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The Best Pry Bars for Your Next DIY Project

Man using a hammer and blue pry bar to tear down an old deck railing.
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A pry bar is a fantastic tool to keep handy in your toolbox and can be useful during a DIY home project or a major remodeling job. It’s often compared to crowbars as they are both used to remove nails or to force two objects apart. The main difference with a pry bar is that you can often preserve the item during dismantling, thus bringing value back to an item that would normally be tossed aside or ripped apart. With numerous types of pry bars to consider, we have narrowed it down to five of our favorites that will surely help you in your next project.

Finding the Right Pry Bar

When searching for the ideal pry bar, consider these factors:

  • Material & Durability: When finding the right pry bar, you want a stainless steel construction. A pry bar made of forged carbon steel is also worth purchasing as both offer resistance against corrosion and a rust-resistant finish. These types of materials will ensure durability for common tasks such as pulling up nails and removing moldings.
  • Length & Shape: In terms of shape, there are molding removal pry bars and flat bars. For the greatest leverage for nail removal, you should consider a bar with an extendable feature so you can access hard-to-reach nails. There are also pry bars that come with a hammer top, so the tool becomes much more versatile during your DIY projects.

Best Overall: Titan Tools Stainless Steel Pry Bar

Four different sized stainless steel pry bars.
Titan Tools

This stainless steel pry bar from the company Titan Tools offers plenty of different style options, but we are focusing on the three-piece set with sizes including 5.5, 7.25, and 9.25 inches. The mirror-polished finish not only gives this a stellar look but durability that will help maintain your trusty tool for years to come. It’s ideal for nail and tack pulling and chiseling, but its sharp edges are also great for scraping.

Best Overall

Titan Tools Stainless Steel Pry Bar

This set offers a nail puller, razor-sharp scraper, and an angled edge for pulling.

Best Flat Bar: Crescent Flat Pry Bar

Flat pry bars and other various tools sitting on a wooden work bench.

This pry bar from the folks at Crescent offers numerous style options and comes with a high visibility red finish. This flat pry bar is corrosion-resistant and has a precision ground end specifically used for wedging into the tightest of gaps. The nail slot on the end of the tools allows you to access and pull nails, and the radius design increases durability, adds strength, and provides better prying leverage while working at troubling angles.

Best Flat Bar

Crescent Flat Pry Bar

If you are on a budget, consider this nice option with a cool red finish.

Most Versatile: GEARWRENCH Extendable Pry Bar

Someone using a pry bar on their car engine.

One of the more versatile pry bars on the market, due to its 33-inch extendable reach, is this bar from the dependable GEARWRENCH. It’s specifically designed to reach areas inaccessible to a fixed head tool for improved access. The head rotates 180 degrees through 14 locking positions for unparalleled access and leverage not found in most pry bars. The compact design is great for working in tight spaces and can be used for demolition, repositioning equipment, industrial work, aligning steel components, and moving engines.

Most Versatile

GEARWRENCH Extendable Pry Bar

This adjustable tool offers a versatile reach.

Best Set: Ion Tool Pry Bar

Four different sized pry bars with blue and black handles.
Ion Tool

One of the best pry bar sets is this four-piece set from Ion Tool. The four different pry bars range from 8 inches to 24 inches. Each tool is designed with quality construction from forged square stock, so it will not easily bend or twist. The handle offers a nonslip grip with an attractive two-tone color design. Another great feature with this set is the striking cap designed to give you hammer striking power.

Best Set

Ion Tool Pry Bar

This set of four offers high-quality construction and a nonslip grip for easy maneuvering.

Also Consider: TEKTON Flat Pry Bar

A red, wide pry bar.

Lastly, we introduce this flat pry bar from Tekton. This versatile, all-purpose contoured bar has a broad flat end and a high-leverage rocker end. The thin, sharpened chisel tips slide easily into the tightest of cracks and crevices while the durable enamel finish resists rust and corrosion. The three nail slots are also a trusty feature as there’s one at each end and one in the middle, all designed to let you get at nails from any angle.

Also Consider

TEKTON Flat Pry Bar

This reliable pry bar comes with three nail slots and is available in three different sizes.

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