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The Best RCA Cables for Your Audio Needs

several RCA cables plugged into the back of a black TV box

You’ve probably seen those red and white ports on the back of a DVD player or TV set—they’re ports for RCA cables. These color-coded connectors are the cables responsible for transmitting the audio signal between each of its connected devices. Although they were designed decades ago, they’re still commonplace in today’s technology.

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled some affordable RCA cables that’ll certainly help you out. Here are our picks!

What to Look for in RCA Cables

Consider these factors when buying an RCA cable:

  • Protection: The type of shielding that an RCA cable is manufactured with will affect its long-term life and usage. High-quality protection will allow minimal interference and help prevent the connectors from corroding.
  • Length: You should determine the approximate distance between your two devices to calculate how much cable length you’ll need. These RCA cables come in a decent range of length options to choose from.

Top Choice: KabelDirekt RCA Stereo Cable

closeup of two RCA cables

KabelDirekt offers excellent quality in both its sound and long-term life. This cable is double shielded with an oxygen-free copper core that blocks EMI and RFI signal interference, so you won’t hear any static or popping sounds. Its connectors are 24K gold plated to prevent corrosion, and the cable is coated with a resistant PVC material for protection. It fosters a great stereo sound and Hi-Fi clarity.

Best Value: iMBAPrice RCA M/Mx3 Cable

coiled black RCA cable with three different colored ends

RCA cables will often come with an additional third port for video, which is usually colored yellow. This RCA cable from iMBAPrice offers composite video capabilities on top of audio at an affordable price. It features gold-plated connectors to prevent corrosion and rust that are also completely shielded to prevent EMI and RFI signal interference. This cable comes in seven different length options, ranging from 3 feet to 100 feet.

Best Value

iMBAPrice RCA M/Mx3 Audio/Video Cable Gold Plated - Audio Video RCA Cable (3-RCA - 12 Feet)

This cable offers composite video capabilities and a wide range of length options.

Best Adapter Option: AmazonBasics 3.5mm to 2-Male RCA Adapter

close of the ends of an RCA cable with three different ends

Smartphones and MP3 players are some of the devices that unfortunately don’t have direct RCA compatibility. If your device has a 3.5-mm jack instead, then AmazonBasics provides a great 3.5-mm jack-to-RCA adapter for you. It’s dual shielded with metal and gold for corrosion resistance, a clear signal, and clear audio. On top of this, its PVC exterior provides flexibility for tight areas while strengthening the rest of the cable.

Best Adapter Option

Amazon Basics 3.5mm to 2-Male RCA Adapter Audio Stereo Cable For Speaker, 8 Feet

You'll be able to connect your RCA-compatible devices to devices with a 3.5-mm jack.

Also Great: FosPower RCA M/M Cable

ends of four black RCA cables with red or white decorations

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense cable that’ll get the job done, this RCA cable from FosPower is one you can depend on. With corrosion resistance from its gold-plated connectors and durability from its PVC jacket, this cable is surely going to last. Furthermore, this cable offers copper and aluminum foil shielding, which helps prevent EMI and RFI interference for solid audio. It also has a Polyethylene Foam insulator in its interior that’ll secure its signal and tin plating to prevent oxidation.

Also Great

FosPower 2 RCA M/M Stereo Audio Cable [24K Gold Plated | Copper Core] 2RCA Male to 2RCA Male [Left/Right] Premium Sound Quality Plug - 3ft

This cable offers great interior shielding and durability, which will last you for a long time.

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