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The Best Plant Misters

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🕚 Updated April 2023

If you want to keep your plants hydrated and healthy, consider looking into a plant mister. For extra moisture or gentle cleaning of the leaves, these plant misters can help your plants flourish.

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  Top Choice Best Glass Option Best Design Best Metal Design Largest Mister
  Beautify Beauties
Spray Bottle
Transparent Glass Watering Spray Bottle and Plant Mister
Glass Plant Mister
Sustainable Village
Plant Mister
Flo-Master by Hudson
1 Gallon Lawn and Garden Tank Sprayer
Our SummaryUltrafine mist to care for your plants as gently as you’d care for yourself.This plant mister looks beautiful next to your fresh plants and flowers.This plant mister is both decorative and useful for your indoor plants.Add a decorative element to your plant care with this mister.If you have a lot of plants to hydrate, this is a convenient mister.
Pros✓ Comfortable handle
✓ Continuous mist
✓ Works in any direction
✓ Comes in four sizes
✓ Nordic style
✓ Thick glass
✓ Comes in five colors
✓ Decorative style
✓ Thick glass
✓ Decorative stamp
✓ Four color options
✓ Ultrafine continuous mist
✓ Four color options
✓ 1-gallon tank
✓ Adjustable mist
✓ 12-inch nozzle for hard-to-reach plants
Cons✗ Difficult to clean the bag inside the bottle
✗ Smell develops if not properly cleaned
✗ Handle made of plastic and is easy to break✗ Handle made of plastic and is easy to break
✗ Short straw
✗ Water spots hard to clean
✗ Not suited for outdoor elements
✗ Plastic handle and parts are not durable
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The Best Plant Misters

A spider plant in a gold pot and a glass plant spritzer on a windowsill in an artist's studio on a sunny day.
Emily Geraghty/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Plant Misters

A person's hand using a plant mister on a leaf.

Why should you buy a plant mister?

Many plants benefit from misters more than just the traditional watering can. A mister will be a useful tool if plants require more humidity without getting saturated. A mister is also helpful for gently cleaning a plant’s leaves of dust and insect spores. Most misters are compact and handheld, making them easy to use for small plants throughout the house. Other misters are used for a larger garden with more plants.

What should you consider when shopping for a plant mister?

  • Handle and Dispenser: Some misters work just like a spray bottle, while others have more unique handles that sit comfortably in your fingers and utilize the thumb to mist. Nearly every mister designed for plant health has a continuous mist so you can hydrate evenly.
  • Decorative: Some plant misters look more like basic gardening tools, while others look vintage and decorative. If you have plants that need misting attention frequently, you might want to consider a mister that looks pretty sitting alongside your plants.

Do all plants need a mister?

While many plants need the gentle hydration of a mister, not all plants do. Some heartier plants can suffer by being misted instead of their soil getting water the traditional way. If you’re unsure, you may want to research your specific plant’s care instructions.

Our Picks for the Best Plant Misters

Top Choice

Beautify Beauties Spray Bottle

Ultrafine mist to care for your plants as gently as you'd care for yourself.

Pros: Let’s face it, plants are living things. Just as you would want to provide gentle hydration to your hair for styling or your face for hydration, this mister will give the same care to your beloved plants. You can gently hydrate even the most delicate plants and flowers with ultrafine mist. If you have some plants with difficult-to-reach areas, this mister can help because it still works while being used upside down. The mister has a continuous spray that can help you better control where you spray and how wet you want each plant to get. The handle is also comfortable to grip, and depending on your needs, this mister comes in four sizes.

Cons: This mister is difficult to clean because of the bag (which allows it to be used upside down). Extra steps have to be taken between uses to keep it from smelling like mildew.

Bottom Line: The ultrafine mist is gentle to use even on the most delicate plants and helps keep you from over-watering. The bottle is also comfortable to hold, which is helpful for both those with many houseplants and those who have arthritis.


Best Glass Option

OFFIDIX Transparent Glass Watering Spray Bottle and Plant Mister

This plant mister looks beautiful next to your fresh plants and flowers.

Pros: This plant mister will not only help you take care of your plants, but it looks pretty sitting next to them. The Nordic style is simple and vintage, while the thickened glass is sturdy and is less prone to breaking. This mister comes in five colors.

Cons: The handle is plastic and can break if pressed at the wrong angle.

Bottom Line: This vintage Nordic-style mister looks beautiful and decorative next to your plants when you’re not using it, and it will mist your plants evenly to keep them hydrated.


Best Design

Ebristar Glass Plant Mister

This plant mister is both decorative and useful for your indoor plants.

Pros: This plant mister can be a decorative element as well as a helpful tool for hydrating your plants. It comes in three color options, two being a gradient pattern, so you can find what fits best with your plants or decor. The mister is made from thickened glass that features a vintage stamp that won’t break easily.

Cons: The glass bottle of the mister needs to be nearly half full to be able to get a nice mist because the spray straw is short.

Bottom Line: This plant mister is excellent t for gently hydrating succulents or herbs but can work for other plants and flowers as well. The mister has a unique vintage charm that makes it look gorgeous on display next to your plants.


Best Metal Design

Sustainable Village Plant Mister

Add a decorative element to your plant care with this mister.

Pros: The ultrafine mist on this mister provides optimal moisture and humidity to your most delicate plants. It has a consistent spray that makes it easy to control how much mist each part of your plant gets. It’s available in three color options that all come with a stain-resistant finish, so they continue looking like new, even after frequent use.

Cons: Although the misters have a protective coating, water spots can develop during use and are hard to remove,

Bottom Line: These plant misters have a decorative look that adds elegance and style to your plant display or garden. The consistent misting action makes it convenient to hydrate your plants and flowers evenly to encourage better health and blooms.


Largest Mister

Flo-Master by Hudson 1 Gallon Lawn and Garden Tank Sprayer

If you have a lot of plants to hydrate, this is a convenient mister.

Pros: If you are not concerned with aesthetics, this gallon tank might make the most sense. It’s not too big to use indoors, but it is easy to take along with you outside as well, no matter where your plants are kept. The spray wand measures 12 inches to help you hydrate hanging baskets and other hard-to-reach plants and flowers. It’s a versatile mister with an adjustable nozzle that moves from a streaming setting to a mister.

Cons: When releasing pressure by twisting the handle, there is a fair amount of leaking, which can make misting your plants and flowers messy.

Bottom Line: If you’re less worried about the mess or aesthetics of your plant mister, this is a great option, especially if you have a lot of plants and flowers to hydrate. Used gently, this gallon sprayer and mister can help you reach all your plants, indoors and outdoors.

Final Thoughts

A plant mister can help you hydrate your plants and flowers with just the right amount of water. Whether your plant needs only a little bit of water or requires a fine mist throughout the day, you can find one that helps you keep your plants thriving—indoors or outside.

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