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The Best Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Men

two Ray-Ban sunglasses side by sideSunglasses are the perfect blend of fashion and functionality: they serve as a shield for your eyes from the sunlight, but they also look great with practically any outfit. Ray-Ban is a very reputable brand providing top-notch protection and optimal style in their sunglasses, and their countless customers can support that statement. If you’re looking for a new pair of shades, check out these Ray-Bans that are sure to be a great choice.

What to Look for in Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Here’s what to consider before finding your perfect pair of Ray-Bans:

  • Frame design: Sunglasses come in various designs, so make sure you get a pair that you like. Wayfarer, Aviator, and Clubmaster sunglasses are popular styles and are our favorites from Ray-Ban.
  • Polarized vs. Non-polarized: Polarized sunglasses go beyond the capabilities of a non-polarized pair: they are anti-glare and anti-reflective, which allows you to see more clearly and helps reduce eye strain.
  • Color: Ray-Ban offers a wide range of color choices; you’re sure to find a pair that’s right for you.
  • Face Shape: Certain shapes of lenses may suit your face better than others. Round faces pair nicely with angular shades, while rounder sunglasses help soften the edges of an angular face. Although it’s suggested to find a contrast with your sunglasses and your face shape, you should always pick the sunglasses you prefer most.

Best Wayfarer: Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Polarized Sunglasses

These New Wayfarers are updated versions of the Original Wayfarer style. These sunglasses are slightly less angled than the original style, while still retaining the rectangular lens shape that many enjoy. These shades fit great on round faces.

These sunglasses are coated with 100 percent UV protection. You’ll enjoy the improved clarity that these lenses have to offer while reducing glare. Additionally, these glasses are durable with scratch-resistant glass and lightweight acetate frames.

Best Wayfarer

Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Square Sunglasses, Rubber Black/Polarized Green, 55 mm

These polarized sunglasses are an updated version of a classic look.

Best Aviator: Ray-Ban RB3025 Classic Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

Aviators first became popular among pilots, but have become a solid fashion statement ever since. These sunglasses are known for their distinct design, made with thin frames and round-edge lenses that suit virtually any face shape.

These sunglasses come with 100 percent UV protection and polarized lenses which reduce glare and protect your eyes from the sun’s rays. These glasses come with an assortment of color, size, and design options for the lenses and metal frame.

Best Aviator

Ray-Ban RB3025 Classic Aviator Sunglasses, Gold/Green Polarized, 58 mm

These aviators stood the test of time as a versatile and fashionable pair of sunglasses.

Best Clubmaster: Ray-Ban RB3016 Clubmaster Square Sunglasses

The Clubmasters are a vintage, retro style that’s elegant yet fashionable. These sunglasses have browline frames and a sleek look. For round-shaped faces especially, these glasses give you a cool, bold style.

These lenses have polarized treatment and 100 percent UV protection. Along with the handy anti-glare lenses, these sunglasses come in a variety of color options, ranging from lens tints and tortoise-style frames.

Best Clubmaster

Ray-Ban RB3016 Clubmaster Square Sunglasses, Black/Polarized G-15 Green, 49 mm

This is a retro-style pair of polarized sunglasses that gives you UV protection in various color options.

Best Non-Polarized: Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Sunglasses

Non-polarized sunglasses do have their benefits over polarized ones; they allow you to see light reflections, which promotes safer driving in hazardous conditions and also gives you more clarity when looking at phone screens.

These non-polarized New Wayfarers are designed identically to the polarized version. These sunglasses come with 100 percent UV protection and scratch-resistant lenses that help reduce eye strain. They offer a wide range of lens tints and frame options as well.

Best Non-Polarized

Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Square Sunglasses, Rubber Black/G-15 Green, 52 mm

These are non-polarized New Wayfarers that look just as stylish, but at a lower price point.

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