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The Best Power Towers for Your Fitness Goals

Do you want versatility in your workouts? Power towers are the answer. These workout superheroes are perfect for bodyweight exercises and are scalable to weighted exercises. Whatever you may be looking to improve, a great power tower is sure to have the right workout for you.

Purchasing a Power Tower

Everyone has a unique workout style and unique areas they want to improve in. Think about what you personally might be using this piece of equipment for and your skill level. Here are some things to consider when making a choice:

  • Weight Capacity: Several bodyweight exercises can be modified to add on extra weight. Towers are famous for dips and pull-ups, which are perfect examples of such exercises. If you are an advanced lifter, make sure to choose a tower that will handle your body weight plus that of any additional weight.
  • Workout Versatility: Many different pieces of equipment are handy for all sorts of exercises. Some towers come with more features allowing the user more options in available workouts. Some are simpler for people looking for just the classic tower exercises.
  • Available Space: A garage gym and a basement gym will more than likely have some space limitations. Be sure to measure out the available space you have for your setup and compare it to the towers’ dimensions.

Largest Weight Capacity: Sportsroyals Power Tower

Heavy lifters rejoice. Sportsroyals offers a power tower that boasts a 400-pound weight capacity! This mammoth tower stands at a maximum of 88 inches and is adjustable down to 64 inches. It is composed of a 14-gauge heavy steel frame with a scratch-resistant finish to withstand long-term use. For added stability, the base of the tower is an extended H-shape for increased contact with the ground.

This tower comes with plenty of multi-functional stations so that you can work on pushups, pullups, dips, leg raises, and more. The ergonomic design will ensure maximum comfort on the armrests and the adjustable height back cushion.

Largest Weight Capacity

Best Budget Tower: BangTong&Li Power Tower

Wanting to get fit without breaking the bank? Look no further. This unique multi-functional tower is made of thickened heavy-duty steel coupled with high-density foam rubber grips, armrests, and anti-skid screws. There is no shortage of safety features on this tower. All nuts are nonslip to prevent them from falling off during exercise. It can withstand up to 330 pounds and is suitable for many different exercises such as vertical knee raises, dips, and several different types of pullups with its multiple grip choices.

Best Budget Tower

Best With a Weight Bench: KAC Power Tower

The KAC Power Tower is the all-around workout tool you need. The steel frame and enlarged feet base ensure superior stability and safety as you work out. This tower even has a unique rubber suction base for added ease of mind. The adjustable bench is completely detachable, ergonomic, and covered in thick cushioning for support. The bench attachment is even suitable for bench presses and other exercises, as the tower itself has a built-in rack to hold a barbell!

This tower’s pullup station has a whopping 20 height adjustment levels, ranging from 60.5 inches to 85 inches. There are dip handles, a pullup bar, pushup handles, leg lift grips, and of course, the folding bench that can be tucked away for more storage room.

Best With a Weight Bench

Best for Outdoor Exercise: Stamina 65-1460 Outdoor Tower

This pick is perfect for an outdoor gym setup. While you get your workout on, you could be enjoying a nice breeze, the smell of fresh air, and the warmth of the sun on your back with the Stamina 65-1460 Outdoor Fitness Power Tower. It is specially designed to withstand almost anything mother nature can throw at it. It’s resistant to chipping and corrosion so that you don’t have to worry about jagged surfaces. The UV protection helps to maintain its vibrant green color as well.

This tower has solid steel construction and stands 49 inches long, 50 inches wide, and a massive 81 inches tall. Though it lacks the frills of an indoor tower, it still features bars for pushups, pullups, sit-ups, chin-ups with multiple grips, dips, and vertical knee raises.

Best for Outdoor Exercise

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