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The Best Portable Generators for Camping

🕚 Updated July 2022

Enjoying nature at the campsite doesn't mean you can't fire up your favorite electronics. With one of these portable generators, your camping and RV escapades can include your favorite modern conveniences.

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  Best Gas Powered Best Value Most Quiet Option Best For RV/Camping Also Consider
WGen3600v Portable Generator
Portable Power Station
56235i Portable Inverter Generator
Champion Power Equipment
200986 Portable Inverter Generator
XP5500EH Electric Start Portable Generator
Our SummaryThis reliable portable generator is RV-friendly and a great choice for emergency power-outages.This portable power station makes it easy to charge your devices on-the-go.This ultra-portable gas generator stands out for its quiet operating volume and lightweight design.This powerful generator sports a surprisingly quiet, RV-ready design.This heavy-duty generator can be run on gasoline or propane for greater fuel flexibility.
ProsAffordable price, RV-friendly 30-Amp outlet, large fuel tank, easy to start.Great variety of ports, fast charging, integrated LED light, affordable, has battery meter.Excellent gas economy, quiet operation, easy-to-fill, safe for sensitive electronics.Impressive wattage, surprisingly quiet, easy to start, simple to operate.Electric start, uses gas or propane, impressive load capacity, great for emergencies.
ConsLoud/heavy.Not heavy-duty.Smaller fuel tank.Heavy.Subpar assembly instructions.
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The Best Portable Generators for Camping

Blue portable generator set up outside house

There are many portable generators competing for a place at your next campout, so finding the perfect one for your needs can be tricky. We made this guide to answer the burning questions that you might have and to showcase the best portable generators that promise to make your next camping trip a success.

Buying Guide for Portable Generators

Yellow inverter generator set up outside campsite
Champion Power Equipment

Why buy a portable generator for camping?

While it’s nice to get off the grid and spend time away from our smartphones and other electronic devices, modern conveniences such as air conditioning, refrigerators, and lighting can help make a camping trip an enjoyable experience for everyone. However, providing electricity for these devices can be a challenge when you’re many miles away from civilization. Thankfully, portable generators are more affordable than ever and provide a simple way to generate electricity to power your electronics. With a high-quality portable generator, you can power the appliances in your RV, charge your smartphone, and even provide electricity for the perfect cup of drip coffee.

What should you consider in a portable generator?

  • A Model That Suits Your Needs: While certain heavy-duty portable generators might be perfect for keeping the many appliances in your RV powered up, a more lightweight and budget-friendly option can serve you well if you just wish to power a floodlight and keep your phone charged. To determine which portable generator is suited to your needs, pay close attention to its size, fuel source, number and type of power outlets, rated and peak wattage, and operating volume.
  • Portability: In terms of weight, size, and overall portability, generators marketed as “portable” cover a wide spectrum. For this reason, pay close attention to a unit’s size and weight to ensure that you can utilize the portable generator in the way that you want. Don’t forget that even heavier generators can be quite portable if they have wheels and an easy-to-move design.
  • Power Output: To determine the amount of power you’ll need a generator to maintain, it’s a good idea to list the items you might want to run on your generator and their running wattage. Also, remember that not all electrical appliances will list their surge wattage (the elevated amount of energy that a product will use to power up), so be sure to account for this when calculating your power needs to make sure that the generator you end up with has a sufficient amount of juice.

Won’t a portable generator create a racket and disturb other campers?

Thankfully, portable generators have gotten much quieter over the years, even as technology has progressed to afford them more power in increasingly compact packages. However, some portable generators are more campsite-friendly than others in terms of operating volume. Thus, if you’ll be using your generator primarily for camping, it’s a good idea to make its noise level a primary purchasing factor. Finding a portable generator for camping that sports a sound dampening design will ensure that your generator isn’t ruining the vibes around the campsite or disturbing other campers.

Our Picks for the Best Portable Generators

Best Gas-Powered

Westinghouse WGen3600v Portable Generator

This reliable portable generator is RV-friendly and a great choice for emergency power-outages.

Pros: Featuring 3,600 running watts and 4,650 peak watts, the Westinghouse WGen3600v Portable Generator offers an impressive amount of juice for its affordable price tag. This portable generator impresses in terms of its easy-to-use control panel, and its 4-gallon fuel tank is large enough for overnight use without needing to constantly add fuel. In terms of outlets, this generator comes with an RV-ready TT-30R 30-Amp outlet for quickly hooking up to your travel trailer, as well as two 20-amp AC outlets for your electronic devices. While this isn’t the quietest generator in its class, it’s incredibly easy to start and has the power and reliability to make it excellent for both the campsite and emergency preparations.

Cons: Compared to other portable generators in its class, this one from Westinghouse is quite heavy and can be tricky to move without the optional wheel kit, which doesn’t come included. It can also be quite loud when under a full load, with some reviewers noting that they felt a bit guilty running this generator at night.

Bottom Line: While this isn’t the easiest generator to haul into your RV or pickup truck, its versatile array of outlets and impressive running wattage offer more than comparable generators for the price. Factor in this portable generator’s user-friendly design, and you can see why so many have found the Westinghouse WGen3600v Portable Generator to be a reliable option.


Best Value

MARBERO Portable Power Station

This portable power station makes it easy to charge your devices on the go.

Pros: If you’re in the market for a quality power station that won’t break the bank, the MARBERO Portable Power Station is worth a look. This portable charging solution sports a wide array of ports, including two Quick Charge USB 3.0 ports and a USB-C port with Power Delivery. As such, it’s a powerful option for getting multiple smartphones charged as quickly as possible. It also sports a nifty battery meter that’ll let you know when it’s time to recharge. Speaking of recharging, this product pairs nicely with the MARBERO solar panel, so you can recharge your power station even while off the grid.

Cons: While this portable power station’s 24,000-mAh battery and array of convenient ports make it a great value for the price, its 80-watt AC ports aren’t exactly tailor-made for demanding electronics like laptop chargers or hair dryers. For those with heavy-duty needs, it’ll probably be wise to up your investment to have your needs met.

Bottom Line: While a power station like this can never take the place of a dedicated portable generator, this little beast provides a ton of value and can help keep your electronics running when you’re left without power for hours on end. While it’s not exactly suitable for large, power-hungry electronics, those seeking a stellar power station will find a lot to love in this product.


Most Quiet Option

WEN 56235i Portable Inverter Generator

This ultra-portable gas generator stands out for its quiet operating volume and lightweight design.

Pros: Featuring an ultra-quiet, sound-dampening design that’s perfect for nighttime use, the WEN 56235i Portable Inverter Generator is one of the quietest generators you can buy in its class. Despite its quiet operation and lightweight design, this portable generator packs some power, so buyers will receive 1,900 rated watts of stable power that is safe for sensitive electronics. This ultra-portable generator also scores points for its outstanding fuel economy, and its large, side-access fuel inlet is easy to fill even when working with a full gas can.

Cons: This generator’s one-gallon fuel tank will be seen as a liability to some, as it’ll make it harder to run this product all night without needing to wake up from your sleep and refuel. It’s also worth mentioning that there are much more powerful generators available at this product’s price point. However, they will be hard to lift and much louder than the WEN 56235i.

Bottom Line: Compared to other portable inverter generators in its class, this is one of the lightest and quietest models you can buy. As such, those who value a quiet operating volume and optimal portability over a high wattage will find a lot to love here. However, be sure to add up the power demands of your devices carefully to ensure that this product will provide the requisite juice.


Best for RV/Camping

Champion Power Equipment 200986 Portable Inverter Generator

This powerful generator sports a surprisingly quiet, RV-ready design.

Pros: The Champion Power Equipment 200986 Portable Inverter Generator packs 4,500 starting watts and 3,500 running watts of clean power, ensuring that it’s capable of powering demanding campsite and RV setups. Despite this, it’s fairly quiet while running at full tilt, so you can have a conversation using your everyday volume instead of being forced to yell over the generator. Although this generator will be fairly simple to start on the first pull for most people, it’s also available with a remote start option for those seeking something that’s effortless to get running.

Cons: While this generator’s wheeled design makes it simple to move once you get it to where it needs to be, lifting it into the back of your RV is going to take some muscle. That being said, once you get it there, it’s hard to fault this product’s performance or connection options.

Bottom Line: If you’re seeking an RV-friendly generator that’s simple to break in and comes with everything you’ll need to get started, this option from Champion Power Equipment is a great value. At 3,500 running watts, you might not be able to power every appliance you camp with, but this generator should have no issues powering small AC units, refrigerators, microwaves, and similar devices to make your camping trip as comfortable as possible.


Also Consider

DuroMax XP5500EH Electric Start Portable Generator

This heavy-duty generator can be run on gasoline or propane for greater fuel flexibility.

Pros: Looking for a heavy-duty generator that’s perfect for emergency use but can also be employed during your next camping trip? The DuroMax XP5500EH is a model to consider. This nifty portable generator sports an electric start and is super efficient whether you’re using gasoline or propane to power it. Serving 4,500 running watts of power, it’s also an incredibly versatile option that can easily keep your home’s most important appliances functional in the event of a blackout.

Cons: Some reviewers mentioned struggling with this generator’s assembly instructions, so it might take you a while to put everything together and ensure the generator is oiled and ready to go. Also, keep in mind that this is a heavy-duty generator, so lifting it after it’s been assembled may take several people.

Bottom Line: Given this portable generator’s impressive wattage output and convenient dual-fuel flexibility, it’s safe to say that you’ll get a lot of value for your investment if you choose this model. While this generator’s weight makes it more difficult than some to travel with, it’s actually fairly quiet while operating, making it a great heavy-duty option for the back of your RV.

Final Thoughts

When looking for the perfect portable generator for camping, it’s usually necessary to make some compromises. While it would be nice if there was a portable generator out there that was inexpensive, reliable, powerful, whisper-quiet, and lightweight, you can usually only expect a generator to possess a few of those qualities at the expense of others. The key is determining which characteristics work best for you and your lifestyle so that you can choose a generator that’s a joy to bring to the campgrounds.

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