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The Best Plastic Hangers

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🕚 Updated December 2021

If you have a lot of clothes, chances are you're going to need a way to organize them. Clothes hangers are one of the easiest and most popular ways to organize your closet. Here are some plastic ones we recommend.

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  Top Choice Best Value Best Notched Best Pinch Clips Best Kids Hangers
  Utopia Home
Plastic Hangers
White Standard Plastic Hangers
Utopia Home
50-Pack Black Plastic Hangers
Hanger Central Store
Space Saving Pants Hangers
Sharpty Store
Children's Hangers
Our SummaryA 30-pack of white plastic hangers with built-in hooks.A 50-pack of white hangers ideal for daily use.A 50-pack of durable, black hangers that have built-in shoulder grooves.A 30-pack of heavy-duty hangers with large clips.A 20-pack of children's clothing hangers for clothing sized newborn to 2T.
ProsSlim and sleek, durable plastic, built-in hooks.Everyday use, slim profile, space saving, two integrated strap hooks, no notches.Long-lasting, slim and sleek design, built-in shoulder grooves, for clothes of all kinds, made from heavy-duty recycled ABS material.Pants hangers, heavy-duty, non-slip clips, holds up to 10 pounds, swivel hooks.For newborns to toddlers, made with reinforced edges, notched shoulders, variety of colors.
ConsBetter for lightweight clothes, won't fit broad-shouldered clothes.Better for lightweight clothes, rigid, can snap.Thin/flimsy make.Handle with care, clips don't open very wide.Better for lightweight clothes, no nonslip grip.
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The Best Plastic Hangers

A bunch of plastic hangers with clothes on them hanging from a rack.
Achita Rattanapanya/Shutterstock.com

Plastic hangers are often a casual and affordable solution to hang your clothes. This type of hanger works best for lightweight clothes. Finding the ideal hanger for your closet isn’t that hard when you know what to look for.

Buying Guide for the Best Plastic Hangers

A stack of colorful plastic hangers on a pink background.

Why buy plastic hangers?

Plastic hangers have many useful benefits. They won’t stain, discolor, or mark your clothes. They come in many sizes, from ones for babies and children to standard adult sizes. Plastic hangers can come in various colors and are lightweight and durable.

What should you look for in plastic hangers?

  • Size: Most often, hangers come in one standard adult size. However, there are kid sizes that will be better suited to your children’s smaller clothing items.
  • Shape & Capability: Plastic hangers come in a variety of shapes and styles, so consider if you want ones that have openings where you can hang folded pants.
  • Weight: Consider how heavy the items are that you want to hang and if the plastic hanger can withstand that amount of weight.

What extra features should you look for?

Consider if you want hangers with options such as plastic grips that keep your clothes in place. Some hangers have small divets or nonslip pads to prevent your clothes from coming off the hangers while in your closet. Another option is hangers that are meant for heavyweight clothes, such as coats or thick pants.

Our Picks for the Best Plastic Hangers

Top Choice

Utopia Home Plastic Hangers

A 30-pack of white plastic hangers with built-in hooks.

Pros: These slim and sleek hangers come in a 30-pack. They’ll help you maximize your closet space by hanging your clothes and keeping things tidy. The hangers each have two built-in hooks to secure your tops and clothing accessories.

Cons: These may not be sturdy enough to support heavier clothing such as jeans or coats. Some clothes with broad shoulders might not sit right on them.

Bottom Line: This set of hangers is built to be durable and long-lasting and is a decent value for the price. The smoothness of the hangers is a great advantage, as it won’t snag your clothes.


Best Value

ZOBERS White Standard Plastic Hangers

A 50-pack of white hangers ideal for daily use.

Pros: This set of 50 white hangers is ideal for everyday use. Their slim profile takes up minimal space, so you can fit more clothes in the closet. These hangers are also a great choice for air-drying delicate garments. There are two integrated strap hooks on both sides to keep clothes with thin straps securely in place. They have no notches, so they don’t snag your clothing or leave shoulder indents.

Cons: If you’re looking for hangers that are better for heavier clothes, this set isn’t the best choice. They don’t have any flexibility and can snap if not handled carefully.

Bottom Line: These sturdy hangers have reinforced edges that help keep their form and prevent breakage. This purchase is a great value for the price.


Best Notched

Utopia Home 50-Pack Black Plastic Hangers

A 50-pack of durable black hangers that have built-in shoulder grooves.

Pros: This pack of 50 black plastic hangers is made to be long-lasting. The slim and sleek design will help you maximize closet space, and the built-in shoulder grooves allow you to securely hold strappy garments without them falling off. The elegant design is great for hanging clothing of various kinds. They’re made from heavy-duty recycled ABS material.

Cons: Some people have found these hangers are a little thin and flimsy, making them prone to snapping.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking to organize your closet with multipurpose and durable hangers, this set is a great choice for most people. The hangers can support heavier clothes and keep the fabric in good condition without damaging items.


Best Pinch Clips

Hanger Central Store Space Saving Pants Hangers

A 30-pack of heavy-duty hangers with large clips.

Pros: Hanging pants is made easier with hangers that have clips. This set contains 30 heavy-duty hangers with nonslip clips. Each hanger has a large and strong clamp that can hold up to 10 pounds of clothing. The hooks are chrome-plated and won’t bend or deform. Each hanger has a swivel hook for easy rotation.

Cons: The clips don’t open very wide, making it difficult to get some clothes in place. The plastic can break or snap if not handled gently.

Bottom Line: These hangers are made of reused plastic, so they both save space and help save the environment. This purchase will help you take control of your closet and keep your space organized.


Best Kids Hangers

Sharpty Store Children's Hangers

A 20-pack of children's clothing hangers sized newborn to 2T.

Pros: These hangers are made to fit clothes for newborns to toddlers. The hangers are made with reinforced plastic on the edges for better stability and support. The finish is smooth, and each hanger has notched shoulders for clothing with straps. The hangers are available in blue, white, and pink.

Cons: There is no gripping on the hangers, so it’s easy for clothes to slide off them in the closet.

Bottom Line: These baby hangers are a great way to organize your child’s closet. The plastic is eco-friendly!


Best Premium

FSUTEG Store Plastic Hangers

A set of 50 space-saving hangers with a built-in horizontal accessory bar.

Pros: This set of 50 heavy-duty hangers can hold up to 11 pounds of clothing. The rotating rose gold hooks swivel 360 degrees and have a unique S-shaped top that makes it easy to hang clothes on without stretching or creating unwanted marks or wrinkles. The thin hangers are a space saver and come with a built-in horizontal accessory bar for ties, scarves, or necklaces.

Cons: Shirts with shorter necklines make the accessory bar harder to access. They aren’t ideal for pants because of the narrow opening.

Bottom Line: These slim plastic hangers work well for various types of fabrics and can even handle ones with thin straps. Though a bit pricier than other options, these hangers are a great choice for most people.

Final Thoughts

Hangers are an essential purchase to keep your closets organized. Our top picks will get the job done well.

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