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The Best Polymer Clay Cutters for Jewelry Making

polymer clay cutter in a curved trapezoidal shape with cut out clay next to it on a marble surface

When creating jewelry from polymer clay, cutters are a great way to get precise cuts and designs. The options for makers are endless when working with clay, so let your imagination run wild. There are numerous shapes and designs of clay cutters available for all your creations; here are some great choices.

What to Consider in Polymer Clay Cutters

Here’s what to know before you buy:

  • Material: Consider what the cutter is made from, plastic or stainless steel, as this will impact the longevity of your piece and how you clean it after usage.
  • Cleaning: Determine the best way to clean the cutter, as most are meant to be hand-washed after use.
  • Designs: Choose shapes that catch your eye. With all the options out there, you’re likely to find some perfect pieces to use for your next jewelry creations.

Best Starter Pack: The Clayful Co Polymer Clay Cutters

plastic polymer clay cutters in five different shapes.

This set of polymer clay cutters are a great starter set for anyone beginning to work with clay. The edges of these cutters are sharp and will require minimal clay sanding after use. The cutters are designed with three-tiered construction and are made of PLA biodegradable plastic. Additionally, the cutters are safe to use with food materials.

Best Size Options: Winerming 24-Piece Mini Geometric Stainless Steel Biscuit Mold

12 polymer clay cutters in 24 sizes, each has 3 sizes.

This set of stainless steel cutters is safe to use with both polymer clay and food. The kit comes in various sizes of each shape. The stainless steel makes them strong, so the cutters keep their shape but are also rustproof and dishwasher safe. After each use, it’s best to hand wash and wipe dry.

Best Cat Cutters: The Clayful Co Cat Pack Polymer Clay Cutters

Three cat head shaped cutters in different sizes.

This set of three cat cutters comes in three different sizes for a variety of jewelry-sized options. The cutters are made with a three-tiered construction and PLA biodegradable plastic made from renewable, natural resources. The cutters are designed for clay but are safe for cookie dough, fondant, vegetables, and more.

Best Shape Variety: laxizar Vegetable Cutter Shapes Set Mini

24 different cutters with plastic rings on the bottom.

This set contains 18 mini cutters in a variety of shapes. Each is made of stainless steel and plastic and is excellent for cutting out polymer clay. This product is also food safe and can cut cookies, sandwiches, vegetables, fruits, and more. The cutters are durable but should be hand-washed to prolong use.

Best Shape Variety

Vegetable Cutter Shapes Set Mini Sizes Cookie Cutters Set Fruit Cookie Stamps Mold

A set of 18 stainless steel cutters in a variety of fun shapes.

Also Great: CHENRUI Set of 4 Polymer Clay Cutters

Four clay cutters including a U shaped arch, aztec shape and two circles.

This set of four polymer clay cutters comes with an arch, an Aztec shape, and two circle shapes. These cutters have hard, sharp edges to create distinct shapes when used with polymer clay. This product is made with food-safe, biodegradable PLA plastic that should be hand-washed after use. The PLA can be sanded for sharpening the cut over time.

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