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The Best Pool Ball Sets for Your Next Billiards Night

set of classic pool balls contained by a triangular rack on a green pool tablePool is a popular and exciting game for both entertainment and professionals. Buying a set of high-quality pool balls is vital to play your best. If you have a pool table, here are some great pool ball sets we recommend for your next game.

What to Consider in Pool Balls

Here’s what to know before you buy:

  • Material: Make sure the material of the balls you choose will provide a good bounce and last for a long time.
  • Weight: Consider if the weight of the ball is designed for the best control.
  • Design: Choose pool balls that enhance the table’s décor and stand out from the traditional look.

Best Overall: Professional Pool Balls/Billiard Balls Set

modern designed pool balls in a triangular formation

This complete set of 16 pool balls and one cue ball is crafted from high-quality polyresin with gorgeous marbling in the colored areas. Each ball is calibrated and polished for scratch and impact resistance. Each ball is regulation size and engineered for perfect roundness. This set is excellent for billiard players of all skill levels.

Best Overall

Best for Budget: Viper Billiard Ball Set

classic pool balls in a lidless square black box

This pool ball set has the complete 16 balls that are regulation size and ready for pool halls, tournaments, or home use. They’ve got the classic striped and solid designs with a nice glossy shine. This set will do the job without breaking the bank.

Best for Budget

Viper Billiard Master 2-1/4" Regulation Size Billiard/Pool Balls, Complete 16 Ball Set

This budget-friendly set of pool balls is ready for your basement games.

Best for Professionals: JAPER BEES Pro Pool Balls Set Billiard Balls

classic pool balls in an open square black box

This pro pool ball set is made with high-quality resin, and each ball is the standard 2.25-inch diameter and regulation weight of 6 oz. They have perfect roundness and consistent weight to perform reliably and elevate the enjoyment of the game. This set is ideal for festival presents and serious players.

Best for Professionals

JAPER BEES PRO Standard Pool Table Billiard Ball Set, Regulation Size Resin

A deluxe pool ball set ideal for gifting and skilled players.

Best Value Set: BETTERLINE Billiard Balls Set

classic pool balls in a lidless pale purple box with a triangular and square rack

Perfect for game rooms is this complete billiard set, including 16 balls, including a cue ball, wooden triangle rack, wooden diamond rack, five cue chalk cubes, and two bonus table spot stickers. Each pool ball is made from high-grade poly resin and is calibrated and polished to perfection. The bonus accessories are durable and of premium quality.

Best Value Set

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