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The Best Reusable Grocery Bags

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🕚 Updated March 2023

Reusable grocery bags are gaining popularity as they're a green alternative to plastic grocery bags, and many stores are going bagless. If you need some reliable reusable grocery bags, check out our suggestions.

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  Best Overall Most Compact Best Design Options Best Water-Resistant Best Insulated
  Creative Green Life
Reusable Grocery Bags
Reusable Grocery Bags
Reusable Shopping Grocery Bags
Reusable Grocery Bags
NZ home
3XL Insulated Bag
Our SummaryThese reusable shopping bags stand up, stay open on their own during use, and fold flat for convenient storage.You'll be happy with these colorful, sleek, and durable reusable grocery bags that fold away flat.These adorably patterned shopping bags are machine washable and fold small enough to fit in your purse, pocket, or glove compartment.These attractive and sturdy bags are perfect for cradling all your groceries or taking to picnics, sporting events, and beach days.This extra-large reusable insulated bag keeps hot foods hot and cold foods cold.
Pros✓ Sturdy bags
✓ Stand on their own
✓ Reinforced bottoms and long handles
✓ Fold flat
✓ Can be used for color-coded shopping
✓ Lightweight
✓ Easy to fold
✓ Can hold up to 50 pounds
✓ Set of six bags
✓ Fashionable
✓ Heavy-duty material
✓ Machine washable
✓ Excellent value
✓ Easy for cashiers and baggers
✓ Roomy but comfortable to carry
✓ Versatile use
✓ Water-resistant
✓ Insulated for food temperature control
✓ Zippered top
✓ Large capacity
✓ Collapsible for convenient storage
✓ Reinforced handles
Cons✗ Smaller than expected✗ Handles are too long for shorter people✗ Moderate carrying capacity✗ Tote handles may tear
✗ Cardboard liner may deteriorate
✗ No rigid support on the bottom
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The Best Reusable Grocery Bags

a woman unloads groceries from a black reusable grocery bag onto her counter.
Sean Locke Photography/Shutterstock.com

Buying Guide for Reusable Grocery Bags

A person in a supermarket holds a reusable green shopping bag with fruit and vegetables inside.

Why buy reusable grocery bags?

For one thing, reusable grocery bags help to reduce your carbon footprint, keeping one-use plastic bags out of landfills. For another thing, they’re more comfortable to carry, and many of them have more room in them than traditional grocery bags, so you can often carry more groceries at a time.

What should you consider in reusable grocery bags?

  • Material: Whether you’re opting for lightweight sacks or thick, insulated bags, choose grocery bags made from high-quality, well-stitched, and washable materials. These may include neoprene or nylon, premium polyester, or cotton canvas.
  • Capacity: If you’re a light shopper, smaller reusable grocery bags may be easier for you to manage and carry. However, if you have a large family, you may want to look into some bigger bags. Think about your weekly or bi-weekly shopping trips and the typical amount of bags that you use, then decide what you will need to accommodate your next trip to the market.
  • Secure Straps: We can’t stress enough how important it is to have secure straps and bases on your reusable grocery bags. Most of us have had plastic grocery bags break on us, causing groceries to spill out, sometimes including glass jars that shatter and create an even bigger mess. Strong, secure straps and thick bases are vital to avoid these situations.

Why do some people avoid using reusable grocery bags?

Some believe that reusable grocery bags are harbingers of harmful bacteria. While exposure to raw foods can cause the spread of germs, this can be avoided by washing and sanitizing your reusable bags regularly. Many are machine washable.

Another concern some people might have is that they might forget them every time they go shopping, thereby wasting money. If you’re the type of person who tends to forget, or if you sometimes go shopping on a whim, you can avoid worry by keeping some reusable bags in the trunk of your car at all times. You can even keep bags on your shopping list as a reminder to grab them before you go.

Our Picks for the Best Reusable Grocery Bags

Best Overall

Creative Green Life Reusable Grocery Bags

These reusable shopping bags stand up, stay open on their own during use, and fold flat for convenient storage.

Pros: If you’re tired of your groceries spilling out of floppy bags and rolling around in the trunk, these heavy-duty reusable grocery bags may be a welcome switch. They are made from a sturdy fabric that stands on its own and holds its rigid box shape. The three bags included in this set hold the same amount as 10 plastic grocery sacks, so they help the environment by reducing plastic waste. The reinforced bottoms and long handles make them easy to carry, while the rigid inserts make them sturdy enough to support heavy loads. Once you’re finished unloading, these bags fold flat like a notebook when not in use for convenient storage in your trunk or pantry.

Cons: These bags may be a bit smaller than expected based on how they appear in the illustrations. The listed dimensions are 13 by 10 by 11 inches, somewhat smaller than some other options.

Bottom Line: These bags are a great choice if you’re looking for extra convenience and a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint. They are easy to clean with a damp cloth or some sanitizer, and they’re available in navy blue, gray, or in a stylish chevron pattern.


Most Compact

BeeGreen Reusable Grocery Bags

You'll be happy with these colorful, sleek, and durable reusable grocery bags that fold away flat.

Pros: For people who love to stay organized, these bags can be used for “color-coded” shopping. You can get a set of 10 bags, each in a different color, to use one for meat, one for frozen items, etc. to easily bag and put things away. They’re made from lightweight, strong fabric. And they tuck away easily, so they fit perfectly into the nooks of your car. That way, you’ll always have room for them in your car for unexpected trips to the grocery store.

Cons: The handles may be too long for shorter people to carry comfortably.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for cute, colorful reusable bags that can tuck away neatly, these may be a good option for you. Plus, they can support a lot of weight without tearing.


Best Design Options

reroucky Reusable Shopping Grocery Bags

These adorably patterned shopping bags are machine washable and fold small enough to fit in your purse, pocket, or glove compartment.

Pros: Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you realize you need to make a grocery stop but don’t have your reusable bags on you? Well, here’s a set of six reusable shopping bags that fit neatly in your purse, pocket, or glove compartment so you won’t be caught empty-handed. These fashionable and attractive bags are made of a heavy-duty material that can hold up to 35 pounds, so you can rest easy knowing they’ll hold your heavier items. They’re machine washable, so they can be used repeatedly with the confidence that they are clean and sanitary.

Cons: Although they offer the eco-friendly benefits of all reusable bags, if you’re looking for bags with extra large capacity, these may not be ideal. Their capacity is comparable to standard disposable plastic grocery bags.

Bottom Line: Consider these bags if you are looking for something compact and attractive. In addition, this convenient and stylish set of reusable bags is an excellent value for six in the pack.


Best Water-Resistant

WISELIFE Reusable Grocery Bags

These attractive and sturdy bags are perfect for cradling all your groceries or taking to picnics, sporting events, and beach days.

Pros: Because of the open shape of these tote bags, they’re easy for cashiers and grocery baggers to handle. They’re very roomy, making them perfect for big grocery trips or packing for a getaway. The straps fit comfortably on your shoulder as you carry them. They’re also water-resistant, so it’s easy to wipe them clean if you spill something inside.

Cons: The tote handles aren’t very sturdy, and too much waterlogging can cause the cardboard liner to deteriorate.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for shopping totes that fold flat but hold a lot when you expand them, check these out. Plus, they’re attractive with their black and white pattern.


Best Insulated

NZ home 3XL Insulated Bag

This extra-large reusable insulated bag keeps hot foods hot and cold foods cold.

Pros: Perfect for groceries, catering, and food delivery, with the NZ Home 3XL Insulated Bag, you can transport frozen items without worrying about melting or compromising food safety or quality. It’s also great if you picked up some hot items while out and want to ensure they’re still piping when you make it to your destination. This zippered, insulated carrier boasts a large 23 x 15 x 14-inch capacity, yet it’s collapsible for convenient storage when not in use. It also features sturdy and durable reinforced handles, and with EU food-grade certification, you know that this bag is safe for your food and the environment.

Cons: This bag doesn’t have rigid bottom or side support. It may be helpful to put something inside on the bottom, like a piece of cardboard, for extra stability and reinforcement.

Bottom Line: This is a superb option for anyone who needs to keep their items temperature-regulated and secured with a closed top during travel. In addition to the black 3XL bag featured here, these insulated bags come in five other vivid colors and seven sizes to suit any food transport need.

Final Thoughts

Say goodbye to the lifestyle of accumulating piles of plastic grocery bags. Reusable grocery bags are here to stay, replacing wasteful one-use plastic bags and helping the environment. And with various styles and materials, you can be sure to grocery shop in style.

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