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The Best Racquetball Racquets to Help You Improve Your Game

Two women playing racquetball in an indoor court.
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Racquetball can take place in an indoor or outdoor court and is normally played by between two to four people. It’s a high-octane sport that requires tremendous athleticism and endurance as well as the right equipment. Athletic equipment like the proper shoes, bags, balls, and racquets are all essential to play the game, with the latter probably more crucial than the rest. A racquetball racquet needs to have many things to be considered a great racquet, and in this article, we will dive in deeper and take a look at some of our favorite racquets on the market.

Choosing the Right Racquetball Racquet

When shopping for your ideal racquet, keep these considerations in mind:

  • Skill Level: First and foremost, how good are you at racquetball? If you are a beginner that has never played the sport before, but now your best friends are urging you to play with them, then you shouldn’t buy gear designed for professionals. The reverse is the same for advanced players. Look for reasonably priced sets that will give you a simple introduction to the racquet and the sport without breaking the bank.
  • Weight: Players with a slow swing should look for racquets with a heavyweight, and those with fast swings should consider a lightweight racquet. Again, this is dependent on your personal skill level.
  • Proper Grip: Proper grip sizing is also important when you are choosing your new racquetball racquet. Most players wear a glove when they play, as the rubber helps keep the glove sticking to the grip, especially when your hand gets wet. So look for a handle that has a cushion, less slippage, and a connected wrist lacer that won’t hurt your joint.

Best Overall: HEAD Intelligence i.165 Racquet

A black racquet with yellow strings.

Possibly the best racquetball racquet comes from the dependable company, HEAD. HEAD has constantly pushed athletic equipment into the modern era and continued this trend with this killer racquet. The sleek, thin beam design is super lightweight to make it easy to maneuver the racquet during gameplay, and the strings were designed with intelligence technology. The intelli fibers from this technology produce an electrical charge on ball impact that causes the fibers to stiffen, resulting in increased power and precision.

Best Overall

HEAD Intelligence I.165 Racquetball Racket - Pre-Strung Head Heavy Balance Racquet

This head-heavy racquet offers power and precision when you are on the court.

Best for Beginners: Python Racquetball Deluxe Racquetball Starter Kit Series

A racquet, balls, goggles, and a clear carrying case.

If you are new to the game and starting from scratch, then this starter kit from Python is a must-have. The starter kit features, of course, a racquet, a three-ball can, a clear kit case, and a glove cord for a relatively affordable price. The convenient carrying case easily holds the 1.39 pounds of equipment, so you can efficiently travel to your next racquetball game. One point for the beginners.

Best for Beginners

Deluxe Racquetball Starter Kit (Set) (Pack) ($50 Value)

Whether you are a beginner at the sport or not, this is a great kit to have.

Best for Advanced Players: E-Force Chaos Racquetball Racquet

A multicolored racquet with yellows strings and a wrist lacer.

This heavily-made racquet is one of the best for intermediate to advanced players as it offers no vibrations. The monster string holes allow both main and cross strings to be anchored on the outside of the frame for more stringbed deflection and power. The mainstrings skip every two holes, so the ball doesn’t strike two mainstrings at once, allowing for power and a livelier ball response.

Best for Advanced Players

E-Force Chaos Racquetball Racquet

With maximum stringed deflection, this racquet imparts more power to your swing.

Best Color Options: Python Intro 5000 Racquetball Racquet Series

A black racquet with a blue pattern and white strings.

The Python Intro 5000 doesn’t just offer blue and red color options, but it happens to also be one of the best racquets on the market. It’s super affordable and is a great racquet for any beginner trying out the sport. Much like the previous racquet, this one also has strings that are well spaced, and the handle offers a quality grip and is super comfortable during game time.

Best Color Options

Python Intro 5000 Racquetball Racquet Series (Blue)

This racquet comes at an affordable price, and you can get it in blue or red.

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