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The Best Plastic Eggs for Egg Hunts

Egg hunts are extremely popular and well-known activities, usually but not exclusively held in the springtime and involving hiding colorfully decorated eggs for children to find and collect. They can be held indoors or, more commonly, outdoors. Originally, real hard-boiled eggs were painted and hidden for egg hunts. However, in modern times, equally colorful plastic eggs have mostly replaced their natural counterparts. Plastic eggs have several advantages over real ones, as they will never spoil or start to smell if the kids fail to locate them, their color doesn’t run or smudge if they get wet, and they’re more durable (a key factor if very small children are involved). They are also much more cost-efficient, as they can also be reused year after year as long as they don’t break or crack. Modern plastic eggs are almost always hollow on the inside in order to be filled with chocolates, candies, toys, and other goodies—treats that most children will prefer over a hard-boiled egg. Many kids also love the surprise of finding out what is inside the eggs they’ve retrieved. Plastic eggs either twist off, pop off, or open on a hinge. If you are planning to have an egg hunt for a holiday, your child’s birthday party, or a neighborhood or community picnic, here are some plastic eggs we recommend.

What to Consider in Plastic Eggs

Here are a few things to think about before buying plastic eggs:

  • Size: How large do you want your plastic eggs to be? Think about what type of candy, toys, and goodies you plan to hide in them, and pick your egg size accordingly. A standard-sized set will have eggs that are about 3.5 inches long each. However, you can find both smaller and larger models if needed. Smaller plastic eggs are usually around 2 to 3 inches in length. Larger ones will be around 6 to 7 inches long, and they’ll also have wider openings than extra-small or standard-sized plastic eggs.
  • Design: Classic plastic eggs tend to come in an assortment of six or seven solid colors. These aren’t your only options, however. There are also patterned options that come decorated with swirls, lines, dots, zigzags, and other designs. Both of these types of plastic eggs most commonly come in either bright and vibrant or pastel hues. If you want to mix things up a bit, there are also shiny metallic options in colors like gold and silver. A few models are made to resemble real white or brown eggs, though these are much rarer.
  • Quantity: Different types and brands of plastic eggs will be sold in different quantities. Consider how many kids and/or families will be taking part in the egg hunt to help determine roughly how many you’ll need to buy. Many plastic eggs are sold in sets of 6 or 12, the same as actual eggs you buy in cartons at the store. Plenty of larger quantities are also available. Packs of 24, 36, 48, 72, and 100 are also quite common. You can even buy plastic eggs in sets of 150, 250, or even 500, which may come in handy if you’re planning a large community event and need to buy in bulk.

Best Classic: Prextex Plastic Eggs

This set of quintessential and classically designed plastic eggs is suitable for egg hunts, party favors, decorations, and more. You receive a total of 36 high-quality plastic eggs for one low, reasonable price; it’s an even better deal when you consider that you’ll be able to use these eggs over and over again for years to come. As is common with modern plastic eggs, these products are hollowed out so that they can be filled with candy, toys, or any other treats suitable for the occasion. Each egg measures 3.5 inches tall. The top and bottom halves snap together and come completely apart when opened. They come in six bright, assorted rainbow colors, green, blue, purple, pink, yellow, and orange. You should receive six of each color in your pack of eggs. While tested for kids’ safety, these eggs should not be used by children under the age of 3, as they may present a choking hazard.

Best Patterned: JOYIN Printed Plastic Eggs

Both real and plastic eggs used in egg hunts tend to be brightly colored and often decorated. This not only makes them more eye-catching and easier for kids to find but makes them more beautiful and festive as well. If you want a set of plastic eggs that come in patterns instead of solid colors, these are the eggs for you. This pack of 36 comes in six bright and pastel colors. One of each is decorated with one of six different, multicolored patterns and designs that range from flowers to spirals to stripes and more. They’re made of hard and thick plastic that is also recyclable. As a result, these plastic eggs are a bit heavier and sturdier than most. They open on a custom-designed hinge that ensures the top and bottom halves stay together. This prevents you from losing parts of eggs and winding up with mismatched sets. Each egg is just over 3 inches long and 2 inches wide, so be sure to pick candies and toys that fit inside those dimensions.

Best Metallic: JOYIN Shiny Golden Metallic Eggs

As beautiful as brightly colored and patterned plastic eggs are, you may want to opt for something a little different. Maybe you’re tired of vibrant or pastel hues and want to mix things up this year. Maybe those more traditional colors don’t fit the theme of your party or event. Whatever your reasons, if you’re in the market for plastic eggs with a unique color and design, consider these metallic models. Every one of the 36 plastic eggs in this set is a shiny gold color with a more muted, darker gold sheen interior. The light will catch, dance, and play off of their metallic exterior for a stunning, eye-catching effect that may make them appear angled or smooth by turns. Despite their more unique look, these plastic eggs are all hollowed out and empty, for filling with toys, chocolate, jellybeans, etc., just like their more traditional cousins. The custom-designed hinge allows the eggs to open and close without the top or bottom becoming detached, separated, or lost. These eggs are made out of thick, premium, recyclable plastic and are just under 2.5 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide. They’ve been safety tested and approved for children ages 3 and up and are food safe and nontoxic for your peace of mind.

Best Metallic

Best Extra-Large: Prextex Jumbo Assorted Colors Eggs

Standard-sized plastic eggs may not always be large enough for your needs. Some toys, candy, or other goodies that you plan to fill your plastic eggs with may be too big to fit properly or may not even fit at all. If you want above-average-sized eggs for your egg hunt or to supplement the standard-sized ones you already own, this pack has you covered. You’ll receive 24 pieces (12 tops and 12 bottoms) in order to make a total of 12 jumbo plastic eggs. Each egg is 7 inches long and 4 inches wide. Their extra-large size allows these eggs to accommodate bigger toys and candies or higher quantities of smaller treats and goodies. They’re made of high-quality plastic and come in six different solid, bright colors. You should receive two of each color per set. The tops and bottoms are unhinged and pop off completely separate from one another. This allows you to mix and match different colored tops and bottoms if you’d like.

Best Extra-Large

PREXTEX Fillable Plastic Jumbo Giant 12 Pieces Easter Egg | 12 Piece Empty Extra Large Easter Eggs | Assorted Solid Colors | 7 Inches Tall

Extra-large plastic eggs to hold either bigger treats or higher quantities of smaller treats.

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