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The Best Pot and Pan Organizers

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🕚 Updated March 2023

Adding a pot and pan organizer to your kitchen can transform a tipsy tower of cookware into a sleek and easy display that makes cooking more accessible and appealing. To upgrade your kitchen storage, consider these top-rated finds.

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  Top Choice Best Shelving Unit Best Sliding Organizer Best Wall-Mounted Best for Cast Iron Cookware
  Simple Houseware
Cabinet Pot and Pan Organizer
Pan Adjustable Organizer Rack for Cabinet
Expandable Pot and Pan Organizer Rack
24 Inch Kitchen Pot Pan Rack
Heavy Duty Pan Organizer, 5 Tier Rack
Our SummaryUse this organizer vertically or horizontally, whatever fits your kitchen best.These adjustable racks can organize pots and pans of various sizes.This storage rack is both expandable and adjustable, making it work for many kitchens.Save counter and cabinet space with this wall-mounted organizer.A sturdy option for your heavy cookware that won't break the bank.
Pros✓ Steel dividers support heavy pans
✓ Use horizontally or vertically
✓ Anchoring screws for extra stability
✓ Easy assembly
✓ Use horizontally or vertically
✓ Eight adjustable dividers
✓ Hold large and small items
✓ M-shape divider design for lids
✓ Non-slip coverings
✓ Can be one or two units
✓ 10 adjustable dividers
✓ Wavy bottom for extra pan stability
✓ U divider design for lids
✓ Wall-mounted
✓ Saves space
✓ Sturdy metal holds up to 55 pounds
✓ Attachable to drywall and concrete walls
✓ Rustproof
✓ Heavy-duty
✓ Five-tier rack
✓ Horizontal or vertical setup
✓ No assembly required
✓ Good price
Cons✗ Heavy or large pans are best on the bottom✗ Bulkier
✗ Unclear assembly instructions
✗ Dividers can sometimes pop out✗ Installation can be challenging✗ Slots are narrower than they appear
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The Best Pot and Pan Organizers

A bar with hooks holds pots and pans of various sizes and materials.
Malisa Nicolau/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Pot and Pan Organizers

Three different pot and pan organizers shown holding pans.

Why should you buy an organizer for pots and pans?

Does lifting multiple pans out of the way to get to the one you need sound familiar? If so, you could benefit from a pot and pan organizer. Instead of having to muscle through the inconveniently and structurally unsound pyramid of cookware in your kitchen cabinet, you could grab the pan you want with ease from an organizer. If that idea makes you feel calm yet excited to get cooking, an organizer for your pots and pans is just what you need.

What should you consider when shopping for an organizer?

  • Quantity: Before purchasing a pot and pan organizer, you’ll have to determine how many you need to store. Often, you’ll be able to find an organizer that fits at least four items, but some models can hold double that amount.
  • Size: When you shop for an organizer, not only will you have to consider what size pans it will hold, but you also need to make sure the organizer will fit in the cabinet or on the counter nicely. Measuring tapes are your friend.
  • Assembly: Some organizers will include joining a few pieces together, while others will require mounting with tools. Consider how comfortable you are with assembly to help you narrow your search.

Where is the best place to keep a pot and pan organizer?

Since pots and pans can take up quite a bit of space, a lot of your decision about where to use an organizer depends on the footprint and storage capacity of your kitchen. There are organizers intended to be used in cabinets, while others can sit neatly on the counter near the stove for convenience. Others can be mounted to the wall for a rustic and inviting look and to clear up the cupboard space. Pick an organizer that’s compatible with the layout of your kitchen.

Our Picks for the Best Pot and Pan Organizers

Top Choice

Simple Houseware Cabinet Pot and Pan Organizer

Use this organizer vertically or horizontally, whatever fits your kitchen best.

Pros: The versatility of this organizer is extra convenient. The steel holders separate pans from each other, whether you lay the rack in a cabinet or stand it up tall. They’re sturdy and able to hold even cast iron pans. For extra security and stability, the rack comes with anchoring screws. Assembly is pretty straightforward.

Cons: As expected, heavier or larger pans should be placed on the bottom rack when you’re standing the organizer up vertically to prevent tipping.

Bottom Line: This organizer has the versatility to fit your pans and fit inside your kitchen. The ability to use it horizontally or vertically allows you to figure out what works best for your space.


Best Shelving Unit

Mudeela Pan Adjustable Organizer Rack for Cabinet

These adjustable racks can organize pots and pans of various sizes.

Pros: This adjustable organizer can sit horizontally or stand vertically. It comes with eight adjustable racks and is large enough to fit both deep pots and large skillet pans. The adjustable racks are shaped with a deep M design to hold even smaller pots or pans without them wobbling out of place. Each rack has a non-slip silicone layer to keep your pots and pans from sliding.

Cons: This is a larger organizer, so be sure to check the dimensions to ensure it will fit nicely in your pantry and be as useful as it’s intended. The majority of the assembly will be based on your customization, but the instructions are unclear.

Bottom Line: The ability to customize this organizer makes it an attractive solution to your pots and pans storage problem. Once you know it will work where you want to put it, you’ll be able to play around to determine what is the best way to store your collection to make cooking your favorite meals easier.


Best Sliding Organizer

AHNR Expandable Pot and Pan Organizer Rack

This storage rack is both expandable and adjustable, making it work for many kitchens.

Pros: This rack can be used as one and expand to nearly 2 feet long, or it can be used as two units, measuring 1 foot each. The rack comes with 10 organizers that can be adjusted to hold your pans securely. The wavy design on the bottom of the rack keeps pans in place, while the U shape of each divider can assist in holding lids in place.

Cons: The dividers can sometimes pop out when you’re removing adjacent items.

Bottom Line: This rack is expandable and adjustable, making it an organizer that can fit your exact needs. The rack is great for storing pans and their lids, in addition to other kitchen items. This organizer requires minimal assembly, but there could be more depending on how much you decide to adjust it to meet your kitchen needs.


Best Wall-Mounted

KES 24 Inch Kitchen Pot Pan Rack

Save counter and cabinet space with this wall-mounted organizer.

Pros: This 24-inch pot and pan organizer is a great way to store your utensils while saving space in the kitchen. It’s wall-mounted, so it keeps your pots and pans out of the way yet still at arm’s reach. Plus, it’s made of sturdy metal that can hold up to 55 pounds, so it can handle even large skillets. The super strong anchors are suitable for drywall and solid concrete walls, and the rack is designed to be rustproof, so you never have to worry about it eroding over time.

Cons: Installation can be challenging. Although this organizer comes with some of the hardware needed to mount, it may come with only some of what you need, depending on whether your wall is drywall or solid concrete. 

Bottom Line: This wall-mounted organizer provides a stylish and functional way to store your pots and pans. It can free up some cabinet or counter space while fitting nicely with your existing kitchen decor.


Best for Cast Iron Cookware

Cuisinel Heavy Duty Pan Organizer, 5 Tier

A sturdy option for your heavy cookware that won't break the bank.

Pros: The Cuisinel Pan Organizer keeps heavy pots and pans neatly organized and is easy to use. Mount this five-tier rack vertically or horizontally, depending on what best suits your storage needs. The design ensures that even your heaviest cast iron pans will be held securely in place. You can even stack smaller skillets within one slot to save more space. This organizer is built to last, comes at a great value, and requires no assembly.

Cons: The slots on this organizer are narrower than they appear in the pictures, so your deeper pans may not fit. 

Bottom Line: When you’re trying to keep your kitchen organized, your heavier items, like cast iron skillets, can pose a special challenge. With this heavy-duty unit, you won’t have to worry about finding the ideal spot to store your heavyweight cookware.

Final Thoughts

Organizing your pots and pans can transform your entire cooking experience or, at the very least, free up some coveted storage space. If grabbing pans without lifting up and shuffling through messy stacks sounds exciting to you, it’s time to get one of these organizers.

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