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The Best Pool Party Decorations

🕚 Updated July 2022

Nothing completes a party like decorations. They add a special touch to the ambiance and let guests know just how much fun they'll be having. Keep your pool party on theme with these fun, practical, and exciting decorations.

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  Best Tablecloth Best Inflatable Cooler Best Pool Floats Floating Pool Game Colorful Beach Balls
  Creative Converting
Plastic Tablecover
28” Inflatable Palm Tree Cooler
Inflatable Swim Tube Raft (3 pack)
Pool Volleyball Game
Inflatable Beach Ball Classic Rainbow
Our SummaryEven your tables will be on theme with this water-printed tablecloth.If you want your cooler to be just as awesome as the rest of the party, get this festive inflatable option.Add vibrant color to your pool with these summery pool floats that your guests can use.Inspire the spirit of fun-loving competition with this classic pool game.These beach balls are a pool party’s balloons.
ProsVersatile design for nearly any pool party theme, realistic water look, thick plastic is not see through and is easy to clean.Fun decorative element that is also functional, high quality PVC material, can store a lot of beverages and ice.Three-pack of floats, summery colors, versatile for pool party themes, durable PVC material, easy to inflate.Net, ball and weight bags included, high-quality PVC material, classic game to inspire fun.10-pack of beach balls to use in a variety of activities, can also be party favors, durable PVC material.
ConsPricier for only one table cloth, probably won't be able to reuse.Time-consuming to inflate.Opening may be too small for adults.Takes up large space in pool, not all guests may enjoy it.Only 8 inches when inflated.
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The Best Pool Party Decorations

An inflatable cooler filled with fruit and drinks, a pool volleyball net with people playing, and two people in inflatable pool floats.

Buying Guide for Pool Party Decorations

Young adults on fun pool floats in the pool.

Why should you buy pool party decorations?

Other than adding an exciting touch to your pool party, some decorations are also extremely practical. A plastic tablecloth can protect your table while also making cleanup easy. An inflatable cooler can also keep drinks or snacks handy, plus it adds a special element to your awesome pool party.

What should you consider when shopping for pool party decorations?

  • Theme: Does your party have a theme? If you’re planning a themed pool party, look for decorations that will either match perfectly or will be a coordinating complement. Sometimes a versatile tablecloth will be a nice break from other decorative elements. Other times, it may be best to have perfectly matching decorations.
  • Activities: Sometimes your pool party decorations are actually part of the entertaining activities you have planned. Pool floats or games make the pool party come to life while adding that extra look of care-free fun.

Should you expect your pool party decorations to be reused?

This is entirely up to you, really. Because it’s a pool party, you may have a greater chance that the decorations may get wet or will have a lot more activity occurring around it, which may contribute to its longevity. Certain decorations, like games or activities, can most likely be reused, while other items like tablecloths or smaller accent pieces may not survive longer than one party.

Our Picks for the Best Pool Party Decorations

Best Tablecloth

Creative Converting Plastic Tablecover

Even your tables will be on theme with this water-printed tablecloth.

Pros: Whether your pool party theme is mermaid, ocean, surfing, or tropics, this plastic tablecloth is perfect. The water print looks realistic and refreshing and is versatile to be paired with other decorations at your party. It’s made of thick plastic, so it isn’t see-through and is easy to clean.

Cons: This table cover is on the pricier side for a plastic tablecloth.

Bottom Line: Even though this tablecloth is pricey for a single unit, it’s a thick plastic cover and very easy to clean. Its versatile water print is not only realistic but can go along with nearly any other pool party theme.


Best Inflatable Cooler

JOYIN 28-Inch Inflatable Palm Tree Cooler

If you want your cooler to be just as awesome as the rest of the party, get this festive inflatable option.

Pros: Who wouldn’t be ready to have a good time after seeing this fun inflatable cooler. Just looking at the palm tree will put you in an awesome mood to enjoy a pool party. More than just a decoration, this inflatable cooler is made of high-quality PVC, so it will be able to handle plenty of ice and beverages for your party guests.

Cons: It’s a little time-consuming to inflate.

Bottom Line: When a pool party decoration can also be functional, that’s a win for everyone. This palm tree inflatable cooler can hold an adequate amount of beverages and ice while also keeping the spirit of the pool party alive and fun. While it’s a bit time-consuming to inflate, it is made of high-quality PVC, which makes it durable for your party guests to enjoy.


Best Pool Floats

JOYIN Inflatable Swim Tube Raft (3 pack)

Add vibrant color to your pool with these summery pool floats that your guests can use.

Pros: These pool floats are both versatile and functional items for your guests to enjoy. Whether they want to lounge and relax or make the floats into a fun pool game, they invite your guests to enjoy themselves in the water. This three-pack is affordable, and the lemon, kiwi, and watermelon trio coordinate for a festive feel. The floats inflate to over 30 inches and are best suited for people 9 years and older.

Cons: The opening is small for most adults.

Bottom Line: Pool floats are pretty much an essential element to any pool party. This pack of three is versatile with summery fruit designs, and they are easy to inflate, so you don’t have to spend too much time fussing with them. Made of high-quality PVC, they are durable for your guests to relax in or play with. While these may be a bit small for most adults, they are a great size for kids.


Floating Pool Game

Intex Pool Volleyball Game

Inspire the spirit of fun-loving competition with this classic pool game.

Pros: If you’re having a party for an energetic crowd, they’ll love the invitation to play volleyball in the pool. One of the best classic pool games, kids and adults alike love the fun-loving competitive spirit of the game. The game set includes a net, a ball, and two anchor bags to help you keep the net from floating around. The net and ball are both made from high-quality PVC material to sustain hours upon hours of play. This classic game set is inexpensive for nearly any pool party budget.

Cons: It might not be suited for all pool party guests and can take up a lot of space in the pool.

Bottom Line: Turn up the fun at your party with a classic game of pool volleyball. This game can be enjoyed by kids and adults of various ages. Even though it’s inexpensive, the high-quality PVC material holds up to the most intense competitions.


Colorful Beach Balls

Coogam Inflatable Beach Ball Classic Rainbow

These beach balls are a pool party's balloons.

Pros: Like a birthday party should have balloons to inspire play, a pool party should have beach balls. This pack comes with 10 beach balls that can be scattered on the grass or in the pool for kids and adults to bop, kick, or volley around. They’re easy to inflate with or without a pump. Their durable PVC material will outlast all the fun, even when everyone is wiped out from such a fun party.

Cons: These beach balls are only 8 inches when inflated, which can be suitable but aren’t as big as you might think of when playing with a beach ball.

Bottom Line: Add childish fun with this essential pool party decoration. This pack of 10 8-inch beach balls can inspire fun play and interaction between your pool party guests without popping. If you choose to use them as party favors, that’s a great idea as well.


Best Hanging Decorations

Wishlife 30Ct Pool Party Hanging Swirl Decorations

Add party flair to overhead spaces with these fun designs.

Pros: Sometimes, a simple decorative touch adds just the right touch to make your pool party feel complete. This pack of 30 decorative pieces can be hung overhead or scattered along your serving tables to add fun summery flair just about anywhere. The assorted designs are lightweight and easy to use.

Cons: These are disposable decorations, most likely only lasting for one event.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking to add just a touch of extra pool party flair, these decorations can be scattered around or hung overhead to carry your theme throughout the entertaining area. Fun designs like fruit, flamingos, and suns are versatile and fit well with a pool party. While the decorations can withstand your party, they may not be reusable, depending on how they are used and handled.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for items to inspire activities, functional decorations that make hosting easier, or touches of extra flair, there are a variety of ways to up the festive feeling at your next pool party. Find inspiration with these decoration ideas and have a great time!

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