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The Best Rain Showerheads

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🕚 Updated January 2023

Few things feel as good as a nice warm shower at the end of a long day. A rain showerhead elevates the experience even further. These are our top picks for rain showerheads to give you the ideal shower experience.

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  Best with Water Filter Best Large Square Head Best Combo Sleek Round Design Best Black Design
High-Pressure Rain Shower Head
High-Pressure Shower Head
High-Pressure Rainfall Shower Head with Handheld Combo
High-Pressure Rain Shower Head, 8 Inch
Black Shower System
Our SummaryThis efficient, high-pressure rain showerhead saves you money and saves you from disappointing drizzly showers.It takes just a few minutes to get this high-pressure rain showerhead and filter installed and working. It’s adjustable to create a satisfying shower experience.his rain shower setup shouldn't leave you or your family disappointed.This rain showerhead is pretty to look at and powerful to stand under.Make a bold statement with this sleek black rain showerhead.
Pros✓ 90 rubber jets
✓ Will last for years
✓ Saves energy and money
✓ Included water filter
✓ Several finishes available
✓ No tools needed
✓ Square showerhead
✓ Contemporary style
✓ Adjustable
✓ Durable stainless steel
✓ Comes with a handheld showerhead
✓ Nine different settings
✓ Use one or both showerheads at the same time
✓Great for dogs and kids
✓ Stainless steel with chrome finish
✓ 90 silicone self-cleaning nozzles
✓ Flexible and strong
✓ Adjustable
✓ Comes with a matching shower faucet
✓ Pressure-balancing ceramic disc cartridge temperature
✓ Long shower arm
✓ Unique design
Cons✗ Might be difficult to get the perfect water pressure✗ Adjusting the arm and showerhead can be frustrating✗ Several parts and steps are required to install and operate the showerhead✗ Some users found the pressure too high✗ On the pricier side
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The Best Rain Showerheads

Water flows from a rain shower head in a modern-looking shower.
MIA Studio/Shutterstock.com

If you’re looking for a new showerhead and want to explore the options that recreate the experience of standing in the rain but in the comfort of your own home, check out these options.

Buying Guide for the Best Rain Showerheads

Water flows from a rain shower head in a stone tiled shower
Qilin’s prance Filmmaker/Shutterstock.com

Why buy a rain showerhead?

For those of us who are already convinced about the benefits of showering in a clean, peaceful shower, it may not be such a stretch to take the importance of a good showerhead seriously. Remember that you’re also in the shower for the experience, not simply to clean off. Standing under a steady stream of steamy water is a wonderful feeling that can wash away the day, and rain showerheads are great at creating that gentle deluge over your head.

What should you look for in a rain showerhead?

  • Water Pressure: First and foremost, you will want a rain showerhead that understands our ideal water pressure is constantly changing. Some days, we’re looking for a light drizzle, something to unwind with. Other days, we’re looking for the kind of water pressure that might just cleanse us of every bad decision we’ve made. Consider showerheads with multiple pressure settings for optimal personalization of your shower.
  • Health Benefits: Another big consideration to take into account is that with the right rain showerhead, you’re not only improving the quality of your water but your own body. A showerhead that utilizes not only strong pressure but technological side features that strip the incoming water of its harmful substances to produce outgoing water that’s crisp and clean is a must-have.
  • Overhead vs. Handheld: Lastly, consider how you’d position your rain showerhead. Different people have their preferred pressure, but the distance between you and your stream shouldn’t go unnoted. Overhead rain showerheads with adjustable positionings are good for those who prefer hands-free operation. A showerhead with the ability to opt into handheld use is likely to appease those who prefer a closer, deep clean.

How much should you expect to spend on a rain showerhead?

You’ll encounter quite a difference in price among rain showerheads. Why is this the case? Well, most often, quality materials and advanced design are the best indicators. Industry certifications make a difference, too. Showerheads that are pure stainless steel or brass will be more expensive than plastic parts with steel or brass plating, for example. Extra features push up the price as well. Inexpensive models run as low as $20, while the more expensive ones cost around $100 or more.

Our Picks for the Best Rain Showerheads

Best with Water Filter

SparkPod High-Pressure Rain Shower Head

This efficient, high-pressure rain showerhead saves you money and saves you from disappointing drizzly showers.

Pros: This clean and shiny chrome-plated showerhead features 90 mini, powerful, rustproof rubber jets. Consequently, the strong stream clears out hard water and limescale deposits, which ensures the showerhead will last for years. In addition to providing stronger water pressure, the SparkPod high-pressure showerhead helps save energy. Its outflow maxes at 1.8 gallons per minute, a feature that’s better for the environment and easier on your utility bill. Also included are a water filter and extra Teflon tape. The chrome plating brings the visual appeal of this showerhead up a notch, adding a note of elegance to your bathroom. The SparkPod is available in several finishes like matte black, gold, and polished brass, to name a few.

Cons: You may find that the showerhead produces too little or too much water pressure. It seems to depend on personal preference.

Bottom Line: Tired of weak pressure when you’re desperate for a hot or cold shower with powerful pressure and wide coverage? This rain showerhead is sufficiently powerful and accommodating to open and clean your skin’s pores. It’s kind of like a trip to the spa without the cost.


Best Large Square Head

MeSun High-Pressure Shower Head

It takes just a few minutes to get this high-pressure rain showerhead and filter installed and working. It's adjustable to create a satisfying shower experience.

Pros: No tools are needed to quickly install this contemporary square showerhead. The 12-inch wide and super thin premium stainless-steel head and brass showerhead arm together make a lightweight and durable fixture. Adjust the angle of the showerhead and the arm 360 degrees for a tailored reach. You won’t have to worry about leakage, thanks to the quality steel and brass materials and durable construction that went into this innovative showerhead. Both powerful and beautiful, this appliance may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Cons: Some users find adjusting the arm and showerhead frustrating because the design requires that you operate the tightening handles. The piece doesn’t swivel as the included nut is fixed.

Bottom Line: This highly adjustable high-pressure showerhead is modern in appearance and technology. Move the showerhead and arm to suit your height and preference—no more frustrating, drippy showers with fluctuating pressure. With the MeSun, enjoy a reliably constant stream of water.


Best Combo

COSYLAND 8'' High-Pressure Rainfall Shower Head with Handheld Combo

This rain shower setup shouldn't leave you or your family disappointed.

Pros: The COSYLAND stainless steel rainfall shower set is quite a unique package. The square 8-inch wide showerhead comes with a second handheld one, an 11-inch extension arm, a 60-inch hose, two pipe sealant tapes and four hooks for installation. You get a surprise, too: a handy bath sponge! The second handheld showerhead really sets this product above the rest. It features nine different settings from soft, power, or spray massage to mist and more. Choose to shower with one or both showerheads; the multi-functional combination boosts cleaning power for yourself and other family members as well. It’s great for dogs and kids, though probably not at the same time.

Cons: While the showerhead combination is supposedly easy to install and operate, several parts and steps are required.

Bottom Line: This truly accessible high-pressure rainfall showerhead gives you and the rest of the family an ideal shower experience. Its two heads (one handheld, one mounted) make it possible to shower with one or the other or both together for an ultimate shower experience.


Sleek Round Design

NearMoon High-Pressure Rain Shower Head, 8 Inch

This rain showerhead is pretty to look at and powerful to stand under.

Pros: The round and shiny high-pressure showerhead by NearMoon resembles a silvery full moon. Made of 100% stainless steel, the 8-inch-wide designer rain showerhead is further embellished with a chrome finish to give it shine and durability. The showerhead has 90 silicone nozzles that are flexible, strong, self-cleaning, and anti-limescale. Adjust the NearMoon showerhead to practically any angle you prefer with the swivel-ball connector design.

Cons: It depends on personal preference, but some users found the shower pressure too high.

Bottom Line: Move it around to the angle you prefer, take advantage of its high-pressure capability, and take comfort knowing that limescale buildup is a bygone concern. This rain showerhead looks as good as it functions.


Best Black Design

KES Black Shower System

Make a bold statement with this minimalist and modern rain showerhead.

Pros: Time to modernize your bathroom with this minimalist black rain showerhead. The large showerhead comes with a matching one-piece brass faucet. But this isn’t just about looks; safety comes into play as well. The pressure-balancing ceramic disc cartridge that comes with the showerhead can stop the scalding that comes with sudden changes in water temperature. Quickly adjust the showerhead’s angle for perfect coverage.

Cons: The KES showerhead is pricier than the other products we review here. The price matches the quality, but some users might not want to spend so much.

Bottom Line: You’ll get a quality design and functional value when it comes to this shower and faucet combination. It’s a great buy for more than just looks and water pressure; the adjustable features make the showerhead a great experience for most people.

Final Thoughts

If you find yourself showering at the gym every day to avoid that low-performing shower at home, it’s time for a new showerhead. But why go traditional when there’s such an array of fantastic rain showerheads available? This modern take on an old setup can bring up good memories of playing in the rain, so check out our recommendations.

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