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The Best Pumping Bras for You

a woman zipping up a black pumping bra

Pumping can be a pain—especially when you need your hands for other things! Pumping bras are a great way to allow you the freedom to use both your hands while pumping and even occasionally still breastfeed while pumping if need be. Below we have gathered together the best pumping bras for you to help you keep on momming.

Purchasing a Pumping Bra

In order to know which pumping bra will be best for you, it’s important to consider these few key points to help narrow down your purchase:

  • Fit: When purchasing a pumping bra all on its own, make sure it is compatible with the type of breast pump you have. If you really love the style, purchase a breast pump that is compatible with the nursing bra.
  • Comfort: A nursing bra should be comfortable and easy for you to use. After all, it’s about making your life a little easier with a baby! Adjustable straps, padded straps, a little extra support without wires can help make a nursing bra comfortable.
  • Ease of Use: Make sure it’s at least somewhat easy to attach your pump and also gives the baby easy access if they need to eat during the process. You’d have to struggle out of a traditional bra, don’t struggle with your pumping one!
  • Size: A pumping bra should fit perfectly, and you can measure for a nursing bra the same way you measure for a regular bra. It is important to measure your current body, as the changes from pregnancy might have caused a fluctuation in your cup size.

Best Overall: Momcozy Hands-Free Pumping Bra

A black pumping bra with two pump attachments.

Available in multiple colors and sizes, this pumping bra is designed for both hands-free pumping and nursing, either separately or together. Even if pumping and nursing multitasking isn’t necessary, it is always an option for moms with this bra. This bra can fit a range of breast pumps: Momcozy, Medela, Lansinoh, Phillips Avent, Bellema, Spectra, Evenflo, and more. Made of 97% cotton and 7% spandex, it is designed to be comfortable while offering support for all-day wear. The adjustable straps also mean you can get it to fit just right. There are also convenient drop-down cups for easy privacy-protected feeding.

Best Pump and Nurse: Kindred Bravely Sublime Hands-Free Pumping Bra

A woman wearing a beige pumping bra and holding one pump.
Kindred Bravely

This bra features a dual-clip for hands-free pumping as well as unobstructed nursing access. The design has one clip for the pumping layer and another for the nursing layer. Easy-to-use and comfortable to wear, this bra allows for easy multitasking and is made to hug your postpartum shape. Fully adjustable straps help you find a fit just right for you, and the thin layer of removable padding means a smooth look under just about any clothing item.

Best Pump and Nurse

Kindred Bravely Sublime Hands Free Pumping Bra | Patented All-in-One Pumping & Nursing Bra with EasyClip (Beige, Medium)

Dual clips, one for the pumping layer and one for the nursing layer, and fully adjustable straps with removable padding.

Best with No-Slip Support: Medela Easy Expression Hands-Free Pumping Bra

A woman wearing a black strapless pumping bra and using her phone.

Featuring a zip and hook closure, this bra is easy to take off and put on and is specially designed to fit the Medela double electric breast pump. The structure provides a secure fit that is made without straps and added no-slip support. This bra also has a reinforced opening to securely hold breast shields and is available in two colors—black and nude—as well as multiple sizes.

Best with No-Slip Support

Best Plus-Sized: PS PACASSO Pumping Bra

A model posing in a grey pumping bra with two attachments.

This bra offers a variety of color options to help you choose your style, as well as multiple sizes to help you find a fit that is just right. It is made from a cotton and spandex blend and is ideal for both hands-free pumping and one-step nursing. Comfortable enough to be worn in daily life, it is both stretchy and smooth with a push-up design to help alleviate clogged milk ducts. Adjustable and universal, this bra is made to fit you and almost all standard pump flanges.

Best Plus-Sized

Pumping Bra, Hands Free Pumping and Nursing Bra, Plus Size Maternity Sleep Bra, S-XXXL

Made from a comfortable spandex and cotton blend that is adjustable and designed to fit almost all breast pumps.

Best Value: LactaMed Simplicity Hands-Free Pumping Bra Kit

A model wearing a teal and black pumping system over a beige shirt.

This bra’s unique design allows for hands-on pumping massage to help moms get more milk in less time! It is designed as a one-size-fits-all and comes in a simple black color or a bold teal option. This pumping kit is easy to put on and take off without worrying about size adjustments and comes in two packs, so there is one for work and one for home.

Best Value

LactaMed Simplicity Hands Free Pumping Bra Kit - 2pk (Black)

The one-size-fits-all design allows hands-on breast massage while pumping for increased milk flow.

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