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The Best Pocket Folders

🕚 Updated August 2023

Keeping your documents organized is essential at school, work, and home. These pocket folders are great organizational must-haves.

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  Highest Quantity Best with Fasteners Best with Binder Holes Best Filing Folder Most Professional
Two-Pocket Folders
Plastic Color POP Folders
Five Star
4-Pocket Folders
File Folder Accordion
Our SummaryA pack of 125 standard-sized pocket folders with fasteners.Choose this 6-pack of folders with interior prongs from a variety of color options.If you have a lot of documents to organize, these folders with hole punches are a great choice.If you need an expandable and lightweight accordion folder, look no further.Style meets function in this organized and professional modern portfolio.
Pros✓ 125-pack
✓ Has twin-pockets with interior fasteners
✓ Standard size
✓ Six-pack
✓ Standard size
✓ Has twin pockets
✓ Comes in a variety of colors
✓ Has interior fasteners
✓ Made of durable plastic
✓ Six-pack
✓ Standard size
✓ Has laminated cover
✓ Three-hole punched
✓ Contains useful information on inside
✓ Accordion-style folder
✓ Has five expandable pockets
✓ Has label tabs
made of high-quality material
✓ Holds 200 pages maximum
✓ Faux leather
✓ Has interior pockets
✓ Pen loop
✓ Comes with notepad
✓ Water-resistant
✓ Has reinforced accent stitching
Cons✗ Large pack of 125✗ Can become bulky.✗ Colors selected randomly✗ Color may vary slightly✗ Inner pocket may be too tight
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The Best Pocket Folders

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Buying Guide for Pocket Folders

A black folder with a pen for signing documents on the table.

Why buy a pocket folder?

Whether you’re attending meetings, conferences, interviews, or classes, having a pocket folder ensures you have everything you need at your fingertips. Moreover, the protective cover of the pocket folder safeguards your valuable papers from damage, even on the go or in a backpack full of books and other school supplies.

What should you consider in a pocket folder?

  • Material/Durability: Pocket folders are typically made of plastic or paper. Paper folders may wear over time, especially if they come into contact with water, though they are very affordable and can work for the short term. Plastic folders are more durable and resistant to wear and tear, making them a long-lasting choice.
  • Size: Evaluate whether the folder’s size aligns with the requirements of your project or usage. Most pocket folders come in a standard size of 9 x 12 inches, which comfortably accommodates standard paper (8.5 x 11 inches) without any edges peeking out. Additionally, consider folders with reinforced corners, as they help secure your papers in place and prevent them from slipping out.
  • Capacity: Determine the folder’s capacity, as it determines how many sheets of paper it can hold. On average, pocket folders can store around 100 sheets of paper. Ensuring it can hold an ample amount of documents is crucial, especially for larger projects.
  • Pattern/Design: Whether you prefer solid colors for a sleek and professional look or opt for fun and unique designs to add a touch of creativity, there is a folder to match your style and taste.

What are the benefits of using a pocket folder vs. a binder?

Keeping your documents organized in either a pocket folder or a binder is one of the most common ways to keep things tidy. Folders are best for papers you may need to access more quickly, whereas a binder is a better option if you need to flip through a bunch of pages at once. Additionally, many folders have three-hole punches so that you can put them in a binder and use both.

Our Picks for the Best Pocket Folders

Highest Quality

FILE-EZ Two-Pocket Folders

This pack of 125 standard-sized pocket folders with fasteners will keep your essential documents close and organized.

Pros: This 125-pack of twin-pocket folders is standard in size and constructed with textured paper and a matte finish. The deep pockets can hold up to 50 letter-size sheets each, providing ample storage space for important documents. The four-corner business card holder ensures that cards stay securely in place, so they’ll work well for business meetings. Whether for business presentations, school organization, or home decluttering, these folders are ideal for keeping your documents neatly arranged and easily accessible.

Cons: For individuals with lesser storage needs, 125 folders is likely an excessive amount.

Bottom Line: Give this great value pack a try if you need to get folders for a classroom or workplace.


Best with Fasteners

JAM PAPER Plastic Color POP Folders

Choose this six-pack of folders in a variety of color options.

Pros: This pack contains six standard-sized folders, which are made from durable, smooth, and sturdy plastic. Sized at 9.5 x 11.5 inches, they comfortably fit standard 8.5- x 11-inch documents, ensuring your papers stay neat and protected. With six folders in each pack, you’ll have one for every subject or project, promoting efficient organization. Crafted from smooth and sturdy plastic, these folders are durable and built to last. The inclusion of prongs ensures that your three-hole punched documents stay securely in place. Additionally, the business card slot on the right side provides a convenient spot to store important contact information. Whether you’re at school, the office, at home, or on the go, these folders are perfect for safeguarding your essential files and keeping your documents organized and easily accessible.

Cons: While these folders provide ample space to organize and store your papers, it’s essential to be mindful of their capacity to prevent them from becoming too bulky.

Bottom Line: These folders are great options and are even friendly to the environment. Plus, if you need to give someone some documents, you can slip your business card in the folder and hand the whole thing over. You can choose from a variety of solid color options.


Best with Binder Holes

Five Star 4-Pocket Folders

If you have a lot of documents to organize, these folders with hole punches are a great choice.

Pros: This six-pack of colorful folders is a convenient and practical organizational solution. With a standard size, two pockets, and a 3-hole punched design, these folders effortlessly fit into your binders, keeping your important documents in one place. What makes these folders even more valuable is their content—each folder includes essential information, such as the periodic table, rulers, and quick reference conversion charts, providing handy references whenever you need them. To ensure your documents stay safe, the folders feature a laminated surface that is water-resistant, offering protection against accidental spills and moisture damage.

Cons: The color choices are selected for you. This lack of color options may be disappointing for individuals who prefer a more personalized and tailored approach to their organizational supplies.

Bottom Line: These Five Star folders are from a trusted brand. With their durable build, these can withstand your child’s homework, assignments, and a bit of roughhousing when they get tucked away between classes.


Best Filing Folder

SKYDUE File Folder Accordion

If you need an expandable and lightweight accordion folder, look no further.

Pros: Stay organized and in control with this convenient accordion folder featuring five expandable pockets and tab positions for easy labeling. Crafted with high-quality and sturdy materials, this file folder can accommodate 150 to 200 standard pages, ensuring ample space for your documents and papers. Perfect for day-to-day use, this folder is designed to keep your important files in order and easily accessible. Adding a touch of style to your organizational routine, it is available in a variety of super cute color choices that blend pastels or bold shades, allowing you to pick the one that suits your personal taste and aesthetic. Embrace the functionality and fashion-forward appeal of this accordion folder, making your daily tasks more efficient and enjoyable.

Cons: Color may vary slightly from what is depicted. This can be disappointing to those expecting a certain color or those required to have a certain color for school supplies.

Bottom Line: This portable and colorful folder is attractive and highly functional to keep all your documents in one place with tabs that make it easy for you. Keeping it out on your desk will give your office a neat and aesthetically pleasing appearance.


Most Professional

Stylio Padfolio

Style meets function in this organized and professional modern folder.

Pros: Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with this exquisitely designed folder. Crafted with careful attention to detail, it offers safe and secure pockets to organize a wide range of essentials, from important documents and business cards to tickets, proposals, and resumes. The added convenience of a pen holder and a refillable writing pad ensures you are always prepared for any professional situation. With its thoughtfully crafted design, it easily fits into most briefcases and bags, making it a convenient companion for business travels and meetings. Its water-resistant feature offers protection against accidental spills or light rain, providing peace of mind during your daily ventures. Reinforced accent stitching further enhances its durability and aesthetic appeal.

Cons: The inner pocket may be too tight. This can cause difficulty fitting papers inside. In addition, it can cause wrinkles or creases in papers that do fit inside.

Bottom Line: Put your best foot forward with this gorgeous, professional-looking portfolio folder with plenty of style and functionality. You’ll make a great first impression while staying organized.

Final Thoughts

Folders are one of the most helpful supplies out there, whether you’re in school or at work. These selections are all good options that can serve you well.

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