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The Best Power Strips

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🕚 Updated November 2022

Although the number of electronics in your home has likely skyrocketed over the years, the number of power outlets probably hasn't caught up. Check out these top-rated power strips to bridge the gap.

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  Top Pick Best Value Pack Most Outlets Best with Long Cord Best for Travel Also Great
6-Outlet Surge Protector
6-Outlet Power Strip, Two-Pack
Surge Protector
Surge Protector with Extension Cord
Power Strip
Power Strip Surge Protector
Our SummaryHere's a power strip that comes in multiple lengths and features an integrated circuit breaker to cut power to your extension when necessary.This space-saving bundle brings you two power strips for a price lower than most single options.A durable power strip with well-spaced outlets and reliable surge protection.A no-frills power strip with an extra-long power cord that's sturdy and flexible.This travel-friendly power strip stands out for its compact design and integrated USB charging ports.A powerful and highly supportive power strip that can handle 12 plugs at once.
Pros✓ Affordable price
✓ Easy to mount
✓ Twist-to-close safety covers
✓ Budget-friendly multipack
✓ Integrated circuit breaker
✓ Simple and clean design
✓ Lots of outlets and ports
✓ Angled plug and flexible cord
✓ Conveniently spaced outlets
✓ Variety of size offerings
✓ Sturdy but flexible cord
✓ Surge protection indicator
✓ Travel-friendly design
✓ Plenty of USB ports
✓ Built-in safety features
✓ Lots of outlets
✓ Great for devices with large plugs
✓  Heavy-duty build quality
Cons✗ Limited space for charging✗ Limited cable length options✗ Will exceed the needs of some✗ Few outlets✗ Limited device capacity✗ Expensive
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The Best Power Strips

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Hrytsiv Oleksandr/Shutterstock.com

There are plenty of amazing power strips on the market today that will help ensure there’s always an outlet available for you to power up your devices. We made this guide to showcase the best power strips you can buy to provide many years of energy for the devices you can’t live without.

Buying Guide for Power Strips

A white power strip with two cords plugged in and a hand about to plug in a third.

Why should you buy a power strip?

Owning a power strip satisfies two means of protection for your household or office space: the ability to charge multiple devices at once and the ability to charge them with peace of mind. Ask a current owner what they love about their power strip, and they’ll likely point to the barrage of cords streaming from its outlets. That’s what it’s for: to handle the handful of electronics you want to use with ease.

What should you look for in a power strip?

Here are some powerful tips for finding the right power strip:

  • Energy Rating: The most important thing when shopping for a power strip is to ensure it can handle the devices you plug into it. Some devices, such as space heaters, tend to draw a lot of power and are known for frying power strips. However, if you pay close attention to a power strip’s energy ratings and are careful not to overload it, it should be good for many years of reliable use.
  • Outlets: A power strip’s outlets will also be incredibly important. The number of outlets and their positioning on the power strip will typically determine how many devices you can plug in at once. Additionally, look for child-safe outlets if you have small children in your home.
  • Surge Protection: While most modern power strips offer some degree of surge protection, it’s important to read the fine print to determine the specifics and ensure it will suit your needs. Also, some destinations (notably cruise ships) don’t allow for the use of power strips with surge protection. Thus, it’s not a bad idea to plan ahead and pick up a power strip for these occasions.

How can you prevent the overheating of your power strip?

While some folks may insist that their power strip won’t ever give out, it’s going to, and it could get ugly for your plugged-in devices if you aren’t careful. To prevent a power strip from overheating when in use, you should make sure that the amount of devices you have plugged in doesn’t exceed the current rating of your device. You should also avoid plugging one power strip into the other, as the large draw of energy can lead to the second device heating up quickly. Additionally, refrain from running your power strip underneath any type of covering, like rugs or furniture.

Our Picks for the Best Power Strips

Top Pick

GE 6-Outlet Surge Protector

Here's a power strip that comes in multiple lengths and features an integrated circuit breaker to cut power to your extension when necessary.

Pros: Not only is this one of the best-priced power strips around, but it’s also one of the most dependable. Featuring a thick, durable power cord with PVC insulation and keyhole slots for simple mounting, this is an easy power strip to situate regardless of which of the three cord lengths you choose. It sports an integrated circuit breaker to prevent overvoltage and overheating for added peace of mind. Its twist-to-close safety covers are another essential safety function.

Cons: As far as single power strips offer, this option provides decent but limited space for charging, as its six grounded three-prong outlets satisfy enough to get by. At the top of the strip is a protected indicator light that’s good for letting you know if your plugged-in devices are safe from damage. However, the luminous blue light it emits can be distracting in a dark room, especially if that’s the room you’re sleeping in.

Bottom Line: If you’re seeking a simple power strip to handle the stray electronics in your living space or bedroom, this GE 6-Outlet Surge Protector brings you ample charging space with a solid 10-foot extension length.


Best Value

GE 6-Outlet Power Strip, Two-Pack

This space-saving bundle brings you two power strips for a price lower than most single options.

Pros: For the crowd that’s after a good value, this dual-pack provides you with two power strips for less than the price of most single options. Each strip features six grounded three-prong outlets, so you get 12 charging slots that you can choose to place side-by-side or in another device-heavy portion of your house. Like similar options from the brand, each strip also possesses an integrated circuit breaker and two keyholes for space-saving mounting.

Cons: A notable downside to this bundle is not only the lack of sizing options you’re offered but the minimal length of each option. These power strips are available in 2- or 6-foot lengths, with the latter providing a respectable amount of extension but the former coming well under the length of most options on the market. Its standard plug design can leave a lot to be desired when compared to power strips that utilize a flat plug head, which makes it easier to plug in behind furniture.

Bottom Line: If you’re seeking an unbeatable price for not one but two devices, this dual-pack of GE 6-Outlet Power Strips offers a total of 12 charging slots that you can divvy up between the areas of your home where electronic charging is a must-have. 


Most Outlets

POWSAV Surge Protector

A durable power strip with well-spaced outlets and reliable surge protection.

Pros: If your home workstation is crowded with a mess of computer monitors, speakers, a next-gen gaming console, and other pricey technology, you’ll want to invest in a power strip that both powers and protects your devices. The POWSAV Surge Protector does just this with its nicely-spaced 18 outlets, four USB ports (including one USB-C), and 2,100-Joule surge protection. This device also comes with some thoughtful touches, such as how it places two outlets in no man’s land so that you’ll never have to give up a vacant outlet due to an extremely bulky plug.

Cons: While it’s hard to fault this highly-rated surge protector in terms of quality or outlet offerings, it can be said that this device will exceed the needs of many average consumers. Thus, if you’re looking for a power strip to keep beside your bed, you can likely save some money by investing in a compact model with fewer outlets.

Bottom Line: If you’re seeking a power strip that gives you an unparalleled degree of options in terms of the number and types of devices you can use with it, the POWSAV Surge Protector does not disappoint. As such, those with entertainment centers that are packed to the brim with technology will love what this device brings to the table.


Best with Long Cord

APC Surge Protector with Extension Cord

A no-frills power strip with an extra-long power cord that's sturdy and flexible.

Pros: Featuring a sturdy yet flexible cord of up to 25 feet in length, the APC Surge Protector with Extension Cord is great for tricky applications that require a long cord and the ability to wall-mount. This six-outlet surge protector may sport a no-frills design, but its recessed power switch and LED surge protection indicator light are both welcome inclusions that make it easier to operate at a glance.

Cons: This product’s main drawback is its lack of outlets, as the six closely-situated outlets it offers will not exceed everybody’s needs. Also, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t feature any USB, USB-C, or ethernet ports, so it’s a far cry from modern, feature-rich power strips.

Bottom Line: While this power strip won’t wow you in terms of its utilitarian design or basic features, it succeeds in doing what it was designed to do. So, if you find yourself in a room without a power outlet, this power strip from APC and its versatile installation options could be your new best friend.


Best for Travel

TESSAN Power Strip

This travel-friendly power strip stands out for its compact design and integrated USB charging ports.

Pros: Finding a quality travel-ready power strip isn’t easy. Thankfully, this highly compact but versatile option sports four AC outlets and three USB ports for the user with devices that need some extra juice. Its top AC outlets feature ample space between them, so you can charge electronics with almost any kind of charging head. It’s also a worthwhile pick for its surplus of built-in safety functions, like its fireproof ABS shell and on/off switch to manage overload.

Cons: Though compatible with both standard plug-ins and USB devices, this power strip can leave some users feeling like they’re just not getting enough charging space on either side, given a 4:3 ratio that pales in comparison to options that commit to a single port. Its compact size is also apparent in the power strip’s thinner extension cord, which can bend and fray easier over time than larger devices.

Bottom Line: Limited in the best possible sense, this TESSAN Power Strip is the ideal choice for your travel charging needs. Its unique two-in-one charging and affordable price make it a great addition to a standard power strip.


Also Great

Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector

A powerful and highly supportive power strip that can handle 12 plugs at once.

Pros: A masterfully designed choice with impressive surge protection, this dual-function power strip is as good as it gets. What sets it apart from the pack is the wide design that allows for ample space for larger plugs to be used on the outside edge. This ensures you can use all 12 outlets even when you have multiple devices that would take up several outlet spaces on a normal power strip. This device also stands out for its impressive 3,940-Joule energy rating, making it a powerful option for businesses or home offices.

Cons: Upfront, this power strip boasts a slightly larger than standard price tag, given its charging slots. So, you’ll be asked to make a larger investment before you reap the benefits. Unlike options that can be wrapped up for easy use on the go, this power strip’s 15-inch length isn’t very travel-friendly.

Bottom Line: If you’re seeking a top-of-the-line power strip that can handle some gnarly surge spikes, this Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector offers you and 12 of your electronics plenty of safe charging.

Final Thoughts

Whether you need it to handle a lot of plug-ins or would like to avoid the consequences of a lightning strike landing too close to home, the power strip should be your go-to for ensuring the safety and use of your electronics. Seek an option that caters to your precise requirements and how well it can support them in the years to come.

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