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The Best RGB Fans For Your Next Build

rainbow RBG fan on a desk in front of a keyboard
Cooler Master

For gamers, keeping your computer cool and quiet is important and can be done through the addition of a PC fan. To add some colorful flair to your computer and ensure it runs faster, an RGB fan is a great option with a flashy style.

What Should You Consider In An RGB Fan?

The performance of fans will directly impact your PC’s ability to cool and run faster, so it is important to consider both the airflow speed and noise level. Consider the cooling components; when the static pressure is high it will push air through the heatsinks, cooling your PC system. Lastly, the RGB colors will add a unique flair to your computer. Some of these fans allow you to customize the lighting.

Best Overall: Corsair LL Series LL120 Dual Light Loop

three multicolored RGB fans

Customize the RGB lighting effects in these fans with software control. Each fan in this 3-pack has 16 independent RGB LEDs, split between two separate light loops. The Airflow is 43.25 CFM, with control to allow for dynamic speed adjustment between 600-rpm to 1,500-rpm. This change minimizes noise and maximizes airflow. The 120 mm fan blade is engineered for a low noise level, at 24.8 decibels.

Best Overall

Corsair LL Series LL120 RGB 120mm Dual Light Loop RGB LED PWM Fan 3 Fan Pack with Lighting Node Pro (CO-9050072-WW), Black, Compatible with Desktop

Customizable RGB lighting effect fan 3 pack, which operates at a low noise level and maximizes airflow.

Best For Budget: NZXT AER RGB 2 Advanced Lighting

light up multicolored RGB fan

These custom tipped RGB fans are sold at a reasonable price and help provide optimal airflow for your device in a quiet manner. The winglets create minimal drag and increase fan performance. The bearings provide for long-lasting use. Included are cables for fan connection and screws to attach.

Best Silent RGB Fan: Cooler MasterFan

rainbow colored RGB fan
Cooler Master

A full-color customization RGB fan, this device has a hybrid design allowing for great airflow. The silent cooling technology is a mix of reduction technology and absorbing rubber pads, even when your PC is working intensely. The Airflow is 59 CFM and the noise level is just 25.0 decibels. An additional feature includes a smart fan sensor for jam protection from cables getting snagged.

Best Silent RGB Fan

Also Consider: upHere Rainbow LED Fan

three light up, multicolored RGB fans in a row

This RGB fan has high-efficiency heat dissipation, allowing your PC to get high airflow and optimal cooling. There are cut back processing on the interior and exterior of the fan frame, to allow improved heat transfer. The damping silicone pads on both sides of the fan reduce breakage and noise while increasing air pressure. The overall design enhances the fan structure and allows for high performance.

RGB fans are a great investment for keeping your computer cool and running efficiently as well as adding a bit of color to your PC.

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