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Make Music at Home with These Recorders

Recorders are woodwind musical instruments. While schools have popularized recorders as beginners’ instruments for children, they can also be played professionally by adults. No matter your age or experience level, we suggest you check out these recommendations.

Choosing a Recorder

Not all recorders are created alike. Keep these factors in mind when making your selection:

  • Material: Recorders can be made from plastic or wood. Make your purchase decision based on your price point, preference, or experience level.
  • Style: Baroque and German are the two most common recorder styles. Tell them apart by checking the size of the fourth hole on the recorder. In Baroque style, the fourth hole is smaller than the fifth, and in the German, the fourth is larger than the fifth. Depending on your playing experience, you may want to choose one style over another.
  • Key: A recorder can come in five different keys. Your choice may vary based on your experience level with the instrument. Be sure to select the right sound for your needs.

Best for Budget: Yamaha YRS-23 Soprano Recorder

This soprano recorder in the key of C is made of safe and durable, BPA-free, ABS plastic resin. It uses the German fingering style and features double holes for low C/C and D/D numbers to improve tuning and ensure sound quality. It promises an ideal amount of air resistance for easy control and soft, accurate intonation. Available in four colors, this recorder is great for beginners and also comes in a cotton bag for safekeeping.

Best for Budget

Yamaha YRS-23 Soprano Recorder, German Fingering, Natural 1.00 x 2.00 x 13.75

This soprano plastic recorder uses German fingering and is in the key of C.

Best Baroque: Asmuse Baroque Recorder

Asmuse offers a Baroque-style recorder made of maple wood. It features an ergonomically formed mouthpiece for simplified playing in the C Key Descant/Soprano intonation. Since it is crafted from two pieces and comes with a cleaning rod, it is also easy to keep clean. Plus, the recorder comes with a hard carrying case, lanyard, and multilingual fingering chart.

Best German: Eastar German Recorder for Kids

The Eastar German-style soprano recorder is made of nontoxic and eco-friendly maple wood. It is constructed from three pieces in order to allow players to adjust the position of the C hole according to the size and shape of their hand. The mouthpiece is hand-polished, and the product is attuned twice to ensure quality sound. In addition, the recorder set comes with a hard carrying case that includes room for the included hairbrush cleaning rod and joint grease. The package also includes a fingering chart for convenience.

Best Premium: Yamaha YRS-314B Soprano Recorder

Yamaha’s YRS-314B is a soprano recorder that uses the Baroque fingering style in the key of C, making it ideal for advanced players. Made from durable and long-lasting ABS plastic, it is created based on the famous Rottenburgh design and features an arched windway that produces slight resistance, giving you better breath control and greater flexibility in expression. Its simulated ebony finish and wood grain texture also provide a high-end look to this instrument.

Best Premium

Yamaha YRS-314B Soprano Recorder, simulated Ebony finish, Baroque fingering, key of C

This Baroque style soprano recorder plays in the Key of C and is very high-quality.

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