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The Best Queen Bed Frames

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🕚 Updated September 2021

Bed frames are just as important of a consideration as the mattress itself, as they not only support the mattress, but also, can actually increase its longevity. Choosing the right bed frame is a decision that you'll want to consider carefully.

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  Most Affordable Best Weight Capacity Best Wooden Most Storage Best Canopy Bed
Queen Metal Platform Bed Frame
Heavy-Duty Queen Bed Frame
Deluxe Wood Queen Bed Frame
Maven Platform Bed with Under Bed Storage
Best Choice Products
Modern Metal Canopy Bed w/Mattress Support
Our SummaryA sturdy, durable steel queen bed frame that provides extra storage space underneath.An incredibly strong steel queen bed frame capable of supporting up to 3,500 pounds.A simple but sturdy wooden queen bed frame that will match any bedroom aesthetic or style.A contemporary, stylish queen bed frame equipped with sliding drawers for maximum storage capabilities.A classic queen canopy bed frame in a contemporary style.
ProsLow cost, no box spring required, multiple height options, under-bed storage space.High weight capacity, can be bought with or without headboard/footboard, no tools required for assembly, good price.Real wood, four wood/color options, sturdy interior framework, single person assembly, stable slats.Extra and protective storage/drawer space, good ventilation, excellent support.Head and footboard included, extremely minimal assembly, customizable, more decorative than most metal frames.
ConsHeadboard not included, lower weight capacity, not recommended for air mattresses or water beds.Minimal aesthetics, sharp edges.Lower weight capacity, shorter height, no pre-drilled holes.Expensive, limited color choices, no headboard/footboard option.Low weight capacity, noisy, works better with a box spring.
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The Best Queen Bed Frames

A queen bed frame and a bed with pillows in a modern bedroom.
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Queen mattresses are 60 inches long by 80 inches wide, so a queen frame will measure between 62 to 65 inches long and 82 to 85 inches wide. Queen beds are the traditional choice for the home’s master bedroom. They’re a great choice for both couples and individuals alike, as they’re big enough to comfortably fit two adults, and they can give one person room to stretch out and move around. If you have a queen bed and are looking for a new frame to hold and support it, here are a few that we recommend.

Buying Guide for Queen Bed Frames

A modern bedroom with a queen bed on a metal bed frame that's decorated with purple throw pillows.

Why buy a queen bed frame?

The most obvious reason to buy a queen bed frame is if you own or plan to buy a queen mattress. There are many reasons to upgrade to a queen bed. They’re almost twice the width of a twin bed, so when a child or teenager outgrows that bed size, getting them a queen bed is a nice option. Regardless of age, people between 5 feet, 6 inches and 6 feet in height can benefit from a queen bed, as your bed should be at least 6 inches longer than your full height. This ideal sizing can help you achieve a better night’s sleep. Even if you’re shorter than 5 feet, 6 inches, you might still enjoy the extra space granted by a queen bed. And if you’re going to be sharing a bed with a spouse or partner, you’ll want a queen bed at least since it can comfortably fit two people on a consistent basis.

What should you look for in a queen bed frame?

  • Storage: Due to their sizeable proportions, queen bed frames occupy more space in the bedroom than full or twin beds. Depending on your bedroom’s dimensions, this could make it harder to find room for drawers or shelves. Fortunately, there are queen bed frames designed to address this very issue. Elevated or platform bed frames create more room to store items underneath, including shorter, elongated drawers and boxes for more compact and organized storage. You can add a bed skirt to the frame, and no one will know whether there’s luggage, extra clothes, or books hidden under the bed. Other models have built-in, slide-out storage drawers in the frame’s base. There are also queen bed frames with bookcase headboards, allowing you to optimize the space behind and above your bed.
  • Design: As with other bedroom furniture and decor, you’ll want to look for a queen bed frame that matches your chosen aesthetic. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available. If you want something simple and understated, opt for a queen bed frame without a headboard or footboard. Models with headboards and footboards offer a great decorative range, from rounded or sharp corners to wavy or scalloped edges to carved or engraved patterns. Most bed frames are neutral shades like black, white, gray, beige, or brown. If you want something with more color, look for a frame that’s upholstered with velvet or another fabric. Some upholstered queen bed frames can be decorated with rows of brass or other metal accents. Four-poster and canopy beds are readily available design options for queen bed frames as well.
  • Material: Most modern queen bed frames are made from wood, metal, fabric upholstery, or real or faux leather. Bed frames made of wood are strong and steady, offer a timeless look, and suit a range of aesthetics, although they’re also heavy and hard to move and could crack over time. Metal bed frames are the most durable and easy to keep clean, although they aren’t comfortable to lean against. Upholstered bed frames aren’t as sturdy and require more frequent cleaning, but they’re decorative, soft, and comfortable. Faux and real leather are soft, cool, and luxurious, although faux leather is more low maintenance and eco-friendly than the real thing. They also tend to offer a more limited range of color and design options.

Should you buy a frame with or without a headboard?

You’ll probably want a bed frame with a headboard, as this creates a sort of barricade between the bed and wall that holds your pillows in place. A headboard won’t slide off the back of your bed if the frame ever shifts away from the wall while you’re sleeping. It can also help protect the wall from scratches and abrasions. However, it isn’t an absolute necessity. Depending on your lounging and decorating habits, you might prefer a bed frame without a headboard. If you’re someone who likes to sit up and read or watch TV in bed, you’ll probably want the headboard to lean back against for extra support (especially a padded or upholstered one). You might also like a decorative headboard to fill wall space and contribute to your design aesthetic. However, others might like the look of the open space or prefer to fill it with other decorations such as pictures, posters, or stickers. And if you plan to prop the side of your bed rather than the head against the wall, you might not need a headboard to act as a barrier between your bed frame and the wall. Either way, there are plenty of options for queen bed frames with or without a headboard.

Also, keep in mind that if you don’t like any of these frames with headboards or can’t find one that matches your decor, you can buy a separate headboard that you love and attach it to your bed frame—another good reason to buy a queen bed frame without a headboard.

Our Picks for the Most Supportive Queen Bed Frames

Most Affordable

ZINUS Queen Metal Platform Bed Frame

A sturdy, durable steel queen bed frame that provides extra storage space underneath.

Pros: If you want a platform-style bed frame for your queen mattress, you’re in luck. You can buy this frame with a 14-, 16-, or 18-inch height, which is ideal for storing odds and ends underneath. No box spring is required thanks to the steel slats that hold the mattress firmly in place. The entire frame, not just the slats, is made of steel, so you know that you’re getting a durable frame with a long service life. And the price is lower than average.

Cons: This bed frame has a 700-pound weight limit. While this ensures that it’s capable of supporting most full-grown adult couples at the same time, you might find that its limits are tested if your kids or pets decide to hop in with you. It also doesn’t have a headboard or footboard, so you’ll need to supply your own if you want either or both. And if you own a water bed or air mattress, you’ll have to look elsewhere, as it’s not compatible with either.

Bottom Line: This queen bed frame is compact and subtle yet sleek and modern in style, and a great fit for a memory foam, spring, or hybrid queen mattress. It’s a great choice for childless and petless couples and for individuals who want a queen bed to stretch out on as well as for people who already own a separate headboard/footboard that they like and want to attach to a new bed frame. It’s also a good choice for the budget-conscious. But if you want a queen bed with a higher weight capacity or with a built-in headboard/footboard, this isn’t the one for you.


Best Weight Capacity

TATAGO Heavy Duty Queen Bed Frame

An incredibly strong steel queen bed frame capable of supporting up to 3,500 pounds.

Pros: While many metal bed frames tend to be strong and capable of supporting large amounts of weight, this queen model really takes the cake. The alloy steel frame has an impressive maximum weight capacity of 3,500 pounds, which is enough to hold four to six full-grown adults at once. The 16-inch height provides you with 14 inches of storage space under the bed, and all the hardware for assembly is included. As a bonus, you can buy the frame by itself, the frame with a headboard, or the frame with a headboard and a footboard. And since the holes in the bedposts are pre-drilled, you can add a headboard of your choice later on.

Cons: If you have young children in your home, this might not be the best choice of bed frame in terms of safety. The metal edges are sharp, so there’s a higher-than-average risk of kids hurting themselves on it by accident (unless you decide that padding or safety-proofing the edges is worth the time and effort). It’s also worth noting that this bed frame, while extremely functional, isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing model on the market. Even if you buy it with a headboard and a footboard, it’s very simple.

Bottom Line: This is an incredibly strong and sturdy frame, even by steel bed frame standards. Not only will it be able to support you, your significant other, your children, and your pets, but you won’t have to worry about the structure warping or twisting out of shape. If practicality and functionality are more important to you than aesthetics, you’ll likely love this queen bed frame. But if you want a more decorative or elaborate frame, consider looking elsewhere.


Best Wooden

Zinus Deluxe Wood Queen Bed Frame

A simple but sturdy wooden queen bed frame that will match almost any bedroom aesthetic.

Pros: Unlike some other “wooden” bed frames, this one is actually made of real, solid wood rather than particleboard. Not only will you receive that nice wood grain look, with no two bed frames being exactly alike, it’s also more durable and more stable than a particleboard model. The interior steel framework and Velcro snaps that hold the slats in place make it sturdier still. And you can buy it in four different types of wood and their corresponding color differences to better fit your aesthetic. You can buy it with or without a headboard, depending on your preferences. As a bonus, you won’t have to worry about putting this bed together if you don’t have anyone to help you. Unlike most other bed frames, it’s possible to assemble this one yourself.

Cons: Even though wood frames are pretty strong across the board, they aren’t quite as strong as metal frames. And less strength also means a smaller weight capacity. While this queen bed frame can support 700 pounds, which is enough for almost all two grown adults together, it doesn’t have the highest weight capacity on the market. Many models can support 1,000 pounds of weight or more. And although it does have a small platform, it’s not as tall as many other bed frames, which means less storage space underneath the bed. And if you buy a model without the headboard but later decide that you want one, you’ll have to drill the holes yourself, a task that not every consumer will feel comfortable undertaking.

Bottom Line: You can’t go wrong with a wooden bed frame. It’s timeless, sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, and can match almost any bedroom style or decor. Thanks to its reinforced stability and multiple color options, this model is a great choice for people who want a classic bed frame. The only reason that you might want to pass on this one is if you want the added peace of mind of a high weight capacity or more under-the-bed storage space. People with smaller bedrooms or apartments, for instance, can benefit greatly from bed frames that provide 10 inches or more of space below. This one only offers 6.3 inches.


Most Storage

DHP Maven Platform Bed with Under-Bed Storage

A contemporary, stylish queen bed frame equipped with sliding drawers for maximum storage capabilities.

Pros: The main attraction of this queen bed frame is, of course, its built-in storage. Two drawers pull out on either side of the frame, below the mattress. Not only does this give you extra storage space for your home, but also, storage that provides greater protection than simply sticking your stuff under the bed. The bentwood slat system of the frame increases airflow and circulation around your queen mattress to keep it fresher, and thanks to those same slats, you don’t need a box spring for this frame. It also provides good back support and helps evenly distribute pressure as you’re sleeping.

Cons: Attractive as the upholstery finish of this frame is, you’ll only have the choice between sleek black faux leather or muted gray linen. If you don’t like either of these colors or neither matches your bedroom decor, you’re out of luck. And the extra drawer space comes at a cost, quite literally. It’s more expensive than the average queen bed frame. And even with the higher price tag, this bed frame doesn’t come with a headboard or footboard option. You’ll have to provide and install your own if you want them, which will cost even more money, not to mention time and effort.

Bottom Line: This queen bed frame offers functionality blended with trendy, contemporary style in more ways than one. Not only are the low profile and clean lines extremely modern and stylish, but the two sliding drawers give you a convenient spot to pack away extra clothes, stash a change of linens, store extra blankets, and more. People with limited floor room in their apartment or with too many clothes to fit in their current chest of drawers or closet will appreciate the extra storage space that this queen bed frame provides. But if you’re on a stricter budget, there are more cost-efficient options available.


Best Canopy Bed

Best Choice Products Modern Metal Canopy Bed w/ Mattress Support

A classic queen canopy bed frame in a contemporary style.

Pros: This queen bed frame is a sharp, modern take on a centuries-old bed design. Made entirely of sturdy metal, it has four built-in slats with rails along the top on which to hang a canopy or curtains. Even better, you can arrange the canopy or curtains to fall in whatever pattern or look you desire. While this queen canopy bed might look complex, it’s easily put together in three simple steps—even with both the headboard and the footboard included. Overall, it’s much more decorative and intricate than many other metal bed frames, which tend to be quite simple in design.

Cons: Even though it’s made of metal, this queen bed frame doesn’t have the greatest weight capacity. With a 660-pound maximum weight, it should support one or two grown adults at once, but not much more. The metal frame can be creaky or squeaky when you toss and turn or otherwise move around on the bed, which some people might find to be disruptive when they’re trying to fall asleep. And while this queen bed frame doesn’t strictly require the use of a box spring to work, it will function better with one.

Bottom Line: Canopy beds are a great option for people who are sensitive to light when falling asleep, for people who enjoy having some additional privacy, or for people who simply like the dramatic look. The sleek black or white finish, crisp lines, and symmetrical cross designs on the headboard and the footboard give this traditional bed style a modern, almost industrial twist. There’s room underneath the bed frame for storage drawers and boxes, various shoes, toys, and other odds and ends. However, if you’re especially noise-sensitive or you want a really supportive bed, you’ll probably want a different bed frame.

Final Thoughts

Bed frames are a worthwhile investment for beds of all sizes. They not only support your mattress, but also, lift it off the ground to keep bugs, mold, dust, and other allergens out. And they can add some aesthetic appeal to your bedroom or guest room as well. Thus, if you own or plan to upgrade to a queen mattress, buying a queen bed frame to go with it is a must.

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