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The Best Pool Vacuum Cleaners

Pool Blaster/Intex/XtremePowerUS
🕚 Updated May 2023

Cleaning your pool doesn't have to take all day, and it no longer requires tons of bulky hoses, heavy vacuum heads, or lots of loose parts. Today's pool vacuums are easier, faster, and more manageable. Check out our favorites.

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  Top Choice Best for Deep Cleaning Best Handheld Choice Best Cordless Best Budget
Premium Automatic Suction Vacuum
Max Cordless Pool Vacuum
28620EP Handheld Rechargeable Spa Pool Vacuum
Seagull SE Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner
Portable Pool Vacuum Jet
Our SummaryThis easy-to-use pool vacuum works along with your existing filtration system for crystal clear water all season long.This rechargeable pool vacuum requires no poles, cords, or pesky hoses to clean your pool.Great for small above-ground pools and spas, this handheld vacuum rips through dirt, debris, and pesky leaves.Easy to use and easy to clean, this lightweight pool vacuum works just like a household robotic vacuum, only for your pool floors.This small but powerful vacuum requires only a simple garden hose to blast leaves and other unwanted debris from the floors of most pools.
Pros✓ Great value
✓ Comes with multiple components
✓ Great suction
✓ Cleans on a single charge
✓ Easy to clean filter
✓ Durable and effective
✓ Great for smaller pools
✓ Lightweight
✓ Keeps its charge
✓ Easy to assemble
✓ Wireless
✓ Cleans well
✓ Works as well as more expensive brands
✓ Convenient and modern
✓ Uniquely designed to use the power of running water
✓ Lightweight
✓ Powerful
Cons✗ Learning curve
✗ Doesn't work for all pools
✗ Small filter capacity✗ A bit more time-consuming than some others✗ May release some debris when removed from pool✗ Bag fills quickly
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The Best Pool Vacuum Cleaners

Three different pool vacuums by pools.
Pool Blaster/Intex/XtremePowerUS

Buying Guide for Pool Vacuum Cleaners

A swimming pool vacuum cleaner cleaning the bottom of a pool.

Why buy a pool vacuum cleaner?

Dirt happens. And so do leaves, bugs, and other icky things when you have an outdoor pool. To keep algae and phosphorus at bay, it’s best to vacuum your pool once a week. This has always been a time-consuming, boring, and sweaty chore—up until now. Today’s pool vacuum cleaners are better than ever, and there are even robot vacuum options, just like your Roomba! You no longer need to carry heavy hoses around just to get your pool sparkly clean.

What should you consider in a pool vacuum cleaner?

  • Working Components: Not every pool vacuum is built the same. Some use a garden hose to power their suction while others work on an electric charge, and others use your pool’s filter to suck out debris. If you don’t like losing water by using your pool’s filtration system, you may want to consider a chargeable vacuum or a water-powered pool vacuum cleaner.
  • Weight: Some pool vacuums are weighted, so they stay at the bottom of your pool and suck up the debris. Others are made with a lightweight design, so you can control the cleaning process without breaking your back. It’s important to get a vacuum that you can handle weight-wise. Some people have difficulty removing the heavier automatic vacuums without help.
  • Cleaning Capacity: How long can your new vacuum clean your pool on one charge? How much debris can its filter handle? If you live where there are a lot of trees and you get a lot of debris in your pool, you may want to invest in a higher-capacity pool vacuum cleaner both in charging capacity and filter capacity.

Is it okay to leave your pool vacuum cleaner in your pool all day?

In most cases, no. You’ll want to check on your pool vacuum as it cleans. Some vacuums may reach filter capacity and may need to be changed out while you’re cleaning. Others may need to be moved either because they missed a spot or because they can get stuck. Leaving your pool vacuum cleaner in the pool also increases its exposure to chemicals that can break down the plastic and rubber parts of the vacuum.

Our Picks for the Best Pool Vacuum Cleaners

Top Choice

XtremepowerUS Premium Automatic Suction Vacuum

This easy-to-use pool vacuum works along with your existing filtration system for crystal clear water all season long.

Pros: This vacuum is easy to operate and has remarkable suction power. Users appreciate the vacuum’s ability to effectively remove dirt, debris, and other particles from the pool, ensuring a clean swimming environment. The vacuum can even clean pool steps. It comes with detailed instructions on which features to use and how to use them so that users can maximize the vacuum’s potential.

Cons: There is a learning curve to using this vacuum correctly, and it may not work for all pools. While this vacuum offers exceptional suction power and various useful features, it’s worth mentioning that individual needs and preferences may vary. Some users may find that certain features are not necessary for their particular pool or cleaning routine.

Bottom Line: Overall, this vacuum is highly recommended for its value, powerful suction, and thorough cleaning capabilities. Its user-friendly operation and customizable features make it a popular choice among pool owners.


Best for Deep Cleaning

POOL BLASTER Max Cordless Pool Vacuum

This rechargeable pool vacuum requires no poles, cords, or pesky hoses to clean your pool.

Pros: This vacuum can clean a decent-sized pool with a single charge, which means less frequent recharging and less dealing with cords. Another advantage of this vacuum is its easy-to-clean filter. You can quickly rinse off the filter with just a garden hose, removing debris for optimal suction. This saves time and effort compared to vacuums with more complex or difficult-to-clean filter systems. Additionally, this pool vacuum is known for its durability and longevity when properly cared for. This reliability contributes to the overall value of the product, as users can expect it to provide efficient pool cleaning for years to come.

Cons: One aspect of this vacuum that some users find limiting is its small filter capacity. While the vacuum may excel in other areas, such as suction power and overall cleaning performance, the relatively small size of its filter can be a drawback for those with larger pools or heavy debris accumulation. The small filter capacity means that the vacuum may need to be emptied and cleaned more frequently, especially in situations where the pool has a significant amount of debris or requires extensive cleaning. This can be time-consuming and may interrupt the cleaning process, requiring users to pause and attend to the maintenance of the filter. At least it’s easy to rinse.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a pool vacuum cleaner that you don’t have to hook up to your filter with heavy, bulky hoses, this may be a good choice for you. It holds its charge for a long time and is easy to assemble.


Best Handheld Choice

Intex 28620EP Handheld Rechargeable Spa Pool Vacuum

Great for small above-ground pools and spas, this handheld vacuum rips through dirt, debris, and pesky leaves.

Pros: This lightweight vacuum is great for smaller pools. It keeps its charge for long enough to clean your pool a few times thoroughly. And it’s easy to assemble, even if you’re not very handy. This vacuum is specifically designed to be compatible with all spas and above-ground pools up to 18 feet in diameter. The vacuum comes with two interchangeable brush heads, allowing you to customize your cleaning approach based on the specific needs of your pool and take care of the pool floor, walls, and steps. You can conveniently recharge the vacuum with the included USB cable. The telescoping aluminum shaft provides an extended reach for cleaning those hard-to-reach areas of your pool. Safety features are also incorporated into the vacuum’s design. The automatic shutoff feature ensures that the vacuum turns off when it is not submerged in water, preventing any damage or potential accidents. The IPX8 waterproof switch provides an additional layer of protection against water submersion, ensuring the vacuum’s durability and reliability over time.

Cons: While this pool vacuum offers a range of convenient features and effective cleaning performance, it’s worth noting that it may take a little longer to clean compared to larger vacuum options. It may require additional passes or more time to clean the entire pool thoroughly.

Bottom Line: If you want to thoroughly clean your small pool or spa without a clunky, old-fashioned vacuum, go for this one. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and a fantastic value.


Best Cordless

AIPER Seagull SE Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

Easy to use and easy to clean, this lightweight pool vacuum works just like a household robotic vacuum, only for your pool floors.

Pros: We love how convenient this little vacuum is. Firstly, it’s cordless, providing you with a hassle-free cleaning experience. Say goodbye to messy hoses and tangled cords. With the Seagull SE, all you need to do is power it on, submerge it in your pool, and the cleaning process automatically begins. The Seagull SE boasts increased battery life compared to previous models. Its newly designed battery only takes 2.5 hours to fully charge, and it provides over 90 minutes of cleaning power. This extended battery life ensures that you can thoroughly clean round above-ground pools up to 33 feet in diameter and in-ground flat-floored pools up to 40 x 20 feet in size without interruptions. When it comes to performance, the Seagull SE shines with its powerful dual-drive motors. These motors enable the vacuum to collect various types of dirt and debris with ease. With the assistance of two independent brushes, this cleaner delivers a deep clean, leaving your pool sparkling and inviting. Another noteworthy feature is the self-parking function of the Seagull SE. When the battery is low or a cleaning cycle is completed, the pool cleaner will automatically stop near the edge of your pool. This feature eliminates the need for you to retrieve the cleaner manually or get wet. The included hook makes it simple to retrieve the Seagull SE effortlessly.

Cons: While the Seagull SE pool vacuum offers numerous advantages, it’s worth noting that it may release a small amount of debris when it is removed from the pool. While it’s minimal and does not significantly affect the overall cleanliness of your pool, it’s important to be aware of it.

Bottom Line: Here’s a convenient robot vacuum for your pool that won’t break the bank. The wheels are adjustable, so it works on bumpy pools as well as flat and angled pools. And there have been several recent upgrades that make this vacuum even better.


Best Budget

POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum Jet

This small but powerful vacuum requires only a simple garden hose to blast leaves and other unwanted debris from the floors of most pools.

Pros: The POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum Jet offers a convenient and efficient cleaning solution without the need for electric power. Instead, it utilizes the water pressure from a standard garden hose to create suction, making it easy to remove stains, leaves, and stones from the bottom of your pool, spa, hot tub, pond, or fountain. The vacuum cleaner comes with a six-section pole with a total length of 56.5 inches, allowing you to reach different depths and areas with ease. Additionally, it is equipped with brushes that help to dislodge and collect debris effectively, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience. It is suitable for use with above-ground pools, inflatable pools, spas, hot tubs, ponds, and fountains with a minimal depth of 23.6 inches or 60 centimeters. The assembly of the vacuum cleaner is simple, and its design is user-friendly, allowing for easy operation.

Cons: The small size of the collection bag means that it can fill up faster compared to larger vacuum cleaners.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for an affordable pool vacuum that works well, this is a nice option. It offers a practical and efficient cleaning solution for various water features. It doesn’t need electric power to work, and the included pole and brushes make it even an even better value.

Final Thoughts

There are many different types of pool vacuum cleaners on the market. Pick a pool vacuum cleaner that works best for your pool and needs. Be sure to charge, clean, and lubricate your pool vacuum as needed, and it will keep your pool water sparkling clean!

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