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The Best Preserved and Dried Flowers

You Uchida/Shutterstock.com
🕚 Updated March 2023

If you love the look of a bouquet of flowers in your home but want something that lasts longer, consider buying a preserved or dried bouquet instead. We've gathered some lovely options you can order online.

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New Roses Preserved Flowers
Small Star Daisy Decorative Dried Flowers
Dried Lavender Bundles
Preserved Flowers Rose Gift
Pressed Dried Flowers
Our SummaryA box of classic red roses that are preserved to keep their fresh appearance for up to three years.A large but affordable bouquet of dried but colorful daisies that can serve a wide variety of decorative purposes.Dried bundles of natural lavender that retain their trademark scent even after the drying process.A single, perfectly preserved rose in a decorative and protective glass dome that can last three to five years.Perfect for scrapbooking and other DIY projects, these real dried, pressed flowers will be a boon to any crafting collection.
Pros✓ Long-lasting
✓ Convenient for gifting
✓ Elegant presentation
✓ Several color options
✓ Large quantity
✓ Multiple color options
✓ Safe and natural
✓ Great for decorating
✓ 100% natural and free of additives
✓ Retains aroma
✓ Calming and stress-relieving effects
✓ Versatile uses
✓ Very long-lasting
✓ Very low maintenance
✓ Protective glass dome included
✓ Several color options
✓ High quantity for low price
✓ Great for crafting
✓ Multiple color choices
✓ Tweezers included
Cons✗ No natural rose scent✗ Very small blooms
✗ May require extra care
✗ Very fragile
✗ Scent fades over time
✗ Expensive, especially for a single flower✗ No guarantee on which flowers you receive
✗ Can't make bouquets
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The Best Preserved and Dried Flowers

Red preserved roses in a box.
You Uchida/Shutterstock.com

Dried flowers have long been a popular decoration, especially for people who prefer a rustic aesthetic in their living space or like their more understated colors as opposed to fresh-cut blooms. Preserved flowers are a little different since the preservation process rehydrates them in a way to make them look like fresh-cut flowers in full bloom without requiring watering or plant food. Both are great options for flower lovers who are looking for an alternative to fresh-cut bouquets. Here are a few we recommend.

Buying Guide for Dried or Preserved Flowers

Dried rose flowers.
Pirat Pirat/Shutterstock.com

Why buy dried or preserved flowers?

There are many good reasons why someone might choose to buy a dried or preserved flower bouquet instead of fresh-cut flowers. Dried and preserved flowers can last for a long time, as much as several years, which makes them a good option for people who want to enjoy the beauty of flowers for an extended period. They don’t need to be replaced nearly as frequently and are much more cost-effective, especially since dried and preserved flowers are generally less expensive than fresh flowers. They’re also much more low-maintenance since dried and preserved flowers don’t require water or sunlight and can add a unique and rustic charm to a home or office. And on top of these benefits, fresh flowers can cause allergies in some people or carry a scent that irritates sensitive noses. Dried and preserved flowers don’t come with either of these issues. And they’re real instead of artificial!

What should you look for in dried or preserved flowers?

  • Dried vs. Preserved: Though similar, there are some differences between a dried bouquet and a preserved bouquet. Preserved flowers will appear and feel as though they’re in full bloom, while dried flowers provide their own unique look and texture. Dried flowers are much more delicate since they become more brittle after dehydration, and their color may fade over time. Preserved flowers may not require watering, but they do require a bit more maintenance, as they shouldn’t be kept in direct sunlight or in areas that are too dry or too moist, and they may need to be carefully dusted from time to time. If you aren’t sure which type you prefer, you can even find or make a bouquet or arrangement containing both.
  • Type: There are numerous varieties of flowers available, so consider which types you like. Many bouquets will mix two or more different kinds of flowers together. Some dried flowers, like lavender, retain their natural smell, which can be a pleasant addition to your home. And keep in mind that not every single type of flower is available in dried or preserved form, so you may not always be able to find your first choice.
  • Shelf Life: While they have a much longer staying power than freshly cut flowers, even dried and preserved flowers won’t last forever. Whenever you buy a bouquet of dried or preserved flowers, be sure to check and see what their shelf life is listed as. Most will last you for several years at least, especially if you care for them properly and don’t let them get wet or place them in direct sunlight. Some may be designed to last longer, but a shelf life of one to three years is pretty standard.

Should you buy a bouquet or loose flowers?

This depends almost entirely on your personal preferences and what you plan to use them for. Dried or preserved flower bouquets are a convenient option if you want a cohesive and arranged look for your space. They come pre-arranged, so you don’t have to spend time arranging the flowers yourself, and they can make a beautiful centerpiece or decoration for a room. They also make great gifts for others, as they are ready-made and easy to give.

Buying loose individual dried flowers gives you more control over the final arrangement. You can create your own unique bouquet or arrangements, and you have more freedom to choose the specific blooms you want. Additionally, loose individual dried flowers are a great option if you plan to use them for craft projects, such as wreaths or dried flower arrangements in a vase.

Note that it’s also worth checking the prices of each option. If you buy a bouquet, it may be more expensive than buying individual flowers. Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preferences and what you plan to use the dried flowers for. If you want a quick and easy solution that looks great right out of the box, a dried flower bouquet is a good choice. If you enjoy being creative and customizing your own arrangements, buying loose individual dried flowers may be the way to go.

Our Picks for the Best Dried or Preserved Flowers

Best Roses

SOHO FLORAL ARTS New Roses Preserved Flowers

A box of classic red roses that are preserved to keep their fresh appearance for up to three years.

Pros: Each rose is 100% real and preserved. They retain all of their natural beauty and color, with no maintenance, water, sunlight, or plant food required. Whether you choose a bouquet of red, bright pink, light pink, or white roses, they come in an elegant flower box that keeps them secure while doubling as an attractive gift box. The box itself is available in two different colors as well. These roses will last at least a year and as long as three years in the right conditions.

Cons: The natural rose scent of the flowers fades during the preservation process, making them fragrance-free. While useful for people with allergies, if you want any sort of rose or flowery scent, you’ll have to buy some essential oils and apply them yourself.

Bottom Line: When it comes to bouquets, you can’t go wrong with a bunch of classic red roses. These preserved roses ensure that you or your intended recipient will be able to enjoy their bouquet for not just a few days or weeks but for a year or more.


Best Daisies

MLSG Small Star Daisy Decorative Dried Flowers

A large but affordable bouquet of dried but colorful daisies that can serve a wide variety of decorative purposes.

Pros: These dried star daisies come in a rich lotus-like color that looks fresh and natural. There are 13 color options available that range from equally natural-looking to dyed to better suit a wide range of different homes and events. You receive two bunches of flowers with your purchase, with 50 daisies per bunch, and each measures between 15 and 18 inches in length. The flowers are made of environmentally friendly, 100% natural, poisonless, and harmless dried flowers.

Cons: The size of the flower heads is quite small, measuring between 0.3 to 0.47 inches in diameter, which may be a bit too small for certain uses or personal preferences. Also keep in mind that the flowers may need extra care, such as being put under sunlight or blow-dried with a hair dryer to open them up again if they are closed.

Bottom Line: Daisies are easily recognizable and well-loved flowers that have been used to symbolize joy, new beginnings, good luck, and loyalty for centuries. If you want to keep a bouquet of these little blooms in your home year-round, consider this bouquet of dried star daisies.


Best Lavender

Timoo Dried Lavender Bundles

Dried bundles of natural lavender that retain their trademark scent even after the drying process.

Pros: These dried lavender bouquets are a natural and pure product picked by farmers and dried without any chemicals or other unnatural methods. All the flowers are picked for their quality and are carefully dried to maintain their natural look. The lavender also retains its natural smell, so you may use it for calming and/or aromatherapy purposes as well as decoration if desired; you won’t have to add essential oils in order to get a scent. The lavender can also be used for elegant decoration in the home or as a gift and is also suitable for DIY projects such as candles, soaps, and pillows. The lavender comes in two bundles with 180 to 200 stems each, giving you a good bang for your buck, and every stem is somewhere between 14 and 17 inches long.

Cons: All dried flowers are more fragile than their fresh cousins, but this lavender is especially delicate, and it’ll need to be handled with extra care, even when it’s just being taken out of the box. Don’t be surprised if you find stray petals or flower heads around the house. Also keep in mind that the natural lavender scent will gradually fade over time as it’s exposed to air.

Bottom Line: Lavender is a flower known for its lovely purple color, herbal capabilities, and distinctive, relaxing scent. If you want to liven up your home with a bouquet of lavender that will last for longer, consider these bundles of dried lavender.


Best Single Flower

KING DOO Preserved Flowers Rose Gift

A single, perfectly preserved rose in a decorative and protective glass dome that can last three to five years.

Pros: Picked and preserved in full bloom and never withered, this lovely singular rose will last at least three to five years without needing to be watered or given sun or food. The preservation technology allows the rose to maintain its softness, shape, and color. The rose, leaves, and decorations are all real and natural. The glass dome is meant to help keep the rose safe and enhance its aesthetic. The dome can be easily removed and cleaned at any time. Each dome is packed in a uniquely designed gift box with a ribbon and comes included with a gift bag and paper card. You have the choice between several different colors, which include natural shades like red and pink and dyed ones like deep blue or light purple.

Cons: Unlike many preserved or dried flowers, this single rose is much more expensive than buying a fresh-cut version. It’s also pricier than many bouquets or bundles of other preserved or dried flowers, so it’s not the most cost-effective option.

Bottom Line: If you’d prefer a single, long-lasting flower to a full bouquet of them, this preserved rose is an ideal option. It’s a long-lasting, high-quality product that symbolizes eternal love and friendship and will remind the recipient of you every time they look at it.


Best Pressed Flowers

Nuanchu Pressed Dried Flowers

Perfect for scrapbooking and other DIY projects, these real dried and pressed flowers will be a boon to any crafting collection.

Pros: The package of dried pressed flowers and leaves comes with 68 pieces of real dried flowers plus a set of curved tweezers for one very reasonable price. The tweezers make it easier to pick up, place, and arrange the flowers as needed. Using the tweezers will also reduce the risk of accidentally ripping, squishing, or otherwise damaging your flowers by mistake. The dried flowers are completely natural and colorful and come in many different varieties. They can be used for a plethora of DIY crafts, such as nail art, resin molds, jewelry design, soap making, and more. They’re available in 17 different styles, types, and colors that vary from pastel-like to brighter hues, a set that’s all greenery, and a set with no greenery.

Cons: Keep in mind that the shape and color of the flowers may vary since they are natural; no two sets are exactly the same. The flowers you receive may not match the ones in the photos precisely. And since the flowers come pre-pressed, they can’t be arranged into a bouquet or used for the same decorating purposes as most dried or preserved flowers.

Bottom Line: The package of dried pressed flowers is a great choice for DIY crafts enthusiasts. It includes 68 pieces of real dried flowers, with a good number of different variety packs for different crafts or scenarios. Overall, this package of dried pressed flowers is a versatile and elegant addition to any craft collection, though they will not be suitable for most decorative needs.

Final Thoughts

Overall, dried and preserved flowers are a beautiful and practical way to enjoy floral beauty all year round. They add a touch of natural elegance to any room, and they can be used in a variety of ways to create unique and personalized decorations. If you don’t have the time to properly care for fresh-cut flowers or don’t want to be buying a new bouquet every week or so, you can’t go wrong with a pretty arrangement of dried or preserved flowers.

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