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The Best Rimmed Baking Sheets for Your Kitchen

A close-up of chocolate chip cookies on an aluminum pan, surrounded by sea salt and chocolate chip cookies.
Nordic Ware

Why buy a rimmed baking sheet over a flat, rimless one? For one thing, you can use a rimmed sheet for more than making cookies. Use them for baking jelly roll cakes, baking fish or chicken, roasting veggies, toasting seeds and nuts, and really anything that could run over or roll off a flat sheet.

And there are more advantages! Flat sheets don’t really hold up well in the oven. High heat causes the best of flat baking sheets to expand and warp. And, unfortunately, once they have warped, they don’t perform well for baking anything. You could continue using a warped sheet for cookies since they stay in place, though they will brown inconsistently on the bottom because the warped pan prevents even heat distribution. Instead, check out these rimmed baking sheets we recommend.

Purchasing Rimmed Baking Sheets

Consider these important factors while shopping for your ideal baking sheet:

  • Material: Baking sheets, rimmed or flat, are made with aluminum, ceramic-coated steel, stainless steel, and carbon steel. Each has its winning qualities. Do a little research to find what you like most. The most important aspect of non-warping sheets is that they are rimmed.
  • Size: Most baking sheets for sale come in different sizes, and it’s nice to get what you want. So what do you want? If you are looking to upgrade but want to stay with the same size sheet, do so! If you are totally new to baking, ask a friend, relative, or do a quick search online. Everyone has an opinion!
  • Features: Not all rimmed baking sheets look, feel, or function the same. As you browse, make a note of features like silicone grips, nonstick coating, cooling racks, and colors.

Best Pure Aluminum: Nordic Ware Baker’s Half Sheet

A top view of an aluminum pan filled with roasted vegetable on a marble counter.
Nordic Ware

The Nordic Ware pure aluminum baking sheet is the BMW (or insert your fantasy car here) of rimmed baking sheets. The aluminum provides ideal heat conductivity, so even if you are a novice or terrible baker, your cookies will brown evenly. You can use it for more than sweets, of course, as this rimmed sheet by Nordic Ware does not discriminate. Use it for baking meats and vegetables — get creative!

Best Pure Aluminum

Nordic Ware Baker's Half Sheet

Nordic Ware has a remarkably great reputation among baking enthusiasts. This pure aluminum baking sheet will win you over.

Best Carbon Steel: CHEFMADE Rimmed Cookie Sheet

One carbon steel rimmed baking sheet in a champagne gold color.

A quality rimmed baking sheet is great, but a nonstick sheet is even better. The commercial-grade 0.8 mm carbon steel sheet has a food-grade silicone coating. Translation: zero toxins are released at high temperatures. Carbon steel has several advantages over other metals commonly used in ovenware. It heats more quickly, distributes heat more evenly, and saves you time and money.

Best Carbon Steel

CHEFMADE Rimmed Cookie Sheet

Bake delicious cookies quickly and efficiently with this durable pan.

Best Cookie Sheet Set: Rachael Ray Nonstick Cookie Pan Set

Three nested steel baking sheets with teal hand grips.
Rachael Ray

Does this nonstick, durable steel-rimmed cookie sheet set live up to its name? Yes. Yes, it does. Use it for baking cookies, pastries, roast meats, bread, bars, even casserole dishes. All three sheets are nonstick and make removing your finished creations easy. It also has a bonus feature: brilliant blue, extra-wide grippy handles. You won’t have to worry about dropping hot cookies while transferring them to a cooling rack.

Best Cookie Sheet Set

Rachael Ray Nonstick Cookie Pan Set

A superior baking sheet, this product is quite versatile. Use it for cooking meats and endless varieties of baked goods.

Best Ceramic-Coated Sheet: GreenLife Healthy Nonstick Sheet

A person using a brush to coat pastries on a white and blue sheet pan.

Don’t worry, this ceramic-rimmed cookie sheet is not 100% ceramic. That would be a disaster! The heavy-duty steel sheet has a ceramic sand coating that’s both nonstick and unique. GreenLife Bakeware is free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium and features reinforced rims for added stability and strength. Plus, it’s pretty and comes in turquoise, lavender, pink, and navy.

Best Ceramic-Coated Sheet

GreenLife Healthy Nonstick Sheet

This toxin-free rimmed baking sheet features the reinforced rims you want in a good baking sheet.

Best with Cooling Racks: Checkered Chef Twin Set

Two aluminum baking sheets, each with a cooling rack.
Checkered Chef

You get so much value from this single product! If you have ever taken a sheet of baked cookies out of the oven only to freak out because you don’t know where to put them, then you may appreciate the stainless-steel racks that come with these baking half sheets. The racks’ crossbar design aids in warp prevention, and the pans feature a rimmed edge with a supporting rod built-in. This set by Checkered Chef performs well and lasts.

Best with Cooling Rack

Checkered Chef Twin Set

You can bake whatever you want with these pans. Use the sheet and rack together to make chicken wings or bacon. Use separately for cookies!

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