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The Best Rear Bike Baskets

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🕚 Updated January 2022

Bikes are popular means of transportation to get to work, school, or the grocery store. Plus, they're great for exercise. Use one of these dependable rear rack baskets to carry your belongings as you pedal.

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  Top Choice Multi-Compartment Bag Foldable Wire Basket Best Extendable Also Great
Bike Bag Bicycle Panniers
Kolo Sports
Bike Bags for Rear Rack
Folding Rear Bike Wire Mesh Basket
Bike Trunk Bag Extendable Saddle Bags
Rear Metal Wire Bicycle Basket
Our SummaryA pair of panniers that will give you an athletic look and visibility on dark streets.This rear bike bag is ideal for a day trip with ample room for a few important items.This compact wire mesh basket expands into a spacious carrier and is easy to collapse for storage.An impressive combination of saddlebags and a trunk bag you can wear out and about.A wire mesh basket that installs on the front handlebars or on one side of your bike’s rear rack.
ProsReflective material, taillight attachment, four straps to fasten, each pannier has a bungee hook, adjust hooks based on your bike's rack.Great for traveling, ample storage space, foam padding on the inside and water-resistant on the outside.Collapsible and versatile, carries up to 88 pounds, folding size is 12.99 x 11.8 x 1.97 inches.Handle and adjustable shoulder strap, transform the trunk bag into a set of panniers, expand to 25 liters, durable nylon oxford fabric, water-resistant, easy to install.Made from strong iron, supports 44 pounds, for all sorts of bicycles, easy to install, hardware included, triple-layered waterproof bag.
ConsFor entry-level cyclists.On the smaller side.Not for curved handlebar bikes.Zippers aren't the best quality.Removing and mounting again is a pain.
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The Best Rear Bike Baskets

A white and black bicycle with wire baskets on the front and back.
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Buying Guide for the Best Rear Bike Baskets

Bicycle with an orange bag on the back for travel
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Why buy a rear bike basket?

You want to buy rear rather than front baskets because there’s more space behind you. A rear bike rack runs from the base of the seat across the back wheel, a lengthy expanse that gives you more luggage options. You can mount a simple bike bag or panniers separately or use both to maximize available space. Panniers alone offer less space than a front basket, but many cyclists prefer not to have the distraction. Baskets located at the front of the bike can make it difficult to steer the bike if you have a heavy load. Fortunately, there are plenty of rear wire baskets to consider.

What should you look for in a rear bike basket?

  • Attachment: Rear bike baskets require rear wheel racks. So if you don’t have one, you’ll need to get one. With the variety of rear basket types, there are equally as many attachment types. With panniers, for example, you’ll want to look for products that come with bungee cords and a variety of attachment points to accommodate your bicycle. Some setups require hardware, whereas others attach via adjustable straps.
  • Versatility: Some rear bike baskets have one use only. However, many are multipurpose. Some are bike bags you can use as sports bags. When you arrive at the fitness club, simply park your bike, unbuckle and lift the bag off the rack, then slip the strap over your shoulder like a duffel bag.
  • Installation: Proper installation is critical. Some rear bike baskets require more tools and steps than others. It can help to keep in mind your capabilities and limitations before investing in a rear bike basket. If you find yourself struggling with the installation, we recommend taking it to a bike store for help.

Should you get a rear basket and a front basket for your bike?

A pair of spacious saddlebags and a top bag together are probably the best combination if your goal is hauling a load of groceries or camping gear. Another advantage of the rear rack plus basket arrangement is a pretty effective mud flap. There is little worse than riding through the rain only to arrive at your destination with your rear drenched. For cyclists on the road for weeks at a time, a combination of rear, side, and front bags may be necessary.

Our Picks for the Best Rear Bike Baskets

Top Choice

BV Bike Bag Bicycle Panniers

A pair of panniers that will give you an athletic look and visibility on dark streets.

Pros: Let’s start with the most overlooked aspects of quality rear bike bags: backlight and reflective strips. Each bag is trimmed all around with 3M Scotch Lite reflective material and features a backlight attachment. Four straps fasten the bags to the bike rack. For double security, each pannier has a bungee hook on the back to secure the lower portions. You can also adjust the hooks based on your bike’s rack. Unfasten the hooks and straps, lift the panniers off, and use the panniers at work, school, or the grocery store.

Cons: Many users report that the BV panniers are for entry-level cyclists. If you’re ready for tougher gear, you may want to look elsewhere.

Bottom Line: These sporty panniers are great for long rides or regular commuting. They have the safety features needed for riding during the day and night. With a large storage capacity, the pair can carry daily necessities and much more.


Multi-Compartment Bag

Kolos Sports Bike Bags for Rear Rack

This rear bike bag is ideal for a day trip with ample room for a few important items.

Pros: Maybe this is the year you’ll take that cycling trip you’ve been dreaming about, snapping photos of ancient city streets or along a breathtaking coastline. Or perhaps you long for a nice picnic in a park. This bike bag could be the item you’re most thankful you put on your packing list. It features ample storage space for a camera, snacks, a bike tire repair kit, and some water. Foam-padded on the inside and water-resistant on the outside, the bag will keep your belongings safe and dry.

Cons: You may be disappointed with the size of the Kolos bike bag. Some found it smaller than they expected.

Bottom Line: Park your bike at a café, unstrap the bag, and lift it from the top strap. With a few simple steps, you have what you need to spend a few hours relaxing, maybe reading a good book.


Foldable Wire Basket

HOMEE Folding Rear Bike Wire Mesh Basket

This compact wire mesh basket expands into a spacious carrier and is easy to collapse for storage.

Pros: This one-of-a-kind wire mesh bike basket is suitable only for foldable and mountain bikes. It’s collapsible and versatile as a front or rear basket. Fold it or expand it to accommodate your load (up to 88 pounds), and simply lift the buckle to open it. For the proper fit, be sure to measure the width of your bike’s handlebars and the distance between them and the bike tire.

Cons: This product is not made for curved handlebar bikes. If you have a traditional road bike, you’ll need to look for another option.

Bottom Line: Choose from black or silver metal wire. Each has a plastic coating to ensure that the basket is rustproof and waterproof. This is an all-around pretty nifty buy.


Best Extendable

COFIT Bike Trunk Bag Extendable Saddlebags

An impressive combination of saddlebags and a trunk bag you can wear out and about.

Pros: This bike bag is a thing of wonder. The trunk bag is the main compartment, and it has a handle and adjustable shoulder strap, so it can be worn around town, to the gym, and to work. It only takes a minor adjustment to transform the trunk bag to a set of panniers, which can expand to 25 liters. The durability of the nylon oxford fabric is impressive; it’s water-resistant and stands up to harsh weather conditions. This bike trunk bag is easy to install. All it takes is a touch of patience and two Velcro straps.

Cons: Some are disappointed with the quality of the zippers.

Bottom Line: The COFIT bike trunk bag could be a great buy if you’re looking for a super-affordable solution to getting from point A to B and back with goods in two. It won’t break the bank either.


Also Great

ANZOME Rear Metal Wire Bicycle Basket

A wire mesh basket that installs on the front handlebars or on one side of your bike's rear rack.

Pros: This classic rear wire basket made from iron is robust. It bears up to 44 pounds of weight. Use it on all sorts of bicycles, from cruisers to kids’ bikes to road or mountain bikes. Not all rear bike baskets are this easy to install. In fact, you can choose between zip ties or screws to mount and secure the basket to your back bike rack. All hardware comes included with the basket. You also get a handy triple-layered waterproof bag that completely covers the top and sides of the basket.

Cons: Removing and remounting it is a pain, so this is a better option if you want it permanently fixed on the bike.

Bottom Line: You can’t beat a rear bike basket that can be used on almost any bike, for all ages, and in any weather. The sturdy iron material makes it a winner, too.

Final Thoughts

If you’re often on your bike, consider adding one of these rear bike baskets to it to level up your riding convenience!

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