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The Best Press-On Nails

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🕚 Updated October 2022

A fresh manicure feels great, makes a statement, and accentuates your look. But sometimes, you just don't have time in your schedule or room in your budget to get your nails done at the salon. That's when you'll want these high-quality press-on nails.

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  Best Long Clear Best Pre-Polished Best Blank Oval Best Stiletto Option Best French Tip
Clear Acrylic Coffin Nails
Acrylic Matte Press on Nails
Clear Coffin Nails
Matte Color Medium Long Stiletto Almond Press on Nail
Pink Nude White French Fake Nails
Our SummaryA set of 500 long, clear, paintable, and trimmable press-on nails of multiple sizes.A set of matte nails in eight solid colors that are great for most occasions.A set of 500 blank medium-length coffin press-on nails to color and design them to your own taste.This matte black stiletto option is great for those who prefer vampier nail looks.This classic french tip option is great for daily wear.
Pros✓ Comes in a set of 500 with 10 sizes
✓ Nontoxic ABS material
✓ Square-ended ballerina shape
✓ Can be trimmed
✓ Pre-painted matte finish
✓ Comes with 192 nails in eight different colors
✓ Nail glue and a nail file
✓ Can be trimmed or filed down
✓ Customizable
✓ 500 pieces
✓ Can be filed and trimmed
✓ Made of ABS material
✓ Nontoxic and odorless
✓ Reusable
✓ Multiple design options
✓ Easy to apply and remove
✓ 24 nails in 12 sizes
✓ Made of nontoxic acrylic
✓ 17 options available
✓ Several sizes and lengths
✓ Free of chemicals
✓ Can be applied with liquid glue or adhesive tabs
Cons✗ Not as thick as other press-ons✗ Nail adhesive isn't as strong as others✗ Prone to bending✗ Nails run a bit small✗ Nails are prone to bending
✗ Only last for up to two weeks
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The Best Press-On Nails

A hand with pretty neutral press-on nails.
Kseniia Barlit/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Press-On Nails

A woman in a long-sleeved shirt shows off her manicured nails
Darya Lavinskaya/Shutterstock.com

Why buy press-on nails?

You can put press-on nails whenever you like and in the comfort of your own home. Many press-on nails are easy to remove, so you can change up your look and rotate nail color and length with minimal hassle. They’re also much less expensive on average than a professional manicure and are far less damaging than acrylic nails. Some are even reusable, which means your dollar will stretch even further. The convenience, affordability, and diversity offered by press-on nails make them an excellent choice for almost anyone.

What should you look for in press-on nails?

  • Length: Extra-long nails often come to mind when people think of press-on nails. These are certainly an option for those who enjoy that look, but they’re not the only choice. You can find press-on nails that are long, short, and in-between. Pick the length that works best for you.
  • Color and Design: The color and design possibilities for press-on nails are almost endless. You can find pre-colored press-on nails that are one solid color, multicolored, tie-dyed, bejeweled or glittery, French manicure style, and more. If you can’t find a design or color you like or need, there are even press-on nails that are blank, so you can paint them with a specific color, pattern, or design you want. If you’re opting to paint the nails yourself, a quality top coat is also a must-have!
  • Shape: There are press-on nails in various shapes, including square, rounded, painted, coffin, almond, or oval ones. Some of the extra-long options are curved instead of straight. With so many possibilities, there’s bound to be a shape that suits you.

Why choose press-on nails over professional nail extensions?

Professional nail extensions are much more expensive than applying press-on nails at home. Professional nail extensions can range from about $35 to hundreds, whereas most press-on nail extensions cost under $15! Full acrylic sets are also more damaging to the natural nail, so press-on nails are a gentler alternative. You even have the option of purchasing pre-painted nails if you prefer the ease of just pressing them on and going about your day. If your nails aren’t as thick or strong as you’d like or if you can’t grow them out to the length you want, press-on nails are a nice option.

Buying Guide for Press-On Nails

Best Long Clear

Pros: This long clear coffin nail set is a fantastic value and comes in a set of 500 with 10 different sizes. There are 50 nails in each size per set, and they come in a box with the different sizes clearly labeled for your convenience. Regardless of size choice, each nail is made of nontoxic ABS material with a square-ended ballerina design that adds a touch of elegance to your look. They won’t harm your natural nails or smell funny and can be trimmed down to a shorter length or a different shape if you so desire. An identical set of natural-colored press-on nails is also available for purchase.

Cons: These nails aren’t as thick as other press-on nail options, so they’re more prone to bending.

Bottom Line: Whether you’re a professional nail artist or someone who loves doing their own nails at home, this set of clear press-on nails is a must-have for long-lasting value.


Pros: This pre-painted matte nail pack comes with 192 nails in eight colors, for a total of 24 nails in each shade. Colors range from black and deep purple to more muted, natural nudes and browns, and more. Each of the colors comes packaged separately, so you don’t have to worry about getting them mixed up. To apply, simply trim and clean your natural nails, pick the nail you want, and press the nail on, thanks to the built-in adhesive. A small tube of nail glue also comes included if you want your press-on nails to stay on longer, plus a complimentary nail file. The material is nontoxic and can be trimmed or filed down shorter or into a different shape if desired.

Cons: The nail adhesive glue that comes with this set isn’t as strong as others, so you may need to purchase a longer-lasting nail adhesive to keep the nails on for longer than a few days.

Bottom Line: If you prefer understated, sheen-less nails to those with more sparkle, gloss, or glitz, these matte press-on nails are the ones for you! Medium length with a chic coffin shape, these nails come in a variety of beautiful shades without any gloss or shine to them.

Best Blank Oval

Pros: Not only are these medium-length ballerina nails customizable, but they offer high value, as you get 500 pieces in a set. Even better, each kit comes with 50 nails of each size, numbered zero to nine, so you can quickly and conveniently choose the right sized nail for each finger. The press-on nails hold applied color well, so you can paint them without worrying about the nail polish separating or leaving unattractive streaks. They can also be filed and trimmed safely at the tips, sides, and cuticles for a more accurate fit. The material these press-on nails are made of top-notch ABS material, which is eco-friendly, nontoxic, odorless, and gentle on your natural fingernails. To apply, select the corresponding size for each finger, apply a thin layer of glue to the press-on nail and your fingernail, press it on (starting at the cuticle), and hold for five seconds.

Cons: These nails are more flexible than other nails on this list, so they’re prone to bending and are best for short-term wear.

Bottom Line: If you’re having trouble finding a set of pre-painted press-on nails that you like or that are just the right shade you’re looking for, a set of clear coffin nails like these may be the perfect solution. Each press-on nail is a blank slate, so you can paint them any color or pattern you want.


Best Stiletto

Morily 24pcs Matte Medium Long Stiletto Almond Press-On Nail

This matte black stiletto option is great for those who prefer vampy nail looks.

Pros: If vampy black nails are your jam, look no further than these almond-shaped, matte, press-on nails. They’re available in nine different colors and even a french-tip option, so there’s certain to be a size and design to suit your fingers. Pick from solid matte colors, glossy options with crystals, and classic french tip options. These press-on nails are easy to apply and remove with either liquid glue or adhesive tabs. Each set comes with 24 fake nails in 12 different sizes, a mini file, and a single sheet of glue stickers. The nails are made of nontoxic acrylic, so they’re safe to wear and won’t damage your natural fingernails underneath. Best of all, they can be worn more than once on different occasions, so you get more bang for your buck.

Cons: These nails run a bit small, so they’re ideal for those with smaller hands.

Bottom Line: This matte black almond nail option is ideal for those who love the color black! They’re rich and pigmented and won’t clash with your clothes or makeup.

Pros: For those who like a manicure that’s classy and timeless, these press-on nails are a perfect choice. With 17 different nail options available, there are styles for those who prefer the minimalist look of French tips, the more gentle gleam of glitter, options with unique geometric designs, in addition to several solid and gradient colors ranging from bold to subtle and even a metallic look. Several sizes and lengths are available as well. The press-on nails are free of chemicals, so they’re safe on your natural nails. They can be applied with liquid glue or adhesive tabs. They’re also great for professionals and home DIY manicures alike.

Cons: These nails are prone to bending, so they won’t last as long as some others.

Bottom Line: The simple yet elegant French tip manicure is a classic look that’s great for everyday wear. These easy-to-apply nails will last a long time, and the practical length makes them a breeze to wear. You don’t have to worry about them snagging on anything or prematurely popping off.

Final Thoughts

Press-on nails are a must-have for manicure enthusiasts who don’t want to have to visit the salon every two weeks. When armed with press-on nails, gel nail polishes, dip powders, loose glitters, nail lights, and a nail care kit, you’ll be almost unstoppable with the beautiful manicures you can achieve at home!

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