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The Best Pocket Tripods for Your Handheld Device

three different miniature tripods side by side

As useful as your phone can be, it’s just a two-dimensional, rectangular slab. Its design is slim and portable, but it’s difficult to mount when taking pictures. Pocket tripods allow you to stand your phone upright, so you can capture the perfect photo or watch a movie hands-free.

Here’s what we recommend for you.

What to Consider Before Buying a Pocket Tripod

Pocket tripods can come in different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to make sure you get the one that’s right for you. First, the size of the tripod is a consideration to make, as large, bulky tripods are more difficult to carry around. Pocket tripods should be as portable as the smartphone itself. Equally as important, you should consider how adjustable your tripod is. Viewing angles, height, and the surface of which it can mount are all some characteristics of pocket tripods that can be adjusted. Lastly, check if your device is compatible with the tripod you intend on buying.

Best Overall: Amusent Slim-Pro

miniature square tripod with a mount for smartphones

This device stand will allow you to make full use of your smartphone capabilities. It gives you 130 degrees of freedom to adjust your device to your preferred viewing angle. It’s perfect for hands-free use, and it can sit your device upright to take photos as well. It’s able to fold onto itself, which makes it around the size of an ATM card that can fit in the pockets of your wallet.

Best for iPhone: Kenu ST3-KK-NA Stance

white smartphone mounted on a small gray tripod

If you own an iPhone, this tripod from Kenu is great for you. It connects to the charging port of your iPhone, where it holds your phone in any position with its ball-and-socket joint. It can hold your phone horizontally as well/ Additionally, it can attach to a key chain, and has a bottle opener. It’s 1.2 ounces and portable.

Best for iPhone

Most Stable: UBeesize Flexible Cell Phone Tripod

bendable black tripod that can hold a camera or smartphone

This is a stable tripod, which if you are a photographer, will suit you best. This tripod can hold your phone at multiple angles with its ball-and-socket head joint. The legs of this tripod are incredibly flexible, so you can mount your device on anything. Not only that, but it comes with a wireless remote that is able to take pictures without manually doing so.

Best Color Options: SourceTon Mobile Phone Holder

red plastic smartphone tripod with eight color options

These stands by SourceTon come in a pack of eight with all different colors. They all have the same, simple design that allows you to secure your phone upright. They’re all collapsible and compact and can be held vertically or horizontally.

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