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The Best Plastic Baseballs for Outdoor Fun

Hollow plastic baseballs with cutout holes, also known as Wiffle balls, know how to check off the boxes. You can break them out when you need to get a few practice hits in before the big game. They’re there for you when you want the kids to experience baseball for the first time, albeit in the safest way possible. They’re the perfect choice for a bit of indoor shenanigans when the sun stays far away on rainy days. If you’re in the market for a new batch of plastic baseballs, here are a few options that we recommend.

Finding the Right Plastic Ball for You

Consider these factors before you buy:

  • Standard Sizing: Every plastic baseball you’ll come across will feature a similar kind of durable plastic material that gives easily yet retains its shape. Where you’ll want to seek a distinction is in the plastic perforated ball’s dimensions. Most come in two circumference sizes: 9 inches, the standard for baseballs, and 12 inches, the standard for softballs. They’re both lightweight options but fulfill different needs. Consider your preferences or who you’ll be playing with before making the pitch.
  • Wind Resistance: While most balls adopt the same hollowed-out shell design, they can vary based on the number of holes drilled into their frame and the shape of those holes. The original Wiffle ball features only eight oblong holes on one half of the ball, while newer models and designs feature as many as 20 holes spread along the ball’s surface. This is a factor to consider because the amount of holes in a plastic baseball determines how it will travel through the air, especially on windy days.
  • Bundling: Lastly, it will never hurt to consider a value pack. If you’re a new buyer who is just looking to enjoy a quick game in the backyard, go for a smaller bundle. However, if you’re a ballplayer who knows a thing or two, then consider buying in a hefty bulk.

Top Choice: Anteer 12 Pack Plastic Baseballs

What you would want out of the cream of the crop you can surely expect here. A classic and safe design that invites beginners to give it a big swing? That’s here. Durability via a proprietary pop-back material that consistently maintains its original shape? Got it. How about a value bundle that offers you everything just mentioned, only multiplied by 12? That’s exactly what you’re getting out of this Anteer 12-pack. If you’re out in the field practicing or enjoying a backyard game with family, this non-crack or shatter bundle will have you swinging all afternoon.

Top Choice

Anteer 12 Pack Plastic Baseball Practice Baseballs for Hitting, Indoor Outdoor Lightweight Balls Baseball Batting Training(Green)

Each ball here is crafted with 26 holes for less flight resistance and a less impact if a player is struck.

Best Value: Wiffle Ball Original Brand Baseballs

From the brand that started it all, these Wiffle Ball Original Brand Baseballs make for another reliable and storied choice for your outdoor shenanigans. Each perforated Wiffle ball clocks in at the regulation baseball size, 9 inches in circumference and 2.86 inches in diameter, making for a more accurate pitch and swing. As its tagline would suggest, each ball is designed to easily curve and throw a batter off their game, making for great training against curveballs on gameday. Best of all, this value-pack includes 24 individually wrapped Wiffle balls, which is among the most you’re likely to find from a reliable manufacturer.

Best Value

Wiffle Ball Original Brand Baseballs, Regulation Baseball Size, 24 Count

Coming straight from the source, this 24-pack has the name brand and classic design to make a satisfied purchase inevitable.

Best Ball & Bat Set: BLITZBALL Starter Pack

For those who aren’t so much interested in the practice side of plastic balls but all of the fun, this Blitzball Starter Pack offers an outing well spent. Don’t be fooled: plastic toys aren’t just for kids these days. This backyard baseball game has made a name for itself in recent years as an exciting spin on the old ball-and-stick routine. Included in each purchase is one Power Bat and three Blitzballs, which are designed to offer borderline ridiculous curves, speed, and distance while in the air. Balls here differ from a standard Wiffle ball in that they feature 72 hexagonal sides and only one hole on the surface, offering a unique way to cut down on wind resistance.

Best Ball & Bat Set

Blitzball Starter Pack - Includes (3) Blitz Balls & 1 Power Bat

This bundle includes one power bat and three balls that offer wildly unpredictable results.

Best for Beginners: Champion Sports Plastic Softball Set

Plastic balls are at their core a great alternative for kids to play around with. However, if you’re looking for something even safer, consider these softball-sized plastic balls from Champion Sports. Measuring 12 inches in circumference and weighing just under a single ounce, these extra-large plastic balls offer younger players a chance to play at their speed and without fear if they’re hit by the pitch. Moreover, all six balls come in six bright colors, which only adds to the fun your kids will have.

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