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The Best Polymer Clay for Craft Projects

colorful polymer clay in assorted human and animal shapesWith polymer clay, there are endless options to create amazing pieces of art. All ages can enjoy working with polymer clay to create characters, jewelry, toys, and decorations. Save the hassle of buying individual packs of clay by purchasing a set to get a variety of colors to design with. Here are some sets of polymer clay we recommend.

What to Consider When Purchasing Polymer Clay

There are a few things to look into when purchasing polymer clay, so here is what you consider:

  • Bake Time: The clays may have different bake times and temperatures due to thickness levels, so bear this in mind when purchasing.
  • Supplies: If you’ve never worked with polymer clay, consider purchasing a set with other tools for crafting.

Best Overall: Polymer Clay, 50 Colors DIY Oven Bake Clay

multicolored polymer clays with a carrying case with two drawers and assorted hooks and carving toolsThis set of polymer clay comes in 50 lovely colors with a storage box, a variety of tools, and a user manual. The clay is safe and non-toxic, so it’s perfect for children. The clay is smooth, tough, non-stick, and made with moderate hardness, so it is easy to shape, stretch, and bend. The instructions include the required baking methods.

Best for Budget: FRABERY Polymer Clay

multicolored polymer clays with assorted hooks and carving tools and other accessoriesThis affordable boxed set of 32 non-toxic clay colors is perfect for creating jewelry, ornaments, and home decor. The clay is made with the same materials as food packaging, so it is non-toxic and odorless. The clay is suitable for beginners and won’t stick to clothes or carpets. The set comes with five sculpting tools, tutorials, and jewelry-making accessories for gifts all included in a convenient storage box.

Most Versatile: Shuttle Art Polymer Clay

multicolored polymer clays with a carrying case with three drawers and assorted hooks, carving tools, chains, and other accessoriesThe creation options are endless with this modeling clay kit with 60 colors. The non-toxic clay set comes with 19 clay tools and is ideal for kids and adults to create small ornaments, animals, and characters. Also included are fasteners to create earrings, bracelets, hairpins, brooches, rings, and more. A manual is included with the kit, which comes in a sturdy container for clay storage.

Also Consider: Sculpey Classic Collection III Multipack, 1-Pack

packet of 10 different colored polymer claysIf you already have all the tools you need for your project, this set of ten 2-ounce clay bars is a great option. The clay bakes hard and takes on a matte finish. You can shape and bake your creations, and once cooled, you will be able to sand, drill, and glaze the clay pieces. The clay is soft, pliable, and will not dry out when exposed to air.

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