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The Best Pony Clamps for Carpentry

Any attempt at woodworking comes with its own set of problems. It can prove especially daunting when you have no other choice but to handle the work by yourself. In the absence of a second pair of helping hands, a dependable pair of Pony clamps is what you need to keep the wood or metal surfaces you’re working with fastened in place until the task at hand has been completed. However, particular clamps satisfy different factors of woodworking. It’s best to brush up on which Pony brand clamp will accommodate the kind of work you need to finish the job or risk purchasing clamps that are unfit for your needs. Here are some options we recommend.

Choosing the Right Pony Clamps for the Job

Here are a few things to consider when buying your next Pony clamps:

  • Wood Projects: Proper woodworking will require an adjustable clamp that can hold your items in place with a moderate amount of pressure, without slipping or scuffing the wood. Consider a Pony clamp with a wide grip and easy installation for your materials.
  • Metal Projects: Metalworking requires the same amount of effort as any wood project, but you’ll still need a specific clamp that caters to your plumbing and cabinetry needs. Consider a Pony clamp that’s durable and maneuverable in difficult spots.
  • Compact Projects: Whether it be a smaller-scale wood or metal project, spring-powered clamps satisfy both areas with tremendous power. Consider these to hold together your next picture frame or small carpentry tasks.

Best Overall: PONY Heavy Duty Metal Spring Clamps Set

Pony’s Heavy Duty Metal Spring Clamps Set is the exact kind of versatile, spring-powered batch of clamps a woodworker needs.

Its nickel-plated steel jaws pin together items with the right amount of finesse, while its poly-vinyl tips and handles prevent unwanted scratches and indentations on your project. The clamp set offers ample service and diversity for your future woodworking projects, as it contains eight 1-inch and two 2-inch clamps in its set. In addition to great clamping power, this clamp set allows for easy application and removal where the work is required.

Best Overall

Best Premium: Pony Tools 52 6 Pack 1/2in. Adjustable Clamp Fixture for Black Pipe

For any project involving metal, wood, and frame assembly, the Pony Tools 52 Clamp Fixture proudly touts itself as America’s most trusted clamp fixture on the market. It is an ideal Pony clamp for tasks like small DIY projects but is also relied upon throughout industrial production work. Its easy assembly—simply screwing the head onto the pipe threads—allows for no time wasted in between your work and marveling at a job well done. Best of all, its interchangeable fixtures allow buyers to complete a plethora of tasks with just a single set.

Best Premium

Pony Tools 52 6 Pack 1/2in. Ajustable Clamp Fixture for Black Pipe

This clamp satisfies a wide variety of metal and woodworking projects with its interchangeable fixtures.

Also Consider: Pony Jorgensen Cabinet Claw

This is a Pony clamp capable of handling any of the larger scale work you’re willing to throw its way; this is the right tool for quality cabinetry. It easily works cabinet installation into a single process as face frames can be tightened, aligned, pre-drilled, and fastened without ever having to remove the clamp from its initial position. Whether you need to hold 2 inches of wood in place or 4, this cabinet claw is a highly durable and highly protective Pony clamp that provides consistently outstanding woodwork.

Also Consider

Pony 8510BP Cabinet Claw, 2-Pack

This offers one of the widest jaw-openings among Pony clamps to handle some of the biggest workloads.

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