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The Best Pool Table Lights

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🕚 Updated February 2022

A billiard room needs three things: a pool table, plenty of space, and a pool table light. If a shadowy table surface is impacting your pool game, check out these high-quality pool table lights today.

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  Top Choice Best Billiards Design Most Elegant Most Rustic Best Farmhouse Look
Iron Hill Three-Light Island Pulley Pendant
Billiard Light
9-Light Crystal Chandelier
Kira Home
Griffin Farmhouse Kitchen Island Light
Long Wood Island Chandelier Light
Our SummaryThis rustic light fixture is simple to install and allows you to easily adjust its height.This pool table light is perfect for giving your billiard room a vintage poolhall feel.This elegant chandelier will provide an instant touch of glamor to your billiard room.Featuring a rustic design and natural wood frame, this pool table light is one to consider.This farmhouse-inspired light fixture impresses in terms of sturdiness and style.
ProsStraightforward installation, sleek industrial design, simple to adjust, versatile option, affordable price.Classic design, great attention to detail, excellent light distribution, multiple color options, vintage poolhall style.Elegant design, ideal length, illuminates surrounding areas, comes with extra crystals.Rustic farmhouse-inspired design, natural wood frame, easy to install, great for smaller pool tables.Solid wood construction, adjustable height, pairs well with farmhouse decor, ideal for flat or slanted ceiling.
ConsNot ideal for low ceilings.Not ideal for high ceilings.Tricky installation.Mediocre installation instructions.Not ideal for dark rooms.
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The Best Pool Table Lights

Interior of a luxury living room with billiard table
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You may not think of lighting as a critical feature of your billiard room, but pool table lights provide a key benefit to your gaming space. Pool table lights are made up of several floodlights designed to minimize shadows when hanging from the ceiling. Since shadows can mess with your depth perception and make it harder to properly visualize and line up your shot when playing pool, a pool table light is a considerable asset for providing an optimal playing experience for you and your guests.

Buying Guide for Pool Table Lights

Billiard hall with a big pool table
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Why buy pool table lights?

There are several great reasons to invest in pool table lights. The first reason, naturally, is to make it easier to shoot pool in your space by minimizing shadows on your pool table. This factor is significant to those who are working on improving their game. The second primary reason people invest in pool table lights is to upgrade the style of their billiard room. Some even invest in pool table lights that match their pool cue racks or other elements of their billiard room for an extra stylistic flourish.

What should you look for in pool table lights?

  • Style: There are quite a few different styles of pool table lights out there for you to choose from. First, you’ll have to decide if you want a single or multi-shaded light. Single-shaded lights are made up of one light shade that holds multiple bulbs inside, whereas multi-shaded lights are made up of two to six lightbulbs and shades that are mounted on a bar above your pool table. You will also be able to pick between classic, contemporary, and modern styles based on how you envision your dream billiard room.
  • Number of Lights: Not every pool table light will have the same number of light fixtures. Although some can house more, most models will accommodate three to five bulbs. Ones with three light fixtures are the most common and should suit the needs of 3-by-7-foot or 4-by-8-foot pool table owners. If your pool table is more extensive, like a 4.5-by-9-foot or 5-by-10-foot table, you’ll probably want to aim for four or five light fixtures for optimal lighting.
  • Length: For best lighting results, it’s generally recommended that the bottom of the pool table light hang somewhere between 31 to 33 inches above the surface of your pool table, equivalent to 61 to 63 inches above the floor. So, be sure to measure your game room and pool table beforehand to help you figure out which pool table light is the right length for your space.

What kind of light bulbs are used in pool table light fixtures?

While some pool table lights come in sets that include light bulbs, most will have you purchase your bulbs separately. Most pool table lights can handle 60-watt bulbs, but this can make your playing area get a little hot if you go with incandescent bulbs. For this reason, many pool players prefer utilizing cost-effective LED light bulbs for their pool table lights. If you’re going for a really unique look, you can even invest in color-changing LEDs to match your felt color or mood.

Our Picks for the Best Pool Table Lights

Top Choice

Westinghouse Iron Hill Three-Light Island Pulley Pendant

This rustic light fixture is simple to install and allows you to easily adjust its height.

Pros: These lights from Westinghouse offer a rustic, industrial style that will look great in a wide variety of billiard rooms. They’re also surprisingly easy to install despite their heft and sturdiness and come with straightforward instructions. This fixture also scores points for making height adjustments simple after its installed, solidifying it as one of the best light fixtures for your billiard room at its budget-friendly price point.

Cons: Some reviewers have noted that this light fixture isn’t the easiest to use when working with a low ceiling and might even require you to shorten the wiring. Additionally, while the exposed bulb design looks great, it might not be the best choice for a pool table where children play since they could accidentally bust a bulb.

Bottom Line: This amazingly versatile light fixture will look amazing almost anywhere but is especially adept at affording a rustic flourish to your billiard room. While those with low ceilings may have their work cut out for them in terms of installation, this light fixture is a perfect choice for those seeking something simple and sleek.


Best Billiards Design

Wellmet Billiard Light

This pool table light is perfect for giving your billiard room a vintage pool hall feel.

Pros: For those who want to recreate an old-school pool hall feel in their billiard room, the Wellmet Billiard Light is an excellent choice. This pool table light comes in four classic colors and stands out due to its excellent light distribution and vintage feel. It’s also suitable for most 7- to 8-foot pool tables, making this best seller a no-brainer for those who value attention to detail and are nostalgic for the classic pool halls of yesteryear.

Cons: This pool table light isn’t exactly designed for high ceilings, so those with ceilings over 8 or 9 feet may have to add some chain links in order to make this product work. Also, this pool table light won’t do much for lighting the rest of your billiard room, so keep this in mind before you buy.

Bottom Line: Some things never go out of style, and this best-selling homage to classic pool hall lighting is living proof. While this pool table light may not work well for ultra-modern spaces, its vintage appeal will be a welcome addition to a wide variety of billiard rooms.


Most Elegant

Wellmet 9-Light Crystal Chandelier

This elegant chandelier will provide an instant touch of glamor to your billiard room.

Pros: If you’re seeking a touch of glam for your billiard room without breaking the bank, check out the Wellmet 9-Light Crystal Chandelier. This light fixture sports a gorgeous design that looks way more expensive than it actually is. Thanks to its perfect length and excellent light distribution, it also works incredibly well as a pool table light. It even spreads some light around the room, making it a good choice for intimate billiard rooms in need of elegant lighting.

Cons: Unfortunately, this chandelier is not quite as fun to install as it is to admire after the work has been done. This is because it’s quite heavy and requires the crystals to be installed one by one. Thus, this is the kind of light fixture that you will want to have help with when it’s time to install.

Bottom Line: Chandelier pool table lighting might not be an ideal choice for a rustic man cave, but those aiming for elegance and splendor will be enthralled by what this light fixture brings to the (pool) table. While this pool table light may take a bit longer to get installed than our other picks, it’s worth the time and effort.


Most Rustic

Kira Home Griffin Farmhouse Kitchen Island Light

Featuring a rustic design and natural wood frame, this pool table light is one to consider.

Pros: Featuring a rustic design that would be at home in many modern man caves, this light fixture from Kira Home is an excellent choice for those with a smaller pool table. This product impresses in terms of construction with its natural wood frame and sturdy metal components. It’s also fairly easy to install, especially for those with flat ceilings. Factoring in this product’s budget-friendly price tag, it’s a light fixture to consider for those seeking a rugged look in their billiard room.

Cons: While installing this light fixture over your pool table is a pretty straightforward process, some have noted that the instructions that come with this product leave something to be desired. That being said, most homeowners who have undertaken similar light fixture installations in the past won’t have too much trouble.

Bottom Line: Simply put, this is a great light fixture that will look just as good over your pool table as it would over your kitchen island. That being said, it’s only 34 inches long, so those with larger pool tables may be better off finding an alternative product that can illuminate a larger area. Either way, it’s still a nice product for the price.


Best Farmhouse Look

Beuhouz Long Wood Island Chandelier Light

This farmhouse-inspired light fixture impresses in terms of sturdiness and style.

Pros: The Beuhouz Long Wood Island Chandelier Light is a little pricier than some other pool table lights out there, but it’s a great option for those with bright billiard rooms with a farmhouse vibe. This light fixture can be easily installed on flat and slanted ceilings alike and comes with three different-sized rods for a (partially) adjustable height. It also impresses in terms of its solid wood construction and sports a sturdiness that is lacking from many budget pool table lights.

Cons: Since this light fixture has its bulbs pointing upwards, it’s not exactly ideal for dark billiard rooms, as much of its light illuminates the ceiling. That being said, it still provides plenty of light for your pool table as long as there are other light sources in the room that are there to help.

Bottom Line: This rustic chandelier is a great option for those who wish to utilize Edison light bulbs for vintage accent lighting to adorn their pool table. However, while this light fixture doesn’t skimp on quality or craftsmanship, it’s not designed to provide all the light you’ll need for your pool table or billiard room.

Final Thoughts

If you cherish the time you spend shooting pool in your billiard room, you’ll want to find a light that is worthy of illuminating your pool table. Be sure to factor in your billiard room’s current decor as well as your unique vision for the perfect place to shoot pool. You’re bound to find the ideal pool table light for your space if you do your research.

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