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The Best Printer Ink for Your HP

a black and white printer with ink cartridges and a cup of coffee resting next to the printerLike high-grade fuel into the gas tank of a sports car, your HP printer deserves the best quality ink you can buy for it. A grade A ink cartridge is the epitome of professionalism; it allows you to print out school and business work with the sleekest appearances consistently over time. There are plenty of worthwhile options you can seek out, whether they be immediately recognizable ink packs or smaller brand names that invite you to branch out a bit. However, the biggest priority for you should be finding a reliable ink cartridge that offers unparalleled service, regardless if it is globally endorsed. If you are in need of the best that the printer ink market has to offer or are looking for an alternative, here are some we recommend for your HP printers.

Things to Remember When Buying Your Next Ink Cartridge

Keep these factors in mind when buying a new pack of ink for your HP printer:

  • Model Number: First and foremost, you need to make sure that the ink you purchase is compatible with your HP printer. Before you even add a cartridge to your cart, remember to keep in mind your printer’s make or model number, which is located on the underside or behind the printer. Knowing this will help you determine which ink cartridges are appropriate for your device.
  • Color: Color printing has always come down to four standard colors of ink: black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. It’s important to keep in mind that a black ink cartridge is the most basic color of the four, and usually the most affordable. If you intend to buy the additional colors, you will have to choose between a tri-color cartridge and individually based color packs.
  • Output: Price is not the be-all, end-all factor when it comes to purchasing a great ink cartridge; however, it does determine the output of that ink instead. Consider your printer setting and how likely you are to use it on a weekly basis. If the answer to that question is “in moderation,” you may want to consider an ink cartridge with lower print output. If the answer was, “I print daily,” then you may need to consider ink that offers a higher page count per cartridge.

Best Overall: HP 74 Black & 75 Tri-color Original Ink Cartridges, 2 pack

black and colored 74 and 75 HP ink set

It should come as no surprise that HP-brand ink packs swiped two spots on this list; their ink cartridges are designed to accommodate their own devices after all. For users looking to meet their basic printing needs with quality satisfaction, this two-pack from HP is a great buy for your Deskjet or Officejet. The combined output of both ink packets yields just shy of 400 pages, as the 74 cartridge produces 200 pages in black while the 75 cartridge can print 170 pages in Cyan, Magenta, or Yellow. Because this is an original HP ink pack and not a refill cartridge, users can expect to print double the amount of pages than the latter.

Best Overall

HP 74 and HP 75 | 2 Ink Cartridges | Black, Tri-color | Works with HP DeskJet D4260, HP OfficeJet J5788, J6480, HP Photosmart C4300 series, C4400 series, C4500 series, C5500 series | CB335WN, CB337WN

HP's personal line of ink cartridges are finely tuned for your HP printer, so this two-pack is an ideal choice for your printing needs.

Best Value: Jimigo Compatible Ink Cartridge Replacement for HP

set of eight black and color 951 XL HP inks

What it may lack in brand name recognition, Jimigo ink more than makes up for as a suitable alternative with some major perks. Jimigo faces big competition going up against HP’s own line of ink. However, its budget-friendly cost proves a worthwhile investment for your Officejet Pro; this especially true of the brand’s ink cartridge replacement for HP printers. In one purchase, you are getting two cyan, two magenta, two yellow, and three black ink cartridges for less than the price of most single packs of HP ink. In total, this nine-pack value can produce a staggering 6,800 prints, with 2,300 in black and the additional 4,500 split between cyan, magenta, and yellow. If you’re looking for the most ink for your office printer, it would be hard to point you in any other direction.

Best Value

Best Premium: HP 950 & 951, 4 Ink Cartridges

box of black and color 950 and 951 HP inks

Don’t let its price deter you, because the HP 950 & 951 ink pack is among the finest options for your Officejet Pro. Like other Original HP ink packs, a purchase here will deliver your workspace double the number of prints over a standard refill cartridge. Moreover, this HP ink comes in four separate colors: your standard black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. That the latter three colors come in their own cartridges, however, is a huge plus. When a color is given its own ink cartridge, it single-handedly increases the quality of your prints. A tri-color cartridge is dependable, but the individual color packs included here do not compromise on the amount of ink you’re actually getting nor the depth of color. To boot, users can expect to print upwards of 3,000 pages between its four cartridges.

Also Consider: Valuetoner Remanufactured Ink Cartridges Replacement for HP

65 XL colored HP ink cartridge and black HP ink cartridge

This two-pack of remanufactured ink cartridges from Valuetoner is another easily accessible alternative for your HP printer. Compatible with a variety of Deskjet, Envy, and AMP series printers, this dual ink pack can produce a respectable amount of prints for the home setting; it can yield up to 300 pages in its black cartridge and 300 pages in its tri-color cartridge. Each ink pack is admitted through only the most “strict quality testing procedure” so that you can expect consistent results with every printed page.

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