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The Best Reed Diffusers

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🕚 Updated January 2023

Reed diffusers are a modern, aesthetically pleasing version of a liquid air freshener. Not only do they smell fantastic, but they freshen up a room's aroma. Want instant aromatherapy in your home? Here are our favorites.

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  Top Choice Best Pack Most Scent Options Premium Choice Best for Budget
Preserved Real Flower Reed Diffuser
Reed Diffuser Set
Urban Naturals
Crisp White Linen Reed Diffuser Gift Set
NEST Fragrances
Reed Diffuser
James & Co Fragrance
Reed Diffuser Set
Our SummaryA high-quality reed diffuser with a bonus real preserved flower.An all-natural reed diffuser set that is organic, plant-based, and doesn't contain alcohol.Choose from 42 singular or blended essential oil scents with this elegant reed diffuser.A luxury reed diffuser that seamlessly blends classic and modern styles.An elegant six-reed diffuser set that's available in eight exotic and fruity scents at a good value.
Pros✓ Five premium fabric reeds and a preserved real flower
✓ 24 scent options
✓ Free from harmful chemicals
✓ Safety tested
✓ Good value
✓ Organic and plant-based
✓ Set of three oils and 13 sticks
✓ Alcohol-free
✓ Neutralizes odors
✓ Storage box can double as a gift box
✓ 42 fragrances options
✓ Includes eight reeds and a reusable gift box
✓ Some selections include a bonus decoration
✓ 20 single or blended fragrance options
✓ High quality
✓ Alcohol-free
✓ Lasts up to 90 days
✓ Includes eight reeds
✓ Affordable set
✓ Six grey fiber reeds
✓ Eight fragrance options
✓ Vegan-friendly
✓ Free from animal cruelty
Cons✗ Flower can dye the oil
✗ Strong aroma not ideal for scent sensitivities
✗ Faint scent that's best in small spaces✗ Scents are subtle✗ Must avoid oil-to-skin contact✗ Scent may not last long in some cases
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The Best Reed Diffusers

Aroma reed diffuser and branches of eucalyptus populus on table at home.
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Buying Guide for Reed Diffusers

Air reed freshener and candles on table in living room.
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Why buy a reed diffuser?

Reed diffusers are bottles filled with scented oil with long sticks, known as reeds, resting inside. The reeds soak up the oil and gradually release the perfume into the air, much like candles or incense, except they do not need to be lit or blown out and are safe to leave unattended. You won’t have to plug in a reed diffuser to make it work or replace its batteries. Some college students like to have them in dorm rooms as an alternative to candles or incense. People with respiratory conditions or allergies may also enjoy the benefits of a reed diffuser as they don’t release smoke or aerosols that might bring on a bad reaction. Essential oil diffusers and scented wax melts are also great flameless fragrance options for your home.

What should you look for in a reed diffuser?

  • Scent: Since the main purpose of a reed diffuser is to release a pleasant aroma into the room, you’ll want to pick one that you’ll enjoy. Whether you like sweet, earthy, citrus, wood, or floral scents, you can find a reed diffuser you like. If you have scent sensitivities, choosing a reed diffuser with a softer scent is recommended.
  • Reeds: When it comes to the reeds, you may want to go for rattan reeds if possible. Bamboo ones are not as effective, as they may clog the oil. Some reed diffusers will come with extra reeds or decorations like a sprig of real or artificial flowers or herbs.
  • Bottle: Not all reed diffuser bottles are created equal. Most will be made of glass, but not all will be clear or see-through. They can come in various colors and levels of opacity. Keep an eye out for one you find aesthetically pleasing. If possible, a narrow-necked bottle is preferred, as a thinner neck means the scent and oils do not evaporate through the opening but through the reeds.

How long do reed diffusers last?

Depending on factors like room temperature, air conditioning, and humidifiers, a good 100-milliliter bottle of diffuser oil generally lasts around three or four months. High-quality rattan reeds will last about six months, so you will get good use and value out of your reed diffuser.

Our Picks for the Best Reed Diffusers

Top Choice

COCODOR Preserved Real Flower Reed Diffuser

A high-quality reed diffuser with a bonus real preserved flower.

Pros: Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to pay an arm and a leg to buy a high-quality reed diffuser, as this model aptly proves. The fragrances are free of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and methanol and are IFRA-approved. The bottles have been subjected to and passed safety tests, so you can keep them in your living space without fear of toxicity or hazard. The simple yet luxurious see-through glass bottle has a capacity of just under seven ounces and comes with five premium fabric reeds and a preserved real flower. The flower in question will depend on which scent of the 24 scent options you choose.

Cons: The preserved flower tends to dye the oil. The aroma is also strong, so it’s not ideal for those with scent sensitivities.

Bottom Line: This stunning reed diffuser has 24 healing scent options for your consideration. Whether treating yourself or buying someone a gift, you don’t have to worry about this high-end reed diffuser breaking the bank.


Best Pack

NEVAEHEART Reed Diffuser Set

An all-natural reed diffuser set that is organic, plant-based, and doesn't contain alcohol.

Pros: Living a green, vegan, natural, or organic life (or some combination thereof) can be a challenge at times. Fortunately, this set of three affordable reed diffusers is here to help make it a little easier on your end. All the ingredients in this kit are not only free of alcohol but are plant-based and organic as well. With refreshing aromas of Gardenia, Jasmine & Mint, and Freesia formulated to complement one another, these reed diffusers are sure to make your home smell lush. There are several lovely scent options, and these reed diffusers will neutralize any odors. With your purchase, you’ll receive 12 oil diffuser sticks, three glass 1.7-ounce bottles, and a large storage box that can double as a gift box. Flip the reed diffusers now and again to keep the scent as even and long-lasting as possible.

Cons: The scent of these reed diffusers is faint, so they work best in smaller rooms.

Bottom Line: These beautiful bottles should last at least three months, maybe more, depending on the environmental factors. They make for a great gift, whether to a friend for a birthday, a parent for a holiday, or as a self-care gift to yourself just because.


Most Scent Options

Urban Naturals Crisp White Linen Reed Diffuser Gift Set

Choose from 42 blended essential oil scents with this elegant reed diffuser.

Pros: This reed diffuser’s selection of scented essential oils is almost unmatched. With 42 fragrances to choose from, there’s sure to be a scent that satisfies even the choosiest among us. You can choose between singular-scented oils like red rose and bamboo or blended fragrances like amber with lavender or plumeria with rosewood. Each purchase includes a tall, narrow-necked clear glass bottle, the scented oil, a bundle of eight reeds, and a reusable gift box. Depending on which scent you opt for, some jars have a small bonus decoration inside, such as flower petals or leaves.

Cons: The scents of these reed diffusers are subtle, so some may prefer a reed diffuser with a stronger aroma.

Bottom Line: The aroma of these reed diffusers will last you for months with minimal effort on your end. Wherever you live, get this reed diffuser to add calming, elegant charm to your space.


Premium Choice

NEST Fragrances Reed Diffuser

A luxury reed diffuser that seamlessly blends classic and modern styles.

Pros: Here’s a reed diffuser that has a classic, simple elegance to it that’s meant to complement and enhance its surroundings and decor. Choose from 20 different fragrances, from birchwood pine to linen to Moroccan amber and more. There are also blended aromas, such as ocean mist and sea salt with hints of white tea and coconut, and lemongrass and ginger infused with rosemary, lavender, and thyme. Whichever scent you decide on, all the oils are of the highest quality and alcohol-free. The aroma will release slowly and evenly in the surrounding air for up to 90 days. The bottle is narrow-necked and semi-opaque, with alternating etched stripes for a more unique, modern look to complement its classic shape. You’ll receive the bottle, just under six ounces of oil in your chosen scent, and eight reeds with your purchase.

Cons: This diffuser may cause an allergic reaction, so it’s important to prevent the oil from contacting your skin.

Bottom Line: This premium reed diffuser has a minimalist touch that will complement any room. Put it on your coffee table, bedroom shelf, or bathroom sink, and immerse yourself in a scent of your choosing.


Best for Budget

James & Co Fragrance Reed Diffuser Set

An elegant six-reed diffuser set that's available in eight exotic and fruity scents at a good value.

Pros: The James & Co. Reed Diffuser Collection makes it easy and affordable to give your home a fresh fragrance. The set includes six fashionable grey fiber reeds and brings the scents of fragrant woods, fresh citrus, and aromatic herbs into any room. There’s a scent for everyone, thanks to the eight available fragrance options, and you can feel good using a product that’s vegan-friendly and free from animal cruelty. 

Cons: The description maintains that the scent lasts up to eight weeks. This can vary widely in actual use, with some noticing the fragrance ebbing in a few days. It’s recommended that keeping the unit away from heat and sunlight will help prolong the scent.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for an affordable home fragrance that also sports a stylish look for your home decor, this versatile reed diffuser set is a great option. 

Final Thoughts

Reed diffusers are a great flame-free option to perfume your home. They’re great for dorms as well as small living spaces, and they’re also a safer, plant-based alternative to aerosol room sprays. They provide lovely aromatherapy and are the perfect gift for a loved one or as a self-care gift to yourself.

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