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The Best Raised Garden Bed for Your Backyard

Think of a raised garden bed as one grand planter. Rather than provide space for a single plant, it outlines the parameters of a garden for you. It’s all a matter of how experienced you and your green thumb are when it comes to picking a garden bed. Are you looking for a way to grow your own herbs and veggies for dinner? Or, are you just interested in growing succulents by the window sill? There are plenty of options that make gardening a breeze, so here are a few that we recommend.

Choosing the Perfect Planter for You

Consider these factors before you pick out your next raised garden bed:

  • Open vs. Closed-Bed: Raised gardens are divided into two designs: the open bed and the closed bed. Open beds rest on a patch of soil in your backyard and allow more plants to grow directly into the ground. Closed-bed gardens are closer to being considered large planters, as they tend to run smaller and always separate from the ground. The type you choose has a direct effect on the next two factors.
  • Watering System: Watering systems vary between open- and closed-bed gardens. An open-bed watering system is as simple but potentially time-consuming as dousing every inch of soil in the garden. Closed beds can often do a lot of work for gardeners, offering hidden water reservoirs or trickle-down watering spouts. Again, the decision you make here should be fueled by your experience and the amount of time you know you can dedicate to a garden.
  • Space: You should also take sizing into account. Open beds are typically larger, while closed beds, though spacious in their own way, don’t take up nearly as much space as a traditional garden bed would. Apartment residents looking to dress up their balcony can’t go wrong with a closed-bed, while home-owners with medium backyards could benefit from either purchase.

Best Metal Planter: Sunnydaze Raised Metal Garden Bed Kit

For those seeking a classic look for their backyard, the Sunnydaze Raised Metal Garden Bed Kit has an industrial appeal and offers great space for your green thumb. It’s a moderately-sized bed, measuring 40 inches from corner to corner, 36 inches from straight edge to straight edge, and 16 inches tall. That provides more than enough room to raise an assortment of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. This steel garden bed is constructed from a thick, galvanized metal that should stand the test of time thanks to its anti-rust coasting. Its reinforced steel pairs well with its open bottom, which not only allows for easy drainage but also protects your greenery from invasive weeds and hungry critters.

Best Metal Planter

Best Mobile Planter: FOYUEE Raised Planter Box with Legs

If you’re interested in something a bit more agile for your purposes, FOYUEE provides more than just heavy-duty planters. Their Raised Planter Box with Legs is a smaller garden bed, but one with enough space and personality that warrants your attention. It’s capable of holding 2.5 feet of soil in its 37.5-by-15.5-inch planting box, which is still more than enough room to get some moderate gardening done. By rising to your level, or at least close to it, this bed eliminates the need to bend over, providing you with a convenient and pain-free gardening experience; by all accounts, that makes this an ergonomic garden bed. There’s no doubt that this garden bed’s most appealing features are its hind wheels and bottom storage. You can move this one anywhere you’d like in your backyard or balcony while stowing gardening tools and other necessities just below.

Best Mobile Planter

Best Self-Watering Planter: KETER Easy Grow 31.7 Gallon Raised Garden Bed

Here’s a raised bed that’s intended to make gardening easy again. The 31.7 Gallon KETER Easy Grow offers a respectable combination of moderate pricing and versatility. All 44 by 19 inches of this garden bed are made from a polypropylene resin that’s weaved into a neat rattan pattern, so not only are you getting a durable garden bed but a trendy one that will match any season as well. What makes this raised garden such a must-have is its full watering system, which contains a water reservoir, a water gauge, and a drainage tap. The water reservoir holds just enough liquid to prevent root decay and overwatering, while the water gauge always indicates how much water is in your reservoir and when it’s time to drain it. Using its drainage tap is as simple as unplugging the valve until the necessary amount of water has been removed. Its mess-free watering system makes this an easy addition to have indoors as well, offering a great view and protection from those warmer days.

Best Ladder Planter: Outland Living Freestanding Elevated Planter

Among the most luxurious and quaint raised garden beds you can find, Outland Living’s Freestanding Elevated Planter is bound to offer a colorful sight. Plant herbs, flowers, vegetables, and other plants across this 6-foot cascading garden. Each of its four plant bins is constructed from 100% new polypropylene material and are food safe, meaning no lead, mercury, or BPA contaminants. Each bin can convert into an optional cascading drainage system that would allow water to flow from the top down into the next row; this would ensure that all of your plants are appropriately watered rather than overwatered. Its height and the ability to water from the top without ever having to crouch makes this an ergonomic garden bed as well. All in all, this is a sturdy option that’s as easy on the eyes as it would be for your back.

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