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The Best Rearview Mirrors for Your Car

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While every car comes with a rearview mirror so that drivers can see behind them when on the road, purchasing an additional or a larger mirror allows for a more complete rear view. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned driver, enlarging your view of whatever is behind your car will keep you and others safer. We recommend checking out these rearview mirror options.

Choosing a Car Rearview Mirror

There are many rearview mirror options to choose from. Keep these considerations in mind when making your selection:

  • Size: Rearview mirrors come in various sizes, often ranging from about 9 to about 14 inches wide. Choose a width that feels right for you.
  • Installation: Some rearview mirrors can be clipped on, while others can be attached with a suction cup. Select an option that works with your car and your needs.
  • Features: While most rearview mirrors are anti-glare, some also offer a blue tint and shatter protection. Review your rearview mirror’s features before making your final choice.

Best Overall: ICBEAMER Rearview Mirror

A car rearview mirror displays a view of an empty road, mountains, and blue/pink sky.

This rearview mirror is longer than most, measuring 14.2 by 3.1 inches, and it comes in four other sizes. It offers a wider field of vision for safer driving and is installed using a clip, so it will fit most vehicles, like cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks. Featuring an HD glass convex design, this mirror should help to decrease blind spots during your drive.

Best Panoramic: Dependable Direct Rearview Mirror

The front of a car rearview mirror is shown on top of the back of a car rearview mirror. Both mirrors are balancing on their right corners and each casts a small shadow.

At 12 by 3 inches, this wide-angle rearview mirror assists safer driving. It has a wide-angle view and eliminates distortions, like glare and double reflections. In addition, it includes a lens dispersion treatment to prevent shattering if the mirror is broken. With a clip-on design, it will offer a quick and easy fit for most vehicles.

Best Convex: Kitbest Rearview Mirror

A long blue-tinted car rearview mirror is displayed.

The Kitbest mirror measures 11.2 by 2.9 inches and provides not only a more complete view of the road but also a view of your backseat passengers. The antiglare mirror is made of high-definition and tough glass fiber composites so that it can filter out sunlight and provide a crystal clear view, day or night. It also includes a blue tint to resolve the dazzling problem during night drives. This mirror attaches with four stretchable clips and an adjustable buckle to offer a firm hold that prevents shaking or falling off on bumpy roads. Plus, it’s built with an anti-splash design to prevent the glass from flying out of the frame in case of an accident and is universally designed to fit most vehicles.

Best Suction Cup: LECAMEBOR Rearview Mirror

A car rearview mirror with a suction cup attachment is displayed.

Measuring 9.65 by 2.76 inches, this wide, anti-glare mirror is unique because of its suction cup installation. The suction cup keeps the mirror securely in place, as it can bear 10 kilograms of gravity and is designed to be stable, anti-slip, reusable, and durable. This attachment feature also allows the driver to turn the mirror 360 degrees to have a customizable visual experience in the car. Suitable for most car types and even boats, it will help provide a safe ride in your vehicle.

Best Suction Cup

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