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The Best Potato Sacks for Your Next Sack Race

If you’re looking to get the entire family involved in a little bit of friendly competition, you should invest in a set of high-quality burlap bags for an exciting potato sack race. During a potato sack race, participants place both legs inside a burlap sack and then hop from the starting point to the finish line to see who comes in first. Sack races are a fun, lighthearted way to bring kids and adults together for some family-friendly fun. Here are some fantastic burlap sacks for your family’s next potato sack race.

What to Look for When Buying a Burlap Sack

Here’s what you should consider:

  • Materials: Because potato sack races usually involve some rough gameplay, you need to make sure that your potato sacks are made from high-quality, durable materials such as burlap, oxford cloth, or polyester. If you choose burlap sacks, the material should be tightly stitched and reinforced to ensure that the sacks are durable and long-lasting.
  • Size: Not all potato sacks are created equal. If you are planning a family-friendly potato sack race, you’ll need to make sure that the sacks will work for both kids and adults. The sack should be at least 40 inches tall and 23 inches wide in order to comfortably fit a full-size adult. If the potato sack race is only going to be attended by kids, you can get away with sacks that are at least 27 inches tall and 19 inches wide.

Best Variety: Gejoy 18-Piece Outdoor Game Set

This versatile outdoor game set will make a memorable addition to any party. The set comes with an egg and spoon race kit that includes six spoons and six color-coordinating eggs, six three-legged race bands, and six brightly colored potato sack race bags. It is all made of high-quality materials that are durable, nontoxic, and safe to use. The potato sack bags are crafted from oxford cloth and feature a thick weave designed to help them last through every race. This game set is a great choice for holiday parties, athletic events, and other outdoor activities.

Best Variety

Potato Sack Race Bags Backyard Games Set for Kids and Adult, Birthday Party Outdoor Games for Kids Family, Carnival Games, Egg and Spoon Race, 3 Legged Race, Game Prizes

This set comes with potato sack race bags, an egg-and-spoon race kit, and three-legged race bands, making it a great choice for outdoor events.

Best Heavy-Duty Set: Sandbaggy Large Burlap Bags

If you’re planning a family-wide potato sack race, you should check out these durable bags. They come in a pack of four and feature a spacious design that makes them a great choice for both adults and children. The bags are crafted from natural fibers that are tightly stitched together using a herackle stitching method, making them extremely durable and easy to reuse; the sides of each bag are reinforced to provide extra durability and longevity. The sacks are also eco-friendly: the burlap material is made from the skin of the jute plant and will completely decompose back into the environment once you are done with it.

Best for Large Groups: Fun Express Mermaid Tale Potato Sacks

Gathering enough party supplies to entertain a large group can be tedious and expensive. These potato sack bags come in a set of 12, allowing you to not only save money but also make sure that nobody gets left out of the race. The sacks feature a mermaid tale design that will instill a sense of magic and creativity in your kids. They are made of non-woven polyester material that is lightweight and long-lasting. Your little mermaids will get hours of fun out of these colorful potato sack bags.

Best for Large Groups

Mermaid Tale Potato Sack Race Bags for Kids (set of 12) Fun Party Games and Supplies

These bags feature a mermaid tale design, creating a magical spin on the original potato sack race.

Also Great: Joyin Four-Player Outdoor Lawn Games

Looking for a good way to spice up your next picnic? This outdoor game set comes with everything you need to have a good time: four potato sack race bags, an egg and spoon race kit for four, and two three-legged race bands. The egg and spoon race kit is made of sturdy, lightweight wood, and the potato sack bags are crafted from durable burlap designed to withstand rough gameplay. This whole family will love this high-quality game set.

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