The Best Power Strips for Your Electronics

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These days, electronic devices are everywhere. While the number of electronics in your home has likely skyrocketed over the years, the amount of power outlets has probably stayed the same. Thankfully, there are many amazing power strips on the market today that will help ensure there is always an outlet for you to power up your devices. We made this guide to showcase the best power strips you can buy to help you find the perfect product to provide many years of power for the devices you can’t live without.

Choosing the Right Power Strip

Here are some powerful tips for finding the right power strip:

  • Energy Rating: The most important thing when shopping for a power strip is to ensure it can handle the devices that you will plug into it. Some devices, such as space heaters, tend to draw a lot of power and are known for frying power strips. However, if you pay close attention to a power strip’s energy ratings and are careful not to overload it, it should be good for many years of reliable use.
  • Outlets: A power strip’s outlets will also be incredibly important. The number of outlets and their positioning on the power strip will typically determine how many devices you can plug in at once. Additionally, look for child-safe outlets if you are likely to have small children in your home.
  • Surge Protection: While most modern power strips offer some degree of surge protection, it’s important to read the fine print to determine the specifics and ensure it will suit your needs. Also, some destinations (notably cruise ships) do not allow for the use of power strips with surge protection. Thus, it’s not a bad idea to plan ahead and pick up a power strip for these occasions.

Top Pick: Belkin 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector

Black surge protector with 12 outlets in three rows, with three outlets on each outside row and six outlets in the center row

For those seeking a masterfully designed power strip with impressive surge protection, the Belkin 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector is as good as it gets. What sets this power strip apart from the pack is the wide design that allows for ample space for larger plugs to be used on the outside edge. This ensures you can use all 12 outlets, even when you have multiple devices that would take several outlet spaces on a normal power strip. This device also sports plenty of variety in terms of cord size, the number of outlets, and color options, making it every bit as versatile as it is functional.

Top Pick

Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector with 12 AC Multiple Outlets, 10 ft Long Flat Plug Heavy Duty Extension Cord for Home, Office, Travel, Computer Desktop, Laptop & Phone Charging Bricks (4,156 Joules)

This power strip features surge protection and an intelligent design that maximizes space for larger plugs to ensure you can plug in 12 devices at once.

Best Value: GE Six-Outlet Power Strip

White power strip with a 2-foot power cord, six outlets, and a power switch

This GE Six-Outlet Power Strip isn’t only one of the best-priced power strips around but one of the most dependable. Featuring a thick, durable power cord with PVC insulation and keyhole slots for simple mounting, this is an easy power strip to situate regardless of which of the five cord sizes you end up choosing. It also sports an integrated circuit breaker to prevent overvoltage and overheating for added peace of mind. Finally, factoring in the heavy-duty grounded plug and 1,800-watt max rating, you can see why this is a great option.

Best Value

GE 6-Outlet Power Strip, 2 ft Cord, Power Switch, Integrated Circuit Breaker, Overload Protection, 15A, 1800W, UL Listed, White, 14830

This power strip comes in a variety of cord sizes and features an integrated circuit breaker that cuts power to your extension cord should it experience overvoltage or overheating.

Best for USB Devices: One Beat Power Strip with USB C

White rounded square-shaped power strip with three AC outlets, three USB outlets, and one USB-C outlet

Finding a high-quality, travel-ready power strip that is compatible with USB and USB-C devices is never easy. Thankfully, there’s the One Beat Power Strip to show everyone how it’s done. This power strip sports three AC outlets, three USB outlets, and a USB-C outlet for those who want their device charged fast. It also features smart charging technology, which auto-detects your connected devices in order to charge them as fast and efficiently as possible. Although this power strip does not feature surge protection, there’s enough good going on here to make this device a must-have for those with many USB devices.

Best for USB Devices

Power Strip with USB C, 3 Outlets 4 USB Ports (22.5W/4.5A) Desktop Charging Station, Flat Plug, 5ft Braided Extension Cord, Non Surge Protector for Travel, Cruise Ship, ETL Listed

This power strip features three AC outlets and a variety of USB inputs. It's also fireproof up to 1,382 degrees Fahrenheit.

Best with Long Cord: Kensington Guardian 6 Outlet Premium Surge Protector

Black surge protector with indicator light, six outlets, a power switch, and a 15-foot cord

If you live in an old home or apartment, you probably struggle to find an available outlet for all of your electronic devices. Well, if you’re also struggling to find the perfect surge protector with a long enough cable to suit your needs, meet the Kensington Guardian Six-Outlet Premium Surge Protector. This product offers 540 Joules of surge protection as well as a 15-foot large-gauge cord that’s both durable and easy to maneuver. This product also scores some major points for the peace of mind afforded by its indicator light, which is active when your surge protector is operating correctly. It’s also way less expensive than a majority of other power strips with similarly-sized cords. Need I say more?

Best with Long Cord

Kensington Guardian 6 Outlet, 15-Foot Cord, & 540 Joules Premium Surge Protector (K38215NA)

This surge protector features a long, durable power cord and is perfect for spaces where wall power outlets are few and far between.

Best Surge Protection: Witeem Surge Protector

Black surge protector with two rows of six outlets, indicator lights, a power switch, and four USB ports

For those with heavy-duty surge protection needs, the Witeem Surge Protector stands out as the best of the best. Featuring a 4,360-Joules max surge rating and 12 child-safe AC outlets, not to mention four USB inputs, this surge protector will protect your devices against power spikes and fluctuations and provide a home to power your devices. It’s also equipped with a fire-retardant casing which is able to withstand temperatures up to 1,382 degrees Fahrenheit. As if that isn’t enough, the high-purity copper wire power cord and included mounting holes make this surge protector worth every penny of its price point.

Best Surge Protection
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