
Cons✗ Blade might be thinner than some users prefer
✗ Takes up more storage space
✗ Must carefully handle disassembly for cleaning✗ Larger/less convenient to store✗ Wheel may become wobbly over time
✗ No cover
✗ Not the easiest to grip
✗ Not the sturdiest
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The Best Pizza Cutters

Three different pizza cutters in very different designs cutting or sitting next to pizzas.
Ninonly/Love this Kitchen/KitchenAid

Buying Guide for Pizza Cutters

A woman uses a pizza slicer to cut a pizza.
Impact Photography/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a pizza cutter?

Pizza cutters are a kitchen essential for those who love pizza. A good pizza cutter is sharp and durable, making it easy to cut through thick crust and cheese accurately and quickly without making a mess of your pizza and its toppings. They’re much more efficient than a typical kitchen knife, as they can slice through pizza in more fluid movements. And pizza slicers aren’t just for cutting pizza. A quality pizza cutter can be a handy tool for cutting bread dough, flatbreads, brownies, quesadillas, veggies, sandwiches, and more.

What should you look for in a pizza cutter?

  • Design: There are three basic pizza cutter designs: wheels, rockers, and scissors. Wheels are traditional pizza cutters that utilize a sharp wheel that you roll across the pizza to cut it into slices. Pizza rockers feature a moving blade that uses a rocking action to cut the pizza. Pizza scissors are made specifically for quickly cutting pizza regardless of the surface it’s placed on.
  • Material: Stainless steel pizza cutter blades are a good choice since they are resistant to corrosion and rust. For durability and hand comfort, you may want to look for cutters with handles made of plastic, wood, silicone, or rubber.
  • Size: A smaller pizza cutter is good for easier handling and control, especially for a home chef. Because the cutter will be stored most of the time, also think about what size will be best stored among your other small kitchen tools.

Will a pizza cutter need to be sharpened?

Your pizza cutter shouldn’t need sharpening often if you store it carefully and avoid using it on a stone surface. If it does become dull after a while, you can sharpen it at home with sandpaper or a knife sharpener or have it sharpened professionally at a cutlery shop.

Our Picks for the Best Pizza Cutters

Best with a Cover

14-inch Rocker Style Pizza Cutter by KitchenStar

This rocker-style pizza cutter has a protective blade cover to keep it sharp and safe in storage.

Pros: If you want a pizza cutter that can easily cut through a thick crust pizza without causing the toppings to slide, this one is worth a look. The blade on this pizza cutter from KitchenStar is sharp and can quickly slice through pizzas, veggies, calzones, or just about anything that needs cutting. It features an ergonomic and dishwasher-safe design with a protective cover for safe handling and convenient storage. In addition to the 14-inch size, this cutter comes in 12-, 16-, and 18-inch lengths to accommodate different pizza sizes.

Cons: The blade may be thinner than some users prefer. It also takes up more space during storage than a smaller wheel cutter would.

Bottom Line: With this stainless steel pizza cutter, all it takes is four rocking slices to cut your pizza into eight ready-to-eat triangles. You’re sure to find several other culinary uses for this multitasking cutter, but keep in mind that it may take up more storage space than the wheel cutter it may be replacing.


Most Compact

Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel

This handheld pizza cutter is easy to store and use with its protective blade shield.

Pros: If you’re looking for optimal comfort and ease of slicing, this ergonomic pizza cutter wheel from Kitchy may be right for you. Its sharp blade glides through pizza toppings and crust effortlessly. It’s compact and low, so you can focus more pressure on the pizza for a clean slice the first time. You won’t cut yourself when retrieving it since it features a protective retractable guard that conceals the blade when not in use. The slim design of this pizza cutter makes for no-hassle storage in your kitchen drawer, and it disassembles in three steps for easy dishwasher cleaning.

Cons: Some users may not feel comfortable handling the sharp blade during the disassembly and reassembly required for cleaning.

Bottom Line: Easily cut through your pizza while keeping your toppings right where you put them. If you don’t mind taking it apart for cleaning, the Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel is worth considering.


Best Rocker Cutter

Love This Kitchen The Ultimate Pizza Cutter Rocker Blade

Get a clean cut from the first slice with this high-performing rocker-style pizza cutter.

Pros: This pizza cutter has the word “ultimate” in its title for a good reason! The Ultimate Pizza Cutter Rocker from Love This Kitchen uses a premium, super-sharp blade that allows you to cut large pizzas through with one pass while ensuring that your cheese and toppings won’t slide. The wide-grip, ergonomic handle provides strength and stability, while the stainless steel, non-rusting blade ensures years of use, especially when stored with its protective cover in place.

Cons: This is another rocker-style pizza cutter that will take up more storage space than other models.

Bottom Line: This easy-grip rocking blade may just be the “ultimate” pizza cutter for pizza lovers! You may want to double-check that you have ample space to store this cutter, and if so, get ready to enjoy cutting your pizzas (or other foods) with ease.


Classic Roller Cutter

KitchenAid Classic Pizza Wheel

Looking for a traditional rolling pizza cutter? This one has an ergonomic handle and a super sharp blade.

Pros: Sometimes, you just want to go with what you’re used to, and for pizza cutters, that often means a wheel blade with a handle. KitchenAid’s Classic Pizza Wheel fits the bill but with a more streamlined appearance that’s available in three colors. The handle is ergonomic and features a finger protector to keep your fingers safe when slicing through your hot and gooey pizza. It’s also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Cons: The wheel may become wobbly over time. It doesn’t come with a blade cover.

Bottom Line: This may be the pizza cutter for you if you prefer a traditional wheel cutter. While a classic, it still has modern features, such as the ergonomic handle and fun color options. And with its sharp blade, this KitchenAid cutter is a functional choice.


Cutest Themed Design

Ninonly Bicycle Pizza Cutter Wheel

Make pizza night even more fun with this novelty bicycle-shaped pizza cutter.

Pros: In addition to being super cute, this bicycle-shaped pizza cutter is doubly effective with its two functional wheel blades. You just hold the top of the bicycle to wheel it through your pizza, and the two wheels will ensure a clean slice. A stand is included to display the pizza cutter upright to make for a fun conversation piece.

Cons: This cutter is not the easiest to grip and apply pressure to while cutting due to its unique shape. It also may not last as long as others.

Bottom Line: Whether you’re gifting a pizza-loving friend or family member or just want to bring a little more playfulness to your home pizza night, this novelty cutter is sure to put as many smiles on faces as the pizza does!

Final Thoughts

If you love pizza, you don’t want to constantly resort to using a knife or your old, below-par pizza cutter that’s seen better days. Pizza cutters have come a long way in functionality and design. If you’re looking to bring a quality cutter to your home pizza kitchen, one of our top picks could be just right for you.

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