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The Best Putter Covers for Golfers

two different putter covers side-by-sideIf you’re a golfer who owns your own clubs, you may not think of your putter as an item in need of any particular protection. After all, it’s made of metal, so it’s obviously strong and durable, right? This may be true, but there are still good reasons why it’s worth buying a putter cover to provide yours with extra protection. Even though metal is strong, you do run the risk of your putter becoming scratched or damaged from rustling and jostling around in your bag in between holes. Whether they’re slung across your shoulder, carried by a caddy, or put in the back of a golf cart, it’s impossible for your clubs to not bump into each other at least a little during transport. Most putter covers will protect the shaft as well as the head of the putter, which is crucial since the shaft may be less durable than the head, depending on the material from which it’s made. A putter cover can also protect from the elements and be a fun way to add some flair to your golf game or declare your allegiance to your favorite sports teams. If you own your own clubs, a cover for your putter is a near necessity. Putters are generally one of the more expensive types of golf clubs, after all, so you want to be sure yours will be in the best shape and last as long as possible before it needs to be replaced.

What to Consider in a Putter Cover

Here’s what you’ll want to look into:

  • Compatibility: Be sure that whichever putter cover you select is compatible with your putter’s make and model. Some covers will only fit certain brands of putters, so check and see if the compatible brands or models are listed. If you want to play it safe, buy one that specifically says it’s compatible with any and all brands.
  • Shape: Most putter covers will come in two different shapes: one is L-shaped covers that outline the putter’s own shape; the other is mallet-shaped (also known as heel-shaped), which are more like a small bag in which you place the putter’s head. The only real difference between the two is that the L-shaped ones will generally offer more protection to the putter’s shaft than the mallet-shaped models. So if you have a graphite-based or other more delicately constructed shaft, you’ll probably want to spring for an L-shaped cover. If not, neither shape is inherently superior to the other, and you can pick according to personal preference.
  • Design: When it comes to picking the color and pattern of your putter cover, you will have quite a few options. There are solid-colored and multicolored options. There are covers with funny quotes, golf puns, logos of your favorite sports teams, patriotic designs, shamrock patterns, brand logos, animal prints, and more. Think about what kind of design or pattern you might like on your putter cover and choose accordingly. The odds are good you’ll be able to find just about any design you might want.

Top Choice: TaylorMade Putter Headcover

L-shaped white and black and red putter cover

This is an all-around well-equipped putter cover that is nice and sturdy. The synthetic, naturally waterproofed PU leather makeup will keep its feel and appearance as it ages, so this white, red, and black cover will retain its aesthetically pleasing exterior over time. It’s also considered vegan leather, so you can use it guilt-free. This cover is long enough to shield and protect the shaft near the putter’s head, not just the head itself, so it’s ideal if your putter has a graphite or similarly more delicate shaft. The elastic closure keeps it snug against your club, so you don’t have to worry about it sliding off during transportation. Designed as a one-size-fits-all cover, it should fit most standard putters.

Top Choice

TaylorMade Golf Putter Cover

An attractive red, black, and white putter cover made of naturally waterproofed synthetic PU leather.

Most Universal Fit: HIFROM Golf Putter Head Cover

L-shaped black putter cover decorated with green shamrocks

If you want to be certain that you’re buying a putter cover that will fit your club, this cover is good with all brands and blades of putters. The synthetic black leather body is embroidered with green four-leafed shamrocks for a cover that is equal parts stylish and protective. The interior is soft and fluffy, cushioning your putter to protect from accidental bumps and prevent scratches. The cover is lightweight (less than 0.1 pounds) yet durable and waterproof to keep your putter dry from sudden downpours. It slides right on and off, with a simple Velcro snap sewn into the interior to better keep the cover securely attached to your putter so that it won’t slip off by accident.

Most Universal Fit

HIFROM Golf Putter Head Cover Headcover Shamrock Embroidered Blade Fit All Brands

A durable, cushioned cover that will fit all putter brands and blades.

Best Magnetic: barudan Black Magnetic Putter Headcover

black leather L-shaped putter cover with a red and black USA logo on the top and an American flag on the side

While almost all putter covers have some sort of fastening to secure the cover against the club’s head, the type of fastening does vary. Most have elastic closure or some sort of Velcro strap. If you don’t feel either of these is secure enough for your liking, you may prefer this putter cover’s strong magnetic closure. It slides on and off easily yet will hold firm against the metal of your club’s shaft. The cover is made of customized and premium synthetic leather and is both waterproof and resistant to dust. It’s embroidered with “USA” on the top and the American flag on the side; you have the choice of a black cover with red or white appliqués or a white cover with red, white, and blue appliqués.

Best Magnetic

Best Design Options: Callaway Odyssey Putter Cover

mallet-shaped camo-patterned putter cover with golden lettering and logo

If you’re looking for a putter cover with a fun, unique design, this is the cover for you. You have four different, colorful designs from which to pick. Whether you want a classic white, red, and black, a camouflage, or a bright, clever slogan, there’s a design your golf buddies will appreciate. They’re made of genuine leather and embroidered with colorful threads for an eye-catching look. Each cover has a secure fit and a magnetic locking device to keep it snug on the golf club’s head. And no matter which of the four designs you prefer, each is available in both the mallet and blade style cover, so you can pick both the design and type of cover you like best.

Best Design Options

Odyssey Golf Camouflage Head Cover, Mallet

Choose between four fun, unique designs on either a mallet or blade style cover with this magnetic locking putter cover.

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