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The Best Quick-Dry Towels

🕚 Updated April 2022

Quick-dry towels are absorbent, convenient, and versatile. Whether you're taking a dip in the lake, heading on vacation, or sweating in the gym, these quick-dry towels are up for the task!

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  Top Choice Eco-Friendly Design Great Combo Pack Great for the Beach Best Bath Towel
Compact & Ultra Soft Microfiber Camping Towel
Dock & Bay
Beach Towel
Wise Owl Outfitters
Camping Travel Towel
100% Turkish Cotton Beach Towels
Amazon Basics
Quick-Dry Bath Towels
Our SummaryAn affordable, highly absorbent towel that's designed to fit in any duffle or sports bag.This environmentally-friendly beach towel is high-quality, sand-free, and machine washable.This camping towel set is ideal for outdoors enthusiasts.This vibrant set of towels is stylish, soft, and ready for days in the sun.This set of no-fuss bathroom towels is made of skin-friendly 100% cotton for daily drying needs.
ProsAffordable, lightweight, high-quality, compact, comes with its own mesh bag, travel-friendly, several sizes, 12 vibrant colors, polyester-polyamide blend, ultra-absorbent, dirt-repellant, durable, hang-dry strap.Large, lightweight, travel-friendly, hang-dry hook, 100% recycled materials, matching travel bag, sand-free, microfiber, dries 3x faster than conventional towels, odor-resistant. Multipurpose, high-quality, absorbent, affordable, set of two, lightweight, convenient, ultra-soft, 10 colors, one large and one extra-large size, travel-friendly bag, interlock stitching, sand-repellent, easy to hang.Pack of six, 100% Turkish cotton, high-quality, soft, 71 by 39 inches, sweatshop free, no shrinkage, pre-washed, lightweight, machine washable, stylish.Set of two, fluffy, soft, high-quality, multiple colors and sizes, tear-resistant, 100% cotton, plush, machine washable.
ConsSmaller size, thin.Can blow away on windy beach days, thinner.Must hang to dry.Thinner.Tend to shrink after machine washes, smaller than other bath towels.
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The Best Quick-Dry Towels

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Buying Guide for Quick-Dry Towels

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Wise Owl/Wise Owl/Fit-Flip

Why buy a quick-dry towel?

Quick-dry towels are designed to be ultra-absorbent and safe on skin and most surfaces. They’re great for working out, traveling, beach trips, camping, and just normal shower routines. They’re more convenient than traditional towels since they’re typically more absorbent, lightweight, and portable, and best of all, they dry faster, meaning they’re less susceptible to mildew and smells and much easier to take on the go.

What should you look for in a quick-dry towel?

  • Material: Most quick-dry towels are made of ultra-absorbent materials like microfiber or cotton. These materials are great because they’re skin-friendly and soft to the touch. There are also options made of environmentally-friendly recycled materials, so you can use them without guilt. One of the many great things about quick-dry towels is their reusability and durability.
  • Purpose: Some quick-dry towels will be particularly great for outdoorsy activities or travel. These will usually be made from thinner materials and come with mesh carrying bags for easy portability. They’re also often resistant to sand and dirt. If you want one for at-home use, you can find towels closer to traditional ones, just made to dry faster. Others still are better for beach or pool outings. These will usually be a little more decorative and large enough to wrap around the body easily.
  • Size: Finding a size that works for you is essential. Small quick-dry towels are great for cleaning up general spills and messes; they’re also travel-friendly. Large microfiber towels, on the other hand, can be used at the gym, when towel-drying your hair, on camping or extended trips, or at the beach! Buying a set of quick-dry towels in varying sizes is perfect for ensuring that you have a designated towel for all of your needs.
  • Color: You can express yourself by choosing a quick-dry towel in your preferred color! Lighter towels are great, but they can be prone to staining, so if you regularly use your towel for things like camping, you may want to opt for a towel in a darker shade.

How do you wash a quick-dry towel?

You can typically use any laundry detergent to wash quick-dry towels, but there are some towels that require microfiber-safe detergent depending on the material that the towel is made of. Your towels should be washed in warm water and tumbled dry separately. You can also use a cup of distilled white vinegar to cleanse your towels on a rinse cycle if you prefer not to use harsh detergents in your laundry routine.

Our Picks for the Best Quick-Dry Towels

Top Choice

Fit-Flip Travel Towel

An affordable, highly absorbent towel that's designed to fit in any duffle or sports bag.

Pros: This compact quick-dry towel comes with its own mesh bag, so it’s incredibly easy to travel with or bring on a camping trip. You can attach it to your backpack, so it doesn’t even have to take up precious space inside your bags. The towel is available in several sizes and comes in 12 vibrant colors. It’s made of a polyester-polyamide blend that’s ultra-absorbent and dirt-repellent. It can withstand regular use without the quality of the towel diminishing over time. It even has an easy-to-use hang-dry strap that makes it a breeze to air-dry your towel after each use.

Cons: These towels are designed to be compact, so they’re smaller than most towels. The quick-drying material is also quite thin, so some may prefer a thicker towel.

Bottom Line: Lightweight and absorbent, this quick-dry towel is perfect for the gym, travel, and hikes! It’s made of high-quality microfiber that’s durable yet soft and easy to pack up in its included mesh bag.


Eco-Friendly Design

Dock & Bay Beach Towel

This environmentally-friendly beach towel is high-quality, sand-free, and machine washable.

Pros: This cabana beach towel comes in a wide variety of beautiful colors and comes in large and extra-large sizes. It’s made of 100% recycled materials, so it’s environmentally friendly, and it comes with a matching travel bag for easy carrying. The sand-free microfiber material allows you to sunbathe and dry off after beach days without getting ruined by sand. This polyester-polyamide towel dries three times faster than conventional cotton towels and is odor resistant.

Cons: This towel is lightweight, so it may have a tendency to get blown away on windy beach days. It’s also thinner than traditional towels.

Bottom Line: This nautical beach towel is large yet lightweight, so it’s easy to pack it away in its carrying bag after use. It also has a convenient elastic hook for easy hang drying and is the ultimate towel for the beach or pool.


Great Combo Pack

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Travel Towel

This camping towel set is ideal for outdoors enthusiasts.

Pros: This set of affordable camping towels is lightweight, convenient, and ultra-soft! They’re available in 10 timeless colors and come in one large and one extra-large size for all of your drying needs. This set comes with its own travel-friendly bag and is durable with reinforced interlock stitching designed to withstand heavy use. They’re also dirt- and sand-repellent, so they’re perfect for the outdoors, and you can easily dry them with their straps.

Cons: These towels will melt in the dryer, so it’s essential that they are hung to dry.

Bottom Line: This set of towels is great for camping, hiking, and swimming. They have thousands of micro threads to be highly absorbent and ultra-cozy.


Best for the Beach

HAVLULAND 100% Turkish Cotton Beach Towels

This vibrant set of towels is stylish, soft, and ready for days in the sun.

Pros: These bright and beautiful towels come in a convenient pack of six. They’re made of 100% Turkish cotton that’s high-quality and soft to the touch. They’re 71 by 39 inches, so they’re nice and large, making them perfect for the beach or pool. They’re also high-quality, anti-shrinkage, and pre-washed for an ultra-soft feel. They can even be machine washed and dried in a conventional dryer as long as they’re tumble-dried on a low setting.

Cons: These towels are pretty thin.

Bottom Line: This set of stylish, colorful, and lightweight towels can be used at the beach, gym, or pool! They’re durable and easy to store. Plus, they’re super soft, so they’ll be comfortable on your skin.


Best Bath Towel

Amazon Basics Quick-Dry Bath Towels

This set of no-fuss bathroom towels is made of skin-friendly 100% cotton for daily drying needs.

Pros: This set of bathroom towels will be a great addition to your home! They come in a variety of classic colors and sizes and are made of super soft and tear-resistant cotton. The bath towel is 54 by 30 inches, so it’s large enough for full-body drying after showers. These towels are fluffy and plush, so they’re comfortable on the skin. They dry faster than typical bath towels, so they’re suitable for busy households and are machine washable.

Cons: These towels tend to shrink after machine washes, so washing them in a delicate setting is essential. The dimensions are also smaller than other bath towels.

Bottom Line: These classic bath towels with extra convenience are a must-have for home use. They’re fluffy, soft, and quick-drying. They come in a set of two and offer great value. They make drying off after showering a breeze, and they won’t get smelly since they dry so fast.

Final Thoughts

Quick-dry towels are handy for use at home, on vacation, at the beach, on a hike, in the gym, and more. Check out our suggestions if you want convenient, portable, well-designed towels.

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