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The Best Pool Lounge Chairs

Lounging around by the pool is a relaxing indulgence in the summer. What better place to stretch out and soak in the sun than a pool lounge chair? Here are our top recommendations you can add to your outdoor space.

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Lounge Chaise
Wooden Double Chaise Lounge
Best Choice Products
Hanging Chaise Lounge Chair Swing
Christopher Knight Home
Wood Outdoor Chaise Lounge Set
Beaches & Bonfires
Portable Beach Reclining Lounger
Our SummarySimple yet colorful and effective, this pool lounge chair features the unique accent of a face cutout at the head for tanning purposes.Featuring two chairs, a canopy, and cupholders, the hidden toy compartment of this pair of pool lounge chairs makes it an ideal choice for kids.This uniquely designed pool lounge is the perfect blend of fun, relaxing, and ultra-comfortable.These classic wooden paneled pool lounge chairs are foldable, won't rot, can support a high weight capacity, and look great doing so.A much more portable take on a traditional pool lounge chair, you'll be able to bring this lightweight model along so you can lounge pretty much anywhere.
ProsFace and arms slots, several color and purchasing options, rust-resistant, quick-drying,.Good value, two chairs in one, cup holders, hidden storage compartment, built-in canopy and curtains, several styles and colors.Unique design, swings, UV-resistant optional canopy, weather resistant, good color selection, high weight capacity.Naturally water-resistant wood, no assembly required, foldable, built-in carrying strap.Inexpensive, highly portable, inflatable pillow, built-in storage compartment.
ConsNot padded, tricky to open all the way.Shorter than average length, can't separate chairs.Expensive, not 100% waterproof or rustproof.No padding, too low to the ground for some.Less comfortable, no alternate colors.
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The Best Pool Lounge Chairs

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Buying Guide for Pool Lounge Chairs

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Why buy pool lounge chairs?

A lounge chair is any long chair with a back that’s moveable between upright and lying down positions; you can prop yourself upright to read or eat or drink or take in the view, lie down and work on your tan, or dry off and take a nap in the sun. In particular, pool lounge chairs are waterproof to withstand water splashing out of the pool or being laid upon by someone who is still damp from swimming. They’re often weather-resistant and hardy in other ways since they’re meant strictly for outdoor use. Overall, they’re a comfortable place to stretch out and relax by the pool or out of doors because, despite their name, pool lounge chairs aren’t restricted solely to poolside use. There’s no reason you can’t move your chair to the garden, patio, or porch or even pack it up and bring it to the lake or beach if you have room in your car and the lounge chairs are foldable.

What should you look for in pool lounge chairs?

  • Material: Pool lounge chairs are most commonly made of wood, fabric stretched across a wood or metal frame, or a wicker resin. Consider which type you might find most comfortable to lie on (including whether or not the chair comes with cushioning; you may or may not want to spread a towel across it otherwise). If you opt for a wooden pool lounge chair, look for a type of wood that is naturally resistant to the elements and rotting, like cedar or acacia. The fabric should be waterproof, water-resistant, and as breathable as possible. If the frame is metal, make sure it’s rustproof.
  • Length and Weight Capacity: Unless it’s a portable, carry-able model, a pool lounge chair will likely be somewhere between 73 and 80 inches (6 to 6.5 feet) long when fully extended. So if you’re on the taller side, you’ll want to look for a longer model that you can stretch out on without your feet dangling off the edge. If you’re shorter and want something more proportionate, there are some less lengthy models in the 70- to 72-inch range. Be sure to check the lounge chair’s weight capacity; most will support the average full-grown adult, but depending on the material and frame they’re made of, some will be sturdier and able to support more weight than others.
  • Quantity: Keep in mind that unlike dining chairs or bar stools, lounge chairs aren’t usually sold in large quantity sets. Most are sold individually or in pairs. It’s not impossible to find a set containing more than two pool lounge chairs, but it’s far less common than with other chairs.

What are other features to consider when picking the most comfortable pool lounge chairs?

Besides taking the material and its thickness into consideration, there are a few other features you can look out for that will increase the comfort of a pool lounge chair. Some have built-in or removable headrests, pillows, or cushions. Some models may have built-in armrests, an especially comfortable addition for anyone who likes to read poolside.

While all pool lounge chairs can be shifted between an upright and lying-down position, some can be propped up at various angles; this makes it easier to adjust them to an angle or reclining position most comfortable for your personal needs. There are even elevated, swinging models and models with an attached shade or canopy to protect you from the sun and its heat. If it’s a fabric-covered chair, a more breathable fabric that allows better airflow will ensure you don’t feel hot, sweaty, and sticky.

Our Picks for the Best Pool Lounge Chairs

Top Choice

Ostrich Lounge Chaise

Simple yet colorful and effective, this pool lounge chair features the unique accent of a face cutout at the head, for tanning purposes.

Pros: This pick has plenty of the features you want from a pool lounger—the lightweight aluminum frame is rust-resistant. The sturdy fabric dries quickly and comes in six possible color options. The chair is foldable and has a carrying strap attached to the bottom for easy transportation. On top of all these useful features, this pool lounger offers an extra unique attraction; it has a cushioned face slot on the head and two more cutouts just below your arms. If you like to sleep on your stomach or want to work on tanning your back, you can comfortably place your face downward instead of turning your head off to the side and irritating your neck. The two larger cutouts below allow you to slip your arms through rather than tucking them under your body if you so desire. The face cutout can be closed to transform it into a pillow.

Cons: Though this pool lounger should be plenty relaxing, it isn’t as padded or plush as other fabric-covered models. You may also have some trouble adjusting the legs and back.

Bottom Line: The unique cutout sections make it a good choice for anyone who plans to lay in their new pool lounge chair and work on their summer tan.


Best for Kids

KidKraft Wooden Double Chaise Lounge

Featuring two chairs, a canopy, and cupholders, the hidden toy compartment of this pair of pool lounge chairs makes it an ideal choice for kids.

Pros: You’ll get a good bang for your buck with this double set of kid-friendly pool lounge chairs. They come equipped with a canopy to shield your little one’s delicate skin from the sun while relaxing, but there are tie-back curtains that further protect them or provide some privacy. The wooden slab between the two chairs features cupholders for drinks and functions as a shelf for perching snacks, phones, or other small items. Even more unique is the hidden storage compartment to keep toys and sunglasses and the like safe. If the design or color of this set of pool loungers isn’t to your liking, there are three alternate color schemes and styles.

Cons: Since these pool loungers were designed with kids in mind, they are shorter lengthwise than most lounge chairs. The single frame of the chair is fixed, so you can’t separate them and place them further apart from one another.

Bottom Line: This double set of pool lounge chairs was made specifically for children and will give them a comfy and safe place to relax or stash their toys.


Best Lounge Swing

Best Choice Products Hanging Chaise Lounge Chair Swing

This uniquely designed pool lounge is the perfect blend of fun, relaxing, and ultra-comfortable.

Pros: A unique, modern take on classic loungers, this comfy cushioned pool lounge chair is essentially a lounge chair and a swing in one. Unlike most pool loungers, this model hangs from above and swings back and forth instead of resting on the ground. You may think that this feature means it has a lower weight capacity, but the opposite is, in fact, the case—this lounger has a weight limit of 265 pounds. It also features a UV-resistant canopy that can be removed if desired, and the unit is weatherproof. It’s available in six colors to better suit different homes.

Cons: This single pool lounger alone costs more than some pairs of pool lounge chairs, so it’s definitely on the expensive side. Especially considering that it’s not 100% waterproof, there is a risk of it starting to corrode or rust over time.

Bottom Line: Both pool lounge chairs and backyard swings are fun, comfy places to relax, read, and enjoy being outdoors when the weather is nice.


Best Wooden Design

Christopher Knight Home Wood Outdoor Chaise Lounge Set

These classic wooden paneled pool lounge chairs are foldable, won't rot, can support a high weight capacity, and look great doing so.

Pros: If you want to buy a wooden pool lounge chair, choosing a model that isn’t going to warp or rot when exposed to water is key, and this pair of loungers fit the bill thanks to their acacia and eucalyptus wood make. These woods are rot-resistant, but you know the chairs are made of real hardwood, not less sturdy and shorter-lasting engineered wood. Nor do you have to worry about putting the chairs together, as is sometimes the case with wooden models—they come fully assembled and ready to be lounged upon. When the time comes to stash them away in your shed or garage, both chairs fold in half, and they won’t take up much extra room due to their slender build. There’s even a built-in carrying strap on one side for your portability convenience.

Cons: Though they should still be decently comfortable to lie upon, there aren’t any cushions or padding for these pool lounge chairs. Also, note that they’re quite low to the ground even when not fully extended, which some people may find less comfortable or too hard to get in and out of.

Bottom Line: Wooden-slatted pool lounge chairs are classic poolside features, a perfect place to stretch out, soak up the sun, and work on your tan.


Best Portable Design

Beaches & Bonfires Portable Beach Reclining Lounger

A much more portable take on a traditional pool lounge chair, you'll be able to bring this lightweight model along so you can lounge pretty much anywhere.

Pros: If you live near the beach or lake or a community pool rather than a personal one and often make trips out, this pool lounger will be right up your alley. It only weighs in at about four pounds and folds down into thirds. Coupled with the built-in carrying strap, this makes it incredibly easy to fold up and tuck away this lounger in a pool bag or the trunk of your car and bring it along for a day at your favorite local body of water. You can also use it for camping and other similar outdoor activities. Besides its high portability, this pool lounger is much less expensive than most models. It features an inflatable pillow you can fill to your comfort level and a built-in storage compartment for snacks, a book, and more.

Cons: Since this pool lounger rests directly on the ground without any legs or even a frame, it’s not as comfortable or supportive as most models. There also aren’t any alternate color options available for purchase.

Bottom Line: This pick is incredibly lightweight, foldable, and easy to carry while still offering the propped-up or extendable support of a more traditional pool lounger.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve ever been to a public or hotel pool or watched a movie with a pool scene, you’ve probably seen pool lounge chairs in action. These long, adjustable chairs are pretty iconic, and for a good reason—it’s hard to find a better spot to relax and enjoy the poolside and sunshine.

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