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The Best Pregnancy Support Belts for Your Growing Belly

expecting couple happily snuggles in bed together. The mom has a pregnancy belt on her belly.

As your belly starts getting bigger, your back will start feeling it (and maybe even other parts of your body like your hips, too). It can be exhausting carrying your little one around inside. Pregnancy support belts are specially structured to make you feel more comfortable during pregnancy and relieve some of the weight and stress that it puts on your body. They come in various styles and gently contour and compress the lower half of your body, giving you comfort and support to combat the most common pregnancy discomforts. Here are some we recommend.

Purchasing a Pregnancy Support Belt

A pregnancy support belt is a must-have for many expecting moms. Some postpartum moms also find that the bands work great for belly support. So how do you know which belt or band will be best for you? Take these few points into consideration:

  • Breathable: You want to make sure the band will not add too much heat to your already elevated body temperature, so choose one that is breathable.
  • Fit: Make sure you get the right size for your belt or band to avoid irritation. The last thing you want is any more discomfort!
  • Support Type: Some bands are focused on supporting or relieving pain in one particular area (such as your back), while others attempt to relieve allover discomfort. If only one portion of your body is bothering you, you can choose a belt or band for just that. If you want broadened relief, choose a band for that.
  • Comfort: Some bands might be more comfortable for relaxing and sleeping, while others might be better suited for exercise.

Most Popular: AZMED Maternity Belt

smiling pregnant woman displays belly band

This breathable belly band (as they are sometimes called) is designed to provide gentle compression on the abdominal area to support your baby bump and ease discomfort. It is made of soft and lightweight material for discreet comfort while giving you the lift you need during activities, supporting your abdominal muscles, and helping correct your posture. The elastic material will also relieve hip, pelvic, and lower back pain and won’t press on your bladder while it evenly distributes the baby’s weight.

Best Overall Support: NeoTech Care Pregnancy Support Belt

woman in deep purple models supporting belly band

This pregnancy belt is available in multiple colors and sizes so that you can find one that is just right for you. It is specially designed for moms who are suffering from lower back pain because it redistributes pressure evenly to relieve your lower back by wrapping around your belly and waist. It will also help you find relief from other pains (such as hip and sacroiliac pains) and is made of comfortable and breathable fabric. The belt is completely customizable with double-sided hooks and loops with cushioning fabric to make sure you are always comfortable while walking, standing, or sitting.

Best Overall Support

Best for Sleeping: Babymoov Dream Belt Sleep Aid

gray patterned belly band with white background

This belt offers two-sided memory foam support to keep you comfortable while you sleep and help you stay cool throughout the night.  It is designed to fill the gaps between your hips and mattress when you sleep on your side. The fabric is stretchy and soft, and the front panel offers firm protection for your growing bump. There is a Velcro system to easily put the band on and to keep the belt in place all night long. The cover is machine washable so that it will be ready to support you when you need it.

Best for Sleeping

Babymoov Dream Belt Sleep Aid, Maternity Sleep Support & Wedge for Ultimate Comfort during Pregnancy, Large / X-Large (Pack of 1)

This belt gives you the side support you need while sleeping on your side with soft memory foam and breathable fabric.

Best for Exercise: Belevation Maternity Band

expecting mom modeling a black full-coverage belly-band

This band comes in three colors (black, gray, and white) and a range of sizes. The band is seamless and made of breathable mesh to keep you supported, cool, and comfortable. It is designed to give your belly support to relieve back pain while gently lifting your belly. The fabric offers four-way stretch without any fancy hooks or other bulky parts and is moisture-wicking. This band is great for exercise, running to the grocery store, or even wearing beneath a dress or other clothes for a shapewear effect that keeps you looking your best.

Best for Exercise

Belevation Maternity Band/Maternity Belly Band, Pregnancy Support Band - Black 22-26 (XXL)

This band is comfortable and moisture-wicking to give you support and comfort for almost any activity.

Best Two-in-One: Spand-Ice Maternity Support Belt and Postpartum Wrap

pregnant woman displaying double use for baby belt before and after baby delivery

This belt is ready for some serious relief! Not only is it great for belly support and back pain relief during pregnancy, but it is equipped to help you recover from childbirth as well. It includes two therapy packs that easily fit on the back of the brace and can be frozen for ice therapy or microwaved for heat therapy. It can help recovery from a C-section, provide compression on your stomach, and help with mastitis and breast engorgement. When used during pregnancy, this belt focuses on all the areas for relief (upper, mid, and lower back) and offers 11 inches of adjustability.

Best Two-in-One

Spand-Ice Maternity Support Belt / Postpartum Belly Band with 2 Ice & Heat Therapy Packs for Back Pain (XL/Plus)

This band is designed to keep you comfortable from pregnancy to postpartum!

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