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The Best Fence Privacy Screens

🕚 Updated December 2021

If the fence around your yard isn't providing enough privacy or protection for you or your pets, consider investing in one of these reliable privacy fence screens.

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  For Nature Lovers Most Purchase Options Best Heavy-Duty Also Great
Artificial Ivy Privacy Fence Screen
Privacy Screen Fence
Heavy-Duty Privacy Screen Fence
Black Fence Privacy Screen
Our SummaryA fence privacy screen that imitates ivy and lush foliage.A privacy screen that's suitable for homes and businesses and available in various sizes and colors.A durable privacy screen made of upgraded high-density fabric.A privacy fence screen that provides impressive coverage.
ProsRealistic and natural appearance, densely packed artificial leaves.Ideal protection from UV rays, easy to install, maximum airflow.Easy to install and remove, ideal for many different types of fences, high-quality and durable. materialMultiple custom sizes and colors, reinforced stainless copper grommets.
ConsLeaves will become loose and fall out over time.Wild animals can easily tear up the material.Stitching around edges tends to come undone.Doesn't block the sun well.
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The Best Fence Privacy Screens

A green privacy screen on a fence.

Most privacy screens are square or rectangular sheets of heavy-duty fabric that cover the space between slats or chain links in a fence. You might attach them around the entire fence or only install them in a few panels, depending on which parts of the yard you want to be shielded from view. Privacy screens are a popular way to hide parts of the yard like a pool, patio, hot tub, balcony, garden, or sunbathing area. Smaller, more fence-like privacy screens may also be used to shield clunky outside air conditioners or trash cans from sight to make your lawn more aesthetically pleasing. Here are some privacy fence screens worth your consideration.

Buying Guide for Fence Privacy Screens

A green faux-plant privacy screen on a fence in a yard.

Why buy a fence privacy screen?

Privacy can feel like it’s harder to come by nowadays, especially with the recent surge in surveillance technology. A privacy screen fence will, however, go a long way in shielding your yard and home from invasive eyes so that you can feel safe and secure inside your own home.

Other good reasons to buy a privacy fence screen are to cover up your unattractive AC unit or garbage cans or to shield your dog from passersby.

What should you look for in a fence privacy screen?

  • Size: Privacy screens are available in varying heights and lengths since fences come in a range of different dimensions. Before buying a privacy screen, be sure to identify where you intend to set it up in the yard and measure the intended area first. The screen won’t do you much good if it’s too long or too short, after all. Some companies that make privacy screens offer custom sizing if what you’re looking for isn’t available.
  • Strength and Security: Since privacy screen fences are meant for outdoor use, they must be both strong and stable. A good privacy screen should be resistant to water and strong winds. There are UV-resistant versions ideal for people who live in warm, sunny climates. Be sure that the ties and grommets that hold it to the fence are made of sturdy materials, too.
  • Design: Most privacy fence screens are made of dense and completely or mostly obscured fabric. They’re rectangular or square in shape and are usually green, black, or brown in color. If you don’t like the way these look, there are also many privacy fence screens that resemble vines and leaves. Some people prefer this type of privacy screen since it looks much more natural than fabric ones. Privacy screens built for areas like air conditioning units or trash bins are more solid and are often made of thinly spaced bars.

Where can you install a fence privacy screen? 

Often, privacy fence screens are used in construction to prevent onlookers from taking a peek at the progress or making their way into the site. However, privacy fence screens aren’t limited to commercial purposes. They’re great for residential fences to add a barrier around swimming pools and backyards, allowing you to soak in the sun on a hot day without any nosy passersby taking a gander at you.

Our Picks for the Best Fence Privacy Screens

For Nature Lovers

DearHouse Artificial Ivy Privacy Fence Screen

A fence privacy screen that imitates ivy and lush foliage.

Pros: This privacy fence is made of durable, lightweight plastic and polyester shaped into artificial green leaves woven together to resemble realistic-looking ivy vines. They’ll give your fence an attractive and earthy look that won’t need to be maintained like real ones. The leaves are also resistant to fading, so they’ll look green and fresh year-round and are easy to keep clean. All you need are some zip ties or tape for installation, and you can attach this screen to a fence, trellis, or wall. This simple installation allows you to move the screen as needed. This screen is available in four different sizes, and you can cut it into whatever size and shape you might want.

Cons: The artificial leaves can become loose and fall off, especially in regions that experience a lot of inclement weather.

Bottom Line: If you don’t like the look of a standard fabric privacy fence screen but still want one for your yard, this natural-looking option is well worth a look. The leaves are tightly packed together on a net mesh backing to provide privacy and block glaring sunlight while still allowing airflow. Now your yard will blend in with the rest of its surroundings, providing you with optimal privacy.


Most Purchase Options

Windscreen4less Privacy Screen Fence

A privacy screen that's suitable for homes and businesses and available in various sizes and colors.

Pros: This privacy fence screen is available in a staggering 300 different widths, meaning that it’s large enough to cover just about any fence, no matter how large or small. This screen is ideal for fences that are 6 feet tall but isn’t limited to this size by any means. The polyethylene material is very dense with an enforced binding that will block most UV rays and hold up in even extreme weather. It’s available in eight different colors, including two mesh options if you want something a little less obscuring.

Cons: The polyethylene material can rip in harsh conditions, such as high winds and thunderstorms. Wild animals can also tear it up fairly easily.

Bottom Line: No matter how wide your fence might be, this privacy fence screen has you covered both literally and figuratively. It offers optimal security from snoopy onlookers and impressive versatility.


Best Heavy-Duty

Sunnyglade Privacy Screen Fence

A durable privacy screen made of upgraded high-density fabric.

Pros: The HDPE material of the screen is high-quality, heavy-duty, and built to resist both sun and water. The edges are reinforced with a thick binding for additional strength and extreme wind resistance. Durable, dense brass and copper grommets are spaced evenly along the edges at every corner to help keep the screen securely against your fence, even in high winds and extreme weather. It’s easy to set up; all you have to do is thread zip ties (sold separately) through each grommet and secure them on the fence. The screen measures 6 feet tall and 50 feet wide and is available in a green, black, or sand color.

Cons: The stitching on the edges tends to come undone in severe weather conditions. A common complaint is that the screen doesn’t appear as it does online.

Bottom Line: Whether you have a chain link, wooden, or welded fence, this tough, multifunctional privacy screen will shield and protect it. It’s affordable, reliable, and effective at blocking onlookers from peering inside your property.


Also Great

Amgo Fence Privacy Screen

A fence privacy screen that provides impressive coverage.

Pros: Made from strong, knitted HDPE material with reinforced stitching, this screen is thick enough to increase your fence’s coverage by up to 90%. The edges have thick black bindings for extra reinforcement to help prevent ripping and tearing. The grommets are made of stainless copper and are placed strategically and evenly along the screen, with four at each corner for increased stability. Cable zip ties come included with your purchase for convenient and straightforward installation. This screen is ideal for 6-foot high fences and comes in 200 different widths. You can also choose between seven different colors to best fit your yard or fence’s aesthetic.

Cons: This particular privacy screen isn’t the most effective option for blocking out the sun.

Bottom Line: This privacy fence screen will shield your yard from outside eyes while allowing air to flow through without hindrance.

Final Thoughts

Buying a privacy screen for your business or home can be a real asset. If you want to keep your space more private and protected, check out our top picks for privacy screens.

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